Chapter 025: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.25

Ten million.

Ten million ah!

That was, a lot of bribe money ah.

Making Luo Ling, this “poor man” be touched and moved by their kind intentions.

Plus, look at how much free labor Luo Ling could get out of it.
He could have people run errands for him, do homework for him, take notes for him and so on.
It was simply too good to be true.

Luo Ling licked his lips, and his heartbeat accelerated.

As long as he nodded, Luo Ling would also have younger brothers(lackeys) from now on.

He was still feeling a bit excited just thinking about it.

Hee hee.

Many thoughts turned in Luo Ling’s mind, but it merely took two or three seconds before he came to a decision.

After considering it, Luo Ling immediately fixed his posture and straightened his back.
He arrogantly glanced at everyone, “How can I trust you? What if I promised to forgive you now, then you go back on your words?”

After all, people only cared about their reputation, but no one knew what was inside their hearts.

Luo Ling’s Golden Finger was a trashy and useless thing for the time being.

The introduction was actually awesome, as a matter of fact…

 ‘Trashy System, you have destroyed my hope and deceived my feelings.’

System: ‘…Zzz Trashy Host.’

 ‘You are the trashiest System.’ Luo Ling retorted, then blocked the System.

The System that was suddenly blocked: “…”

Damn this terrible Host.

Luo Ling’s eyebrows were filled with an almost inconspicuous, fleeting smugness.

Wang Chang and the others didn’t notice, but they realized that the other party was interested in the method they proposed.
So, they quickly explained it themselves.

“Even though we are foolish, we are all very trustworthy.
The money will be given to you immediately.
In the future, we will always be available if you have any orders.
If that won’t do, then, then…”

“Then sign your name.”

Without delay, the other person grasped a proposition and spoke with an eager tone.

The rest of the people nodded, indicating that they could do the same.

As long as they could overcome this adversity without harming their family, everything would be fine.

Besides, they thought about it even further.
If they coaxed this one well, then Young Master Zhao would definitely have a favorable impression of them.

Maybe they could even establish connections with Young Master Zhao at that time.

Even if they couldn’t have any connections, they could still show their presence and be acquainted with him, then they could talk in the future when something happened.

Gold, black, silver, and green.
One after another, numerous cards of different colors were taken out of the bags belonging to Wang Chang’s group of people, and they were all diligently handed over to Luo Ling.

Wang Chang even included a check.

Luo Ling subtly looked at it.
The amount of money was not much, only three million.

However, that amount in the black card didn’t even reach 10 million, and it just wouldn’t do.

That was to say, the other party still gave a lot of bribe money.

The beautiful phoenix eyes flashed.
There seemed to be shattered pieces of starlight scattered inside his eyes, and those flecks of light were sparkling bright.

Although Luo Ling didn’t know how much money was in the other cards, since they promised so much money, there must be a lot.

With a smile, he stretched out his hand and took them all.
Then he put them in his pocket, even patting it like it was a baby.

“Since you are so sincere, forget about signing a contract, I believe you.”

Even if they regret it, it would be fine.

They could only complain about it.

He was an expert in that kind of thing.

Hee hee (#^.^#)

“Aiyah, why are you all still on the ground? Get up, get up, what should I do if you get sick?”

When Wang Chang and the others heard this, they immediately thought, ‘this person is really nice.’

Before they could feel moved, they heard Luo Ling speak again.

“If you get sick, who will buy me food at noon? Who will take notes for me in the afternoon? Who will do my homework at night?”

“!!!” Everyone was too stunned to speak.

What did they just hear?

Make them take notes and do homework?

You look at me, I look at you.
They couldn’t believe it.

Their hearts were even more panicked.

Seeking answers on how to get a group of underachievers to take notes and do homework, waiting online, very urgent!

“What’s the matter? Why do you all have an ugly look on your face? Is there a problem?”

Luo Ling nervously looked at the group of people with an apprehensive expression on his face.

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