Chapter 026: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.26

Luo Ling just gained a younger brother(lackey), but the younger brother declared that he couldn’t do the work.
Then, what was a younger brother here for?

Was it to look good?

Luo Ling quickly glanced at everyone and his mouth flattened in disdain.

In the end, they were not as good-looking as he was.

Discovering Luo Ling’s unhappiness, Wang Chang grabbed the people around him and quickly got up from the ground, “Luo… No, Boss, you misunderstood, we are in good health.
It’s okay.”

“Yeah, Boss, don’t worry, we are in good health.”

“Yes, yes, Boss.
If you want something to eat, I will buy it for you right away.”

As for whether it was class time or whatever, who cares.

The most important thing right now was to please and appease the person in front of them.

It should be known that they had been feeling miserable for the past few days because of Young Master Zong.
Their families were also not very stable.


It was finally better now.

Probably because the matter was now resolved, everyone felt more relaxed.
The black aura, that could be seen by the naked eye, floated out of everyone’s head.

Luo Ling’s eyes widened.
He stared in amazement as the thing that merged into the air turned into nothing.


That was…

 “That’s right, Trashy Host.
That’s the effect of your Golden Finger.
Your level is too low now, so you can only see such a superficial effect.’

The infuriating System voice rushed into Luo Ling’s mind.

It was rare for Luo Ling to not fight back this time.
Instead, he uncertainly asked, ‘So, what does that black aura mean?’

White is ordinary.
Gold is merit.
Purple is Heaven’s Chosen One.
The specific information has already been unlocked.’

Luo Ling raised his eyebrows.
It turned out that this kind of thing was still divided into colors.

 ‘Then this black aura is gone.
Did that mean that the misfortune is gone?’



After receiving an affirmative answer from the System, the corners of Luo Ling’s lips slightly curled up.

This skill was indeed awesome.

It was just… too weak.

But it had good prospects.

Luo Ling’s gaze, as he looked at Wang Chang and the other people, was much friendlier.

He waved his hand and proudly said, “Let’s go.
Big Bro invites you to eat something delicious.”

Luo Ling gallantly strode away, with a ‘the world revolves around me’ domineering aura.

Wang Chang and the people in the group looked at each other, while blushing in shame.
Somehow, they didn’t know what their mood was.

Luo Ling took their money and then invited them to eat delicious food.


Truly, it was hard to say.

They could only surrender.

With Luo Ling in the lead, the rest of the group followed him, making for a majestic sight.
However, they were so distracted that they didn’t make any superficial noise.

One by one, they closely followed the leader, looking like shadows tailing behind.

The three people, including Zong Yujin, stood not too far away.
They each had different expressions on their faces, as they watched the group of people leave.

“Jin, this little friend of yours is really likable.”

Lan Ziyi leaned against a nearby tree and gently smiled.

Zong Yujin hadn’t even spoken yet, when Qin Yeyang spoke first, “I always felt like I had seen him somewhere, but I just can’t remember where.”

Lan Ziyi raised his eyebrows, “Yeyang, this is the second time you have said this.
It seems that you have a deep impression of him.”

Looking at the place where only the “tail” could be seen, Lan Ziyi’s eyes flashed.

It was him. 

Why didn’t he go to class?

Wen Ran seemed to have sensed someone’s gaze and looked over.

Lan Ziyi warmly looked at him, showing a light smile.

He was also quite interesting. 

But did he come here for Jin again?

Looking back on the encounter between the two, Lan Ziyi sighed just thinking about it.

Jin, this guy, was a scourge.

Suddenly, there was an extra figure in his sight.
Lan Ziyi was taken aback, then asked in suspicion.

“Jin, where are you going? Aren’t we supposed to eat together?”

Without looking back, Zong Yujin said, “Going to look for the disobedient child.”

In passing, also properly educate him.

Luo Ling, who was happily choosing a hotel, suddenly felt a cold chill go down his back.

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