Chapter 023: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.23

“What are you laughing at?”

“Laughing at your cuteness.” Zong Yujin didn’t hide the truth either and said it directly.

Luo Ling suspiciously looked at Zong Yujin, somehow not believing it.

Didn’t he bully Zong Yujin just now? How could Zong Yujin still think he was cute?

Zong Yujin was deceiving him, right?

Zong Yujin, who exposed his emotions, glanced sideways at Luo Ling, “Eat first, it’s going to get cold.”

Once Luo Ling was full, Zong Yujin would talk to him again.

Luo Ling hugged the food and looked at the encouraging Zong Yujin.
Zong Yujin was suddenly talking nicely, was he secretly planning something?”

Luo Ling looked down at the food that was emitting a fragrant smell in his arms, then he looked at the person sitting opposite of him.

Finally, Luo Ling decided to eat first.

Little Dumplings, Shrimp Dumplings, preserved egg and lean meat porridge, crystal meatballs, green onion pancakes, and freshly squeezed soy milk.

Everything was very delicious.

Luo Ling swallowed and placed a bowl of porridge in front of Zong Yujin.

Then, he divided every dish in half and pushed them over.

The movement was slow, and Luo Ling’s face was filled with sorrow.

Zong Yujin was not polite at all.
He did not express appreciation at all1, and just accepted it.

Zong Yujin picked up the bowl, looked directly at the other person, then began to drink.

There was a lot of flavor in watching the other person eat.

Luo Ling, who was being stared at in this way, was under a lot of pressure.

While eating, Luo Ling was thinking about how to run away later.

 ‘Tong’er, your Golden Finger2 is really trash.’

Luo Ling internally sighed, as he felt the daily wave of disdain towards the System rise up inside himself.

The System didn’t bother replying to its Host anymore, so it directly responded with a ‘You big pig trotter sticker.jpg’

Luo Ling: “…”

Sure enough, his own System was not friendly at all, indifferent face.

Before he knew it, Luo Ling had finished eating and laid on the sofa.
He stared at the ceiling, doubting life.

“Zong Yujin, I have discovered that since I met you, I have undergone both suffering and happiness.”

Turning his head, Luo Ling looked at the person who was cleaning up the table.
His tone was faint.

Zong Yujin glanced back at Luo Ling with an ‘It seems you want to anger me’ expression on his face, then he continued cleaning up.

Luo Ling stuck his tongue out, then pulled over the pillow to block his face.

Since he couldn’t think of a good way (to escape) and he had eaten his fill, then he could only sleep.

Luo Ling, who closed his eyes and was about to fall asleep within seconds, was given another sticker by the System.

‘Are you a pig.jpg’

Luo Ling was angered and threw a ‘carrying a four-feet-long knife’ picture.

The System was also not polite and returned one.

One person and one System did ‘you come and I go’ for a good while.
When Zong Yujin came back from throwing away the garbage, the person lying on the sofa was already asleep with four limbs on the verge of touching the ground.

“…Are you a pig?” Zong Yujin couldn’t help, but spat out.
His mood was incomparably gloomy.

With a sigh, Zong Yujin accepted his fate and stepped forward, then gently picked up the person.

The sleeping position was so strange, and the sofa was small.
Zong Yujin was really afraid that when he left by himself later, this little guy would roll off the sofa.

Luo Ling idly spent his time away at home for several days before returning to school on Friday morning.

As soon as Luo Ling stepped into the school gate, he was blocked by a group of people.

The one who took the lead looked very familiar.

The people who followed were also bewilderingly familiar-looking.

“You people, what’s the matter?” Luo Ling tilted his head and suspiciously asked, as he looked at the group of people on the opposite side of him.

Could it be that the Male Lead’s Support Association was looking for trouble?

Furthermore ah, why did it seem like he was able to see dark clouds on top of these people’s heads?

It was pitch-black, and overall, Luo Ling felt that it wasn’t a good sign.

Anyway, his top priority right now was how to get out of this situation.

This group of people didn’t look easy to mess with.
Each and every one of them firmly stared at him. Yi~ Luo Ling’s body couldn’t help, but tremble.
He quietly took a step back.

Wang Chang’s group of people, who waited for Luo Ling to finally appear, completely did not notice Luo Ling’s abnormality and rushed over to pounce on him.

Their expressions were hysterical and somewhat ferocious, which scared Luo Ling into crying out in fear as he ran away.

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TL note: What I want to imply here is that Zong Yujin didn’t do the polite thing of saying “Oh, you shouldn’t have to” or “thank you”.
After all, he didn’t need to do that because he was the one who bought the food anyway.  Have I ever had a footnote for Golden Finger? Anyway, in my understanding, a Golden Finger is like a plug-in or a cheat that will make the MC more powerful or make the MC’s life better. 

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