Chapter 044: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.44


What about the promised daughter-in-law?

No matter how Mother Luoe looked at it, her son had turned into the other person’s wife ah.

Feeling stupefied, she wiped her face and began to think about another question.

Her son was together with the child of the Zong family.
Wouldn’t his father faint in anger if he knew?

However, her son really did a beautiful job.

Mother Luo excitedly held the steering wheel and watched the two enter the house.

That kid from the Zong family would become her daughter-in-law.
People would probably be jealous to death if she said this to outsiders.
Very nice, very nice.

After the excitement, she quickly called the child’s father.

The child had already declared his position.
They had to give their best as parents.

They should prepare to pay a visit to their future in-laws.

It was probably that there had been many same-sex romantic affairs in the country in recent years.

It might also be because they were sitting in their current position and had seen a lot, resulting in their less pedantic thinking.

In addition, they had spoiled their child into being a pure and kindhearted person.
If their son had really found a girlfriend and let him care for the other person, they would, in turn, be dissatisfied.

Therefore, at this moment when Mother Luo saw someone who was as outstanding as her son and would take care of her son dearly…

In a hundred years time, he could take care of their son.

Mother Luo didn’t disapprove in the slightest, but rather felt that this was a good outcome.

It was just that the Zong Family couple didn’t think the same.

Their own good son suddenly brought back someone of the same sex and said he wanted to be with them.

Both of them didn’t accept the news well.

“Have you decided?” With a serious face and a majestic voice, Father Zong asked Zong Yujin, who was standing opposite of him.

His imposing manner was also very strong.

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Zong Yujin nodded his head, “Yes, I want to be with Luo Luo.”

“If you insist on being with him, you will no longer be a member of this family.
Even with that, you still choose to be with him?”

“Lao Zong.” Mother Zong called out, her expression tense.

Luo Ling took Zong Yujin’s hand and resolutely said to Father Zong.

“If you(formal) don’t want Zong Yujin anymore, I want him.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to see him.”

“He can still see you and take care of you.
Anyway, my family lives here.
It’s very close and he can come over anytime.”

“!” Zong Yujin looked at Luo Ling in surprise.

Father Zong also narrowed his eyes.

This child’s family also lived here and it was very close.
He also happened to be surnamed Luo.

A possibility emerged in both of their minds.

“Who is Luo Yangfeng to you?” Father Zong asked with an expressionless face.

Luo Ling didn’t care about Father Zong’s attitude at all.
He proudly said, “My father.”

The best man in the world.

Okay, add one person to this.

The second was Zong Yujin.

When Mother Zong and Zong Yujin thought that Father Zong was going to be angry, the other party suddenly laughed.

Father Zong was inherently gentle and cultured, but he was even gentler now.

He also seemed to be even more dangerous.

There was a kind of smiling fox feeling, Luo Ling thought.

“I can accept anyone, except the ones surnamed Luo.”

Just as he was about to rub his arms, Luo Ling paused when he heard such a sentence.

He silently cursed in his mind.

Then in the novel, Father Zong didn’t question his son because Wen Ran was not surnamed Luo?

Luo Ling, who thought of the truth about himself, was a little tempted to go online and make a post.

#Seeking answers on how to handle the Father-in-Law, waiting online, very urgent#

Zong Yujin clenched Luo Ling’s hand and confronted his father without retreating.

“Dad, I don’t care what kind of issues you have with Uncle Luo, but I will never let you hurt Luo Luo, nor will I be separated from him.”

Father Zong’s expression slowly changed.
He had an ugly expression on his face as he looked at his son, who was siding with outsiders instead of his family, “I only fathered a son.”

There was a saying that the daughter who had already married was just like poured out water.

But this son… he didn’t look bad either.

Zong Yujin’s expression froze for a moment, then he calmed down.

“You have seen the person, I will also pay a visit to Uncle and Aunt.”

As soon as Zong Yujin’s words fell, a cheery female voice came from the doorway.

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