Chapter 047: Beloved Courtier1, this is the land that I(Imperial) have conquered for you 2.1

(Tentative title because I forgot the plot of the arc.
Title may change depending on the circumstances in the story)


‘Tong’er, do you think that I can counterattack in the future?’

Staying at the System Transmission Station, Luo Ling asked with a wooden face.

In the last plane, Luo Ling obviously felt that he was super fierce and aggressive, but as a result…

He was pushed down.

Chirp chirp chirp~~~

Holding his chest, his heart hurt.

The System rolled its eyes unnoticed, then it quietly stretched out its sinful foot.

It aimed a kick towards Luo Ling.

As it was about to touch him, its attack was evaded.

‘Lalala, you can’t kick me, you can’t kick me, nyenyenye~~~’

Luo Ling put his hand on his waist and swayed his body to show off his appearance… It absolutely looked like Luo Ling was asking for a beating.

The System swallowed a mouthful of blood and coldly said, ‘Godspeed, won’t bother to see you off.’

Taking advantage of Luo Ling’s confusion, it suddenly slammed into him.

‘Yah!’ Luo Ling exclaimed and disappeared from the Transmission Station.

The System looked at the place where Luo Ling was originally standing and snorted twice, ‘You’re still too young to fight with me, hmph.’

After gloating, it also followed.

‘Tong’er, I noticed that you are getting increasingly naughty.’

Sitting on the big bed and looking at the ancient furnishings around, Luo Ling quietly spoke to the System.

The System completely ignored Luo Ling’s intermittent venting.
Its tone was eager, ‘Host, hurry, quickly, the Female Lead is going to the Fengtian Kingdom.’

At the same time, an anxious voice sounded.

“Your Majesty, the Chuliu Kingdom is about to attack us soon.
Please leave with this subordinate.”

A man dressed in black and wore a mask suddenly appeared in front of Luo Ling.

He lowered his head, bowing so low that it almost touched the ground, not daring to look at the person on the bed.

Luo Ling got up, grabbed the coat on the side and put it on.
Then, he walked towards the door.

“Go to the Fengtian Kingdom.”

The clear, cold voice fell into the black-clothed man’s ears.

It made the man pause from head to toe, then quickly adjusted himself before chasing after Luo Ling.

The moment he stepped out of the courtyard, Luo Ling turned his head.
His handsome and beautiful face instantly made the red background behind him lose its color.

Especially the red clothing, which matched his delicate figure, became more and more eye-catching.

Since he was in a hurry, Luo Ling had simply tied his hair with a red ribbon.

It looked a little messy, but it didn’t decrease his beauty at all.

Instead, there was a hint of dangerous temptation.

Seriously, it was as beautiful as a jade crown, producing effects that extend far.

Whether it was the Shadow Guards who were hiding or the Death Warrior2 who was following Luo Ling, they only had this feeling in their minds.


Even though they had already consistently seen this appearance for the last sixteen years, they still couldn’t resist Luo Ling’s charm.

Such a person should be kept in a beautiful palace.

Originally, it was such.

But now, the kingdom was ruined and the home was lost.

Those eyes, which were already indifferently cold, became even more silent and chilly at this moment.

Luo Kingdom, it was gone.

His home… no longer existed.

The Chuliu Kingdom!

Luo Ling closed his eyes.
When he opened them again, there was only a bottomless darkness inside.


With a flick of his hand, the wide sleeves were thrown in the air and drew a beautiful arc.

The glamorous red sleeves were like the flames of war, dying half of the sky in front of him.

Half a month later, a man wearing a mysteriously-patterned silver mask on his face, dressed in red, and holding a jade flute appeared outside the Capital of Fengtian Kingdom.

They looked at the lively streets in front of them, bustling with cheers and laughter.

Luo Ling stretched out his hand to cover his eyes, as a tear slipped down his face.

Within the past half month, Luo Kingdom had completely become history.

‘Host, Host, the melodramatic plot is here.
Stop playing around and hurry up.
The Female Lead is already on the move, you must be prepared at all times.’

The System was feeling a great amount of annoyance.

Its own Host was a master actor.

Luo Ling couldn’t stop it as soon as he started acting.

Actually… the System also understood.

Immersing himself in this role, Luo Ling completely turned himself into the other party.
He was able to deceive himself and tell himself that he was just the prince of the ruined Kingdom of Luo.

He wasn’t Luo Ling, who had once spent a lifetime accompanying his lover until their final breath.

In this way, his heart could feel better.

This was also a useful way to vent his emotions.



Beloved Courtier(爱卿) – The raw(爱卿) was meant to be the ruler’s pet name for their subject.
However, it could also mean prostitute.  Death Warrior(死士) – a man willing to risk his life for his master upon commanded (or for a cause).
They were voluntarily or forced to give up their lives in order to accomplish their mission.
To avoid being captured alive after a failed mission, it is common to take poison before performing the mission, such as applying poison between the teeth. 

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