nd stopped thinking about these unpleasant things.


“Hmm…” Luo Ling stretched out, and got up from the bed.
He walked barefoot to the window and pulled open the heavy curtains.

The brilliant sun suddenly shone in, enveloping him in its golden shine.

“So comfortable.” His sleep was extremely satisfying.
Luo Ling breathed in the fresh air and basked in the warm morning sun.

Life is beautiful.


In the quiet space, the phone suddenly rang.

Luo Ling returned to the bed and his hand fumbled under the pillow for a while.
He grabbed the white fruit phone.

There were more than twenty unread text messages.


Surprised, Luo Ling clicked on it and it was from an unknown number.

 (Messages sorted from newest to oldest)

[At eight o’clock, you must be in the classroom.

[Are you awake? 7:13am]

[Where did you go? 23:01pm]

There were many more messages afterwards, almost being the same sort of messages.
Luo Ling directly skipped them all and scrolled to the first one.

[Slipping away quietly, so courageous.
Didn’t even dare to answer the phone.

Seeing the content clearly, Luo Ling immediately realized the identity of the sender.

Zong Yujin.

Luo Ling quickly closed the messaging app, then looked at the incoming call history.

It was blocked because it was an unknown number, but there was a record.

Not much, just 16 calls.


It was just that, after touching his neck, Luo Ling felt a little cold.

Was this the end?

Wouldn’t it be that when he goes to school…

It would be like a sheep entering the tiger’s den?

Ahhh ptui.

He was not a sheep.
He was obviously a wolf o( ̄ヘ ̄o#)

Therefore, as a wolf, Luo Ling decided…

To ask for a sick leave!

Who made him an injured person now? Although the injury was really small and couldn’t be any smaller, it was still an injury isn’t it?

After making this decision, Luo Ling decisively sent a message to the Academic Director.

After it was sent successfully, he threw the phone aside, then ran into the bathroom to wash his face and rinse his mouth.

There was no need to go to class these days.
Luo Ling had to think about where he would go.

However, there was a saying that plans couldn’t keep up with the changes.

Looking at the person standing at the door, Luo Ling laughed twice.

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