Chapter 039: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.39


The more Luo Ling talked, the softer his voice became.
Finally, he directly blew up.

What did Zong Yujin just say?



Luo Ling quickly looked up at Zong Yujin, then blinked his big eyes.
His face was filled with the questions ‘Who am I? Where am I? What have I done?’

His mind was frantically spinning and thinking about countermeasures.

In passing, Luo Ling also reflected upon himself.

“Actually, this issue is very simple.”

As Luo Ling’s mind was about to turn into a knot, Zong Yujin lightly spat out a sentence.

“?” Luo Ling was dumbfounded, “Really?”

Zong Yujin nodded.
A smile appeared in his eyes, “Really, as long as you…”

Luo Ling listened intently, for fear that he would miss the crucial point.

However, after this guy said a few words, Zong Yujin stopped.
It made Luo Ling tweak his ears and scratch his cheeks1 in anxiety.

As if feeling Luo Ling’s urgency, Zong Yujin stopped teasing him and seriously said.

“As long as you enter my household, my money is yours.
Moreover, you don’t have to think of any way to extort it from me.”

“Tell me, isn’t it very simple and very convenient?”

As Zong Yujin spoke, he observed Luo Ling’s expression.

Seeing Luo Ling start to think, Zong Yujin striked while the iron was hot.

“Think about it.
If you are with me, you can instruct me to do anything in the future.
It’s free labor and very cost-effective.”

In order to fool the person into being his, Zong Yujin also staked it all.

Not only did his character design collapse without his parents knowing, but Zong Yujin’s image was almost nonexistent.

Lan Ziyi and Qin Yeyan, the two of them who had been standing at the door for a while, sighed a lot.

Love ah.

It really made people look different from what they used to be and it made people go crazy.

However, they were inexplicably envious.

There was such a person who would share your joys and anger, as well as accompany you in your loneliness.

It was a very beautiful thing.

Although this partner was of the same sex, it still made people unable to reject it.

Love was indeed a wonderful existence.

At this moment, Luo Ling was already confused by the twists and turns, but he still understood the point.

Agree to Zong Yujin’s proposal and Luo Ling could do whatever he wanted!

Do whatever he wanted.

This deal was indeed cost-effective.


Luo Ling’s actions were faster than the brain.
Before he could finish his thoughts, he nodded.

Luo Ling: “…”

This Big Pig Trotter benefited greatly.

Zong Yujin, the Big Pig Trotter, was somewhat in an excited mood.
The look of excitement was directly exhibited on his face.

He quickly grabbed the person into his arms, holding him tightly.
Zong Yujin spoke in an excited tone.

“This is what you agreed to.
You’re not allowed to back out.”

Luo Ling gracefully rolled his eyes, then he said in a low voice, “Humph, isn’t it you who dug a hole for me to jump in, how bad.”

The smile on Zong Yujin’s face deepened.
He rested his chin on Luo Ling’s head and rubbed it.

Gently feeling it, it was soft, ticklish, and very comfortable.

Zong Yujin couldn’t help, but let out a sigh of satisfaction.

“*cough cough*…” The third person in the room, the Hospital Director, coughed embarrassedly to remind the two of them of his presence.

Although he didn’t have much of an opinion on two people of the same sex being together…

After all, as a doctor, he was used to seeing life and death.
These things were not worth mentioning at all.

But in a sense, the Director was also considered an elder.

At least pay attention to the occasion.

After the Director made a sound, Luo Ling hurriedly pushed Zong Yujin away.

Luo Ling stood on the side while in a daze.
His face was flushed and he felt very embarrassed.

Zong Yujin’s arms were empty and the sense of connection was gone, making him become filled with regrets.

Looking at the Director who was looking for a sense of existence, Zong Yujin was a little depressed, “Director, shouldn’t you be very busy?”

His eyes were expressing, ‘Why are you still here?’

The Director’s face twitched.
He scolded in a jesting way, “Smelly brat, having no humanity after having a partner.”

However, the Director still stepped away and walked towards the door to give space to these young people.

Old, old, really old.

There were still young people who were energetic and had a youthful spirit.

Just like him when he was young.



tweak one’s ears and scratch one’s cheeks(抓耳挠腮) – it’s an idiom.
It’s a figure of speech that just mean that he was very anxious, delighted or frustrated, etc. 

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