Chapter 028: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.28

Wang Chang didn’t know where Luo Ling saw it.
Wang Chang didn’t state that he liked it, but Luo Ling said that Wang Chang liked it.

As Wang Chang continued to criticize Luo Ling inside his mind, he still tried to persuade Luo Ling, being as tactful as possible.

“H-here, I don’t like it here.
It d-doesn’t look like a big deal, let’s…”

“Heh…” Before Wang Chang could finish speaking, he was interrupted by a mocking snort.

Wang Chang angrily glared at the person, then he heard that person ridicule them again.

“A group of hillbillies who don’t know where they came from.
Don’t stand in the way if you don’t have the qualifications to enter.
Do you want to be a watchdog here?”

The person who came was a beautiful girl about their age.
She was wearing a pink ladies’ dress, which was a classic Chanel style.

She also had Prada’s latest season’s small satchel, a Dior’s ladies watch, and a pair of pure white Burberry leather shoes on her feet.

Seriously, from head to foot, she was interpreting the definition of expensive.

Even if her watch and small leather shoes were not the latest models, the asking price of these items were not cheap.

Luo Ling roughly calculated that her outfit was worth at least two to three million Yuan.

Luo Ling inwardly clacked his tongue, ‘She’s really rich.’

Luo Ling’s outfit was only worth one or two hundred Yuan in total.

The disparity ah, the disparity.

However, compared to the money, he cared more about a different matter.

 ‘Tong’er, explain to me the melodramatic plot point.
Isn’t this lady the vicious Supporting Female Lead?’

Luo Ling remembered that the vicious Supporting Female Lead appeared in the plot when the Male Lead took Wen Ran to dinner.
As soon as they entered the door, the Male Lead’s phone rang so he went to the side to answer the phone.

Upon seeing Wen Ran, who was dressed very simply and was standing there alone, the Supporting Female Lead ridiculed him with her words.

She also asked the people in the store to drive him out and she even splashed a cup of tea on him, saying that he dirtied her eyes.

The ending was extremely obvious.
The Male Lead came back and *papapa* her face was slapped.(not sure if it’s in figurative or literal sense)

Looking up and down at the girl, she was beautiful, but she had an aloof appearance as well as a disgusted expression in her eyes.

Luo Ling thought, ‘It’s really the vicious Supporting Female Lead in the novel.’

She had a good family background, good appearance, but her upbringing, it would be hard to explain in a few words.

Although there was a high popularity for Supporting Female Leads to counterattack and Supporting Male Leads to be in a high position, Luo Ling thought that the person in front of him didn’t really have counterattacking material in her.

“Don’t look at me with your dirty eyes.
Filth, get out of here or else, don’t blame this Miss for being rude.”

Listening to the other party’s scolding, Luo Ling was even more certain.

She couldn’t counterattack.

She also couldn’t get the script for the counterattack.

Luo Ling sympathetically glanced at her, then regretfully shook his head, “What a pity, she even looked like a human being.”

But she could only bark, woof woof.

Luo Ling silently added this sentence in his heart.

At any rate, she was a girl and it was not good for a guy his age to scold other people.

It would seem like he was bullying her.

“What do you mean? You dare scold me?” Yin Siqi fiercely glared at Luo Ling, with a gloomy expression on her face.


If it weren’t for hearing that Brother Yujin would come here, how could she encounter such a thing that spoiled one’s appetite.

“What’s wrong with our Boss scolding you? Even if he beats you, you just have to suffer.”

Wang Chang immediately verbally attacked her back, standing on Luo Ling’s side.

Wang Chang hated Yin Siqi’s condescending appearance the most.
Wasn’t she just the daughter of the Mayor? Just a little bit better than his father.

Yet, Yin Siqi made it seem as if the whole city was their home.


“Me, what about me? Yin Siqi, don’t think that just because your father is the Mayor, he could cover the entire sky for you with just one hand.
If you make a big fuss, it’s your father who will be embarrassed by you.”

Wang Chang interrupted Yin Siqi’s words, which was completely a loser move.

It really made people want to beat him up.

If it had been before, Wang Chang would definitely not do this.
He would still avoid Yin Siqi as soon as he saw her.

But now, it was different.

There was Young Master Zong standing behind his Boss.

If Wang Chang wanted to take advantage of his position to bully others, who else could beat Young Master Zong’s power?

“Also, do you know who my Boss is? It will scare you to death if I say it.”

Luo Ling, who was suddenly called out by name and was holding melon seeds to watch the drama, had an astonished expression on his face.

Could it be that his identity was exposed?

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