Chapter 003: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.3

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“For goodness sake, who was that just now? How dare he offend our Prince Jin? However, he is so cute and pretty ah.”

“Yes yes ah.
When he stood with Prince Jin, the image was so beautiful.”

What is the use of beauty, if you are a mere commoner who wants to attract Prince Jin’s attention? What a slut.”

“The Prince Support Group won’t let him go.
He’s done for.”

“But he didn’t even do anything.
Not only did he apologize, he also stuffed a lot of checks into Prince Jin’s hands.”

“We can’t say for sure if it’s real, okay? Let’s just wait and see what happens to him.”

The buzzing conversations all around kept reaching Wen Ran’s ears and he forcibly clenched his hands.


He should have been the one who bumped into them, and then he would apologize.
After that, Wen Ran would ask how to compensate Zong Yujin and find out that he couldn’t afford it.
He would then offer to clean Zong Yujin’s shirt for him, thereby increasing the contact between the two of them.

Then following that, Wen Ran could slowly make Zong Yujin fall in love with him.

Now that plan had been destroyed and it had been preempted by someone else, damn it.

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A debt must be settled.

‘Achoo, Achoo.’

Luo Ling hid in the grove and rubbed his nose.
He looked up at the sky that had increased the temperature to 36 degrees celsius.

‘Tong’er1, do you think the Male Lead is thinking of ways to deal with me?’

The System was silent for a moment before uttering.

 ‘Ding! Congratulations to the Host for completing the first melodramatic plot point.
Opening the Talent Skill, [Metaphysics] Primary.’

Luo Ling stared blankly. Metaphysics?

Could it be what he thought it was?

He hurriedly clicked on the virtual panel to check the information about it.

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Name: Metaphysics
Level: Primary, Intermediate, Advanced
Skill Summary: Mountain, Medicine, Fortune Telling, Divination, and Physiognomy; collectively known as the five arts of Metaphysics.
Primary Level: Under the Host’s eyes, all dark schemes and dirty tricks have nowhere to hide.


Intermediate Level: The Yin and Yang could be seen to calculate fortunes and misfortunes.

Advanced Level: Ability to cut off life from a distance.

Defined by all beings as, mystery within a mystery, the door of many wonders.
Note: To upgrade the Metaphysical Skills, please make persistent efforts in completing the task.

Luo Ling’s eyes were shining.
This Skill was really awesome.

By taking a casual look at it, Luo Ling knew what the other party was up to.
It was very user-friendly and satisfying for a newcomer like him.

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He threw his depressed feelings to the back of his mind, and happily hummed.
He left the school to go eat his meal.

If the Male Lead wanted to look for trouble or whatever, Luo Ling had a plug-in, which was better than nothing.

Luo Ling, who was inflated with confidence, came out of the grove for just a second when the System’s excited voice came again, making his face immediately collapse.

 “Host, Host, hurry.
The second melodramatic plot is coming, quickly go over there.’

Hiding behind a tree, Luo Ling extended his head out to look at the scene in front of him.

A man and a woman stood underneath a ginkgo tree, as the leaves gently fell around them.

Luo Ling was very familiar with the man because he had just bumped into him earlier.

Luo Ling had no impression of the woman.
She was holding a pink envelope in her hand.
There was no need to guess, she wanted to confess to him.

It was just that the target of confession had a very cold look on his face.
His body exuded an air of impatience.

Luo Ling hurriedly recalled the information about this world.
It was a very typical kind of Melodrama School Life plot.

The Shou Protagonist, Wen Ran’s family was poor, but he was admitted to an aristocratic school by having excellent grades.

In a school filled with children from rich families, he was an outlier, and was unwelcomed.

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It didn’t take long for him to become isolated.

One time in the cafeteria, Wen Ran had accidentally bumped into the school’s Cold Prince, Zong Yujin.

Wen Ran, who had little knowledge of luxury brands, asked the other party to take off his clothes, offering to wash it for him, which had aroused the Prince’s interest.
Wen Ran was then made into a servant to pay off his debt.

Luo Ling had already gone through this dog-blood plot.

The following plot should be when the newly promoted servant went to the locker room with the Male Lead and took the dirty clothing that the other party had changed out of.
Then, Wen Ran came across the confession scene on his way out.

The Male Lead’s refusal was so unpleasant, that it made the girl cry.

Wen Ran couldn’t bear to accuse the Male Lead, so he persuaded the girl not to love such a terrible person.

So, should Luo Ling now go to accuse the Male Lead of being a terrible person, and then persuade the girl?

Wouldn’t the Male Lead kill him?



Tong’er(统儿) – a nickname for the System.
System in Chinese is 系统(xìtǒng) and MC took the Tong in the name.

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