Chapter 031: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.31

“A disaster?”

“That’s right.” Luo Ling’s attention was on the Supporting Female Lead, and he didn’t realize that the voice of the person who responded was wrong.

He also explained with interest, “It’s almost like the kind that will destroy your family.”

What he said wasn’t a bogus claim.
As far as Yin Siqi’s black fate was concerned, if she didn’t handle the matter well, she would die.

Even if it was really handled well, her family would still be destroyed.

As for the way it would be destroyed, it was hard to say.

“Of course, if you are willing to suffer a financial loss in order to avoid the calamity, it’s not impossible to still have a chance of survival.”

The added meaning was: Give me money, I will help you.

Luo Ling, who was a little money grubber, would not let go of any opportunity to make money.

Especially in this kind of way, he could get a great sum of money from the Rich! Wealthy! Household!

He liked it even more.

How dare this swindler try to deceive this Miss.
You must not want to live anymore.”

Yin Siqi became angry.
Intuitively, she ignored the questioning and just wanted to kill Luo Ling.

Paying no attention to the situation, she opened her mouth and said.

“You all, arrest him and put him in jail.
I want him to suffer as much as possible.
Make him wish that he was better off dead.”

The policemen, who she had ordered around, all frowned.
One tried to say something, but he didn’t know what exactly he should say.

They couldn’t be more familiar with this spoiled young miss, she was the daughter of the Mayor.

Tyrannical and domineering, always acting arbitrarily.

If she didn’t like someone, she would oppress them.

Needless to say, the policemen also knew that this time, it must be this pampered young miss who lost her temper again.

But even though they knew it, they were unable to do anything about it.

A Senior Official could crush people to death.

However, they didn’t listen to her command to really go and arrest people.

Not to mention that their hearts couldn’t be persuaded to do so, it should also be mentioned that this was a public place and there were numerous people watching them.

As the embodiment of justice, they wouldn’t dare to arrest these people unless they were stupid enough to dig their own graves.

In addition, they didn’t want to ruin the reputation of the police because of Yin Siqi’s dispute with Luo Ling and the others.

Not all of their colleagues would be so unlucky to encounter this kind of situation, where one was taking advantage of one’s position to bully other people and the other party not daring to resist.


They silently sympathized with the bullied person.

The leading policeman took two steps forwards and tried to make his tone less blunt.

“Miss Yin, your request is not reasonable.
We still need to investigate the development of this matter.
Wait until the results come out…”

“Reasonable? Investigation? The result? What this Miss said is reasonable.
From where does this Miss’s words still need to be investigated? Are you blind? Don’t you know who this Miss is??”

Before the police finished speaking, Yin Siqi angrily interrupted.

She had been arrogant and used to getting her way since she was a child.
Who didn’t follow every command of hers?

After facing numerous defeats today, she was already on the verge of exploding.

Now, her entire body was filled with thorns.
Whoever touches it, would be stabbed.

Luo Ling drank the last sip of milk tea and moved to the side to avoid the other party’s line of sight.

Luo Ling sighed inside his heart.

Unexpectedly, his little brother turned out to be a crow’s beak and he could predict what would happen.

Too miserable.

Now Yin Siqi didn’t really demand for her parents, would she?

By then, this Miss Yin and the Mayor would really be done for.

Luo Ling’s parents were very protective of their children.
If they knew that the other party had bullied him so much, he was afraid that they would pick up the barrel of the gun and demand answers.

To be honest, Luo Ling could already foresee that his low-key career was on the verge of blowing up.

Luo Ling felt depressed as he glared at the person standing behind him, blaming the little brother for his mouth being too dark.

Wang Chang, who was inexplicably stared at, didn’t feel anything at all.
He just looked at Luo Ling’s other side with an excited expression.

Sure enough, he would have a future if he followed the Boss!

Luo Ling, who didn’t know what Wang Chang was suddenly excited about, looked at him for two seconds and faintly said, “I regret it a little bit now.”

“Huh?” Wang Chang was taken aback.
He subconsciously asked, “What do you regret?”

After a short silence, Luo Ling said, “…If I say it, you may get hurt.”

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