Chapter 040: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.40

Luo Ling beat his small fists on Zong Yujin’s chest, and angrily said, “It’s your fault.
You made me lose face.”

At this moment, Luo Ling’s face was still burning.


“Ok ok ok, it’s all my fault.
Don’t be angry.”

Zong Yujin caught the small fist that was swinging at him, then Zong Yujin held it in his hand as he dotingly coaxed Luo Ling.

Like the ‘Twenty-four Filial Exemplars1’ paragon of a good father.

Luo Ling was feeling tangled. Did he find a boyfriend for himself, or did he recognize a father?

Zong Yujin clearly didn’t care about this matter at all.

He just set the person down.

“Are you hungry, do you want to go eat?”

When it wasn’t mentioned, Luo Ling didn’t feel hungry.
But Luo Ling, who thought he could eat a cow, immediately straightened his waist and nodded his head.

“If I am going to eat, I have to go to Lafayette!”

It wasn’t that Luo Ling was not qualified to go, but he just wanted to go there.

Zong Yujin answered positively again and again, “Okay, okay, to Lafayette we’ll go.
Let’s go, my Little Prince.”

Zong Yujin expectantly reached out his hand, waiting for the little fish to fall into the net.

Luo Ling snorted like a tsundere.
He still put his fair and tender paws in it.
However Luo Ling’s mouth, unwilling to be outdone, explained.

“I’m taking pity on you, don’t think too much about it.”

Zong Yujin clenched his fist and put it against his mouth to cover the rising corners of his lips.

He had always known that the little guy was cute.

But Zong Yujin didn’t expect that one day, Luo Ling would be so cute that it would melt his heart.

Zong Yujin couldn’t help, but rub Luo Ling’s head and sigh, “Why are you so cute?”

Luo Ling shook his head to shake off the mischievous hand, then he raised his head.

Luo Ling showed a most brilliant smile and said with incomparable pride.

“Because I grew up eating cuteness.”

Zong Yujin: “…Correct.
You’re cute and you’re right.”

Holding Luo Ling’s hand, the smile on Zong Yujin’s face couldn’t be suppressed.

Lan Ziyi and Qin Yeyang’s eyes followed as they watched them leave from the side.
Luo Ling and Zong Yujin’s eyes were only filled with their lover and treated people as pillars.
Lan Ziyi and Qin Yeyang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Sure enough, once you have a partner, your friends cease to exist.

Tsk tsk tsk…

It could be seen that Lan Ziyi and Qin Yeyang both wanted to find a partner.

They shook their heads and kept up with the pair.

Before entering Lafayette, Luo Ling thought that it was a great place.

After entering, Luo Ling’s mouth deflated, “It’s not that great.”

It wasn’t as beautiful as his house.

The Lobby Manager accompanied them on the side.
He continued wiping his sweaty forehead.

His heart was a mess and his face was pale.

Who would have known that in just an hour or two, Mayor Yin would fall.

Yin Siqi, an arrogant and domineering young lady, was also sent to the hospital by the young master who was not as good as her and had been bullied by her before.

Yin Siqi’s mother couldn’t bear the double blow and fainted.

When she fainted, she happened to be walking down the stairs, so she directly fell down and cracked a big hole in her skull.

At this moment, Yin Siqi’s mother was still being given first aid and it was rumored that her situation was not optimistic.

The Mayor’s family, which used to have the power to cover the sky with one hand, disintegrated in this way.

The Lobby Manager regretted it so much that his intestines were turning green2.

Thinking back to his thoughts of being able to promote his career after currying favor with Miss Yin, he didn’t think that he was actually digging a grave for himself.

Any time now, he might fall into that grave.

“You are right.
This place is indeed not too good.
If Luo Luo doesn’t like it, I will make it move away.”

Zong Yujin intimately called Luo Ling ‘Luo Luo’.
The words Zong Yujin said seemed to sound like there was something wrong, but they’re not quite sure what it was.
It made both of the people next to him change their expressions.

Luo Ling faintly stared at Zong Yujin and coldly said, “You’re done for.”

Luo Ling’s parents were like chickens protective of their chicks.
They had protected him well since he was a child.

Even those who he made friends with would be investigated strictly, for fear that Luo Ling would be deceived by them.

If they knew that there was not only a young fellow who swindled their son away, but also snatched away the way they addressed him, Luo Ling was afraid that they would send Zong Yujin away with a cannon.

BOOM, and Zong Yujin would be sent to heaven.

Let alone that scene, why was Luo Ling inexplicably looking forward to seeing it?

Thinking about it, he couldn’t help but giggle, “Hehe…”


Twenty-four Filial Exemplars, a classic Confucian text on filial piety.  Intestines only turn green when you die, so this sentence meant that he had a relatively large degree of regret for what he had previously done(regret to death).
but it had already been done and he couldn’t change it.

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