Chapter 022: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.22

Without any hesitation, Luo Ling closed the door with a bang.

As soon as it was closed, he became terrified again.

Clenching his hands, Luo Ling anxiously walked around the room.
He had an extremely wonderful expression on his face.

*Knock knock knock*

The knock on the door was not too light nor too heavy, but it felt as if it was knocking on Luo Ling’s heart.
His already nervous mood became even more uneasy.

If he continued like this, would he die in an even uglier manner?

Damn it.

If Luo Ling had known it, he would have ran away first thing in the morning

Now, not to mention he was stuck here, but also…

*bang* “Why did you do that?” Luo Ling angrily clapped his hands, then he depressingly looked at the closed door.

Should he open it, or should he not?

This was a very serious question.

*Knock knock knock*

“I will count down from three.
If you don’t open the door, I will knock it down.”

The soundproofing in the room was not very good, so Zong Yujin didn’t have to raise his voice at all to make the person inside hear it very clearly.

Luo Ling frowned.

*Da da da* Luo Ling walked towards the door and placed his hand on the door handle.

He wanted to twist it open, but he couldn’t move his hands.
Luo Ling couldn’t escape his entangled thoughts.

However, the person outside was already starting to count.



After thinking about it, before “one” was said, with a ‘click’, Luo Ling opened a gap in the door.

Looking at the person outside, Luo Ling had a silly smile on his face and waved his hand, “Hi.”


Zong Yujin’s face was cold, with a still expression on his face

Yet Luo Ling could see the danger from that, all of the hairs on his body were a little agitated.(goosebumps)

It’s scary.

It’s really scary.

While thinking about whether he should proceed with closing the door or not, a slender leg had already pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Luo Ling silently took two steps back and obediently stood aside.

The phoenix eyes widened.
Luo Ling looked very happy and he called out in a sweet way, “Brother Jin, why are you here?”

Zong Yujin paused from his action of closing the door.
The corners of his mouth unnoticeably twitched.

Looking at the person who was brightly smiling and shining like a sunflower, Zong Yujin’s heartbeat skipped two beats.

In particular, the voice calling him Brother Jin went straight to his heart.

It was really sweet.

Even though Zong Yujin clearly knew that this little fox was pretending, he still couldn’t help, but feel this way.

With a sigh, ‘truly, he lost, he lost.’

Walking around Luo Ling, Zong Yujin put down the things in his hand on the coffee table, “Come over here and eat breakfast.”

Luo Ling’s eyes lit up, and he immediately hopped over.
He pulled open the bag, almost squeezing his head inside.

Luo Ling was just about to go out for food, but the food came right to his door.

Was there anything better than this?



Just as Luo Ling was about to happily dig in, the bag was moved away from him.

Looking up in doubt, the phoenix eyes fell on the opposite person.

Zong Yujin lifted the bag and swayed it in his hand.
The sight that was fixed on the bag,  followed the bag’s swaying motion.

Zong Yujin couldn’t help, but scolded in a low voice, “Little ungrateful guy.”

Luo Ling burst into fury when he heard these words.
Luo Ling stood up and looked down at Zong Yujin, then angrily said, “Nonsense, I’m obviously so big, by no means I am ‘little’!”

“Oh…” He thought that Luo Ling was going to refute regarding being called ungrateful.
As a result, Zong Yujin, who heard Luo Ling’s disagreement about being called “little”, completely lost his anger.

With a sigh, Zong Yujin said, filled with helplessness, “In the end, what is inside that head of yours ah?”

“Anyway, it’s not tofu residue.” Luo Ling declared without delay, in a completely upright manner.

Seeing the opposite person paused because of his words, Luo Ling quickly reached out with his hand.

With a whoosh, the bag returned to his hand.

With a proud smile, Luo Ling happily nestled on the sofa and held the hot breakfast, as he provocatively raised his chin.

That look seemed to say, ‘You’re still a little too inexperienced if you think you can successfully win against me.’

“Hehe…” Zong Yujin chuckled softly and put his fist on his lips to cover the rising arc.

Luo Ling, who was still looking proud, suddenly widened his eyes and straightened his waist.
Then, Luo Ling asked in a fierce way.

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