Chapter 048: Beloved Courtier, this is the land that I(Imperial) have conquered for you 2.2


As a matter of fact, love also hurts very much.

Especially this kind of love where one disappears forever, but the other one kept the memories flowing.

It wasn’t that the System hadn’t thought about removing Luo Ling’s memory, but its Host didn’t allow it.


The corners of Luo Ling’s mouth twitched unnoticeably, then he changed the direction of where he was going.

The plot of this world was also quite melodramatic.1

The Female Lead was a person who had transmigrated.
She also happened to have transmigrated into the Princess of the Ruined Kingdom.

While on the run as a refugee, she rescued the scheming monarch of Fengtian Kingdom.
After the Female Lead found out the identity of the other party, she secretly planned to seduce him.

First, the Female Lead showed off her uniqueness by treating everyone equally.
As if there was no distinction between those who were of noble birth and those belonging to a lower class.

Then, she proclaimed that any kingdom will naturally be divided after being united for a long time, and will naturally unite after being divided for a long time.2

Finally, she indiscriminately plagiarized the entire modern era’s Thirty Six Stratagems and Sun Tzu’s Art of War, successfully sitting in the position of the Monarch’s Advisor.

Afterwards, they went on an expedition together to unify the world, then she became the Queen.

It could be described as a legendary life.

It was just that…

Luo Ling looked at the heavily guarded Royal Hunting Grounds in front of him, his face feeling numb.
It was almost like there were guards stationed every few yards.

How did the Female Lead get in?

Although that was not the main point now.

The main point now was… How could he get in?

Without alarming anyone and without arousing suspicion.

This was really…

Luo Ling pursed his lips and accepted his fate.
He walked along the outskirts of the Hunting Grounds to see if there were weak looking guards.

Murong Jiu cut a sorry figure as he leaned against a big tree.
The long sword in his hand was propped up against the ground.
The red liquid flowed along the sword’s silver-white body and sank into the ground.

“Your Majesty, hold on, reinforcements will arrive soon.”

The Leader of the Shadow Guards stood in front of Murong Jiu with an anxious expression on his face.

Their situation was very bad right now.

The few people who followed them had all been exterminated.
Murong Jiu’s group was ambushed by the enemy, but he was able to escape thanks to his Shadow Guards desperately fighting them off.

Muron Jiu grimly looked back.
His angular and distinct face was filled with hostility.

He pressed down his injured chest and pointed his sword in one direction.
He said in a gloomy voice, “Go that way.”

“Yes.” The Leader of the Shadow Guards quickly picked up Murong Jiu and galloped away in the direction he mentioned.

None of them had expected that the Prince would collude with the Prime Minister and change the guards in the Hunting Grounds.

The Prince(His Brother) and the Prime Minister controlled the entire Hunting Grounds.

“Quickly, there they are.
Don’t let them run out of the Hunting Ground.”

“Archers, prepare.”

They were caught up to.

Murong Jiu’s face was ice-cold.

The Shadow Guards Leader was also tense at this moment.
He didn’t dare to tarry at all and accelerated his steps.

They must get out.

One way or the other, they must hold on until the reinforcements come.


The sharp long arrow came soaring through the air.
In the blink of the eye, it had reached Murong Jiu’s back.

The Shadow Guard Leader hurriedly pushed Murong Jiu away and slashed at the arrow with a knife.


The arrow was blocked.

But immediately afterwards, several more arrows flew over and they were all directed towards Murong Jiu.

Murong Jiu’s hand holding the sword tightened and he strived to block the arrows as they approached.

If he were at his peak condition, these arrows wouldn’t be a problem at all.

However, Murong Jiu was poisoned.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been cutting a sorry figure and chased around.

“Your Majesty, look out!”

Narrowly avoiding an arrow passing by, Murong Jiu felt his strength draining away.
His eyesight began to blur.

He resolutely shook his head and forced his vision to become clear.

As soon as he adjusted his sight, a long arrow with a green tip flew straight towards his eyes.

Murong Jiu hurriedly backed away and lifted the long sword in his hand to block it.

However, the force of the arrow was too great, and his body was currently weak.

‘Ting’ The sword in his hand was knocked into the air.

The long arrow, however, did not fall to the ground.
It was only slightly less powerful, yet it was still coming towards him.

Watching as it was about to pierce his chest, Murong Jiu’s waist suddenly became tightened and his sight changed.
A magnificent red color appeared before his eyes.

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Just remember that when melodramatic is mentioned, it’s synonymous to dogblood.  Derived from the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” by Luo Guanzhong: “自此三国归于晋帝司马炎,为一统之基矣。此所谓‘天下大势,合久必分,分久必合‘者也。” (I’m too lazy to tl this line, so here’s the mtl version: “Since then, the Three Kingdoms have belonged to the Jin Emperor Sima Yan, which is the foundation of unity.
This so-called ‘the general trend of the world, it will be divided for a long time, and it will be united for a long time‘.”) 

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