Chapter 018: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.18

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But in the end, it was them who were tormented.

Sure enough, it wasn’t easy to earn money nowadays ah.

The Academic Director was feeling gloomy inside his heart.

“We’ll naturally believe the Director’s words.
Then this matter will be left for the Director to deal with.
I believe that the Director will make a wise decision that will leave us satisfied.”

Zong Yujin put away his handkerchief, took out a cup of milk tea from the bag in his hand and inserted a straw in it.
Then, he placed it against Luo Ling’s lips.

After so many tears had been shed, a lot of liquid in his body must have been lost.
It had to be replenished.

Luo Ling stretched out his hand and obediently held it.
He put his lips on the straw and took a fierce sip, making both of his cheeks bulge.

The sweet taste filled his mouth.
He squinted his eyes in content.


“Slow down, don’t choke.” Zong Yujin softly warned.
He let go of Luo Ling’s hand, took out a small box from the bag, and opened it.

Small plump crystal balls1 were placed inside.

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Luo Ling, who was chewing on the tapioca pearls, widened his eyes.
His eyes sparkled as he looked at the crystal ball, then raised his head and eagerly looked at Zong Yujin.

Luo Ling said in a soft and sticky voice, “I’m hungry.”

The very aggrieved voice made Zong Yujin’s heart immediately soften, as if a layer of water was enclosing it and immersing in it with a single touch.

Zong Yujing scooped up the balls with the given spoon and fed it to Luo Ling’s mouth.

Luo Ling took a bite, then his eyes shone brightly.

Who knew what these Crystal Balls were made of, but it was soft and waxy on the outside.
Then after biting into it, a stream of sweetness overflowed inside his mouth.

The sweetness instantly went straight to the heart.

His mood became very good.

After eating, Luo Ling took another sip of the sweet milk tea.

Luo Ling felt that he was immersed in sweetness at the moment.

He licked his lips from the aftertaste.
It was delicious.

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Holding the milk tea, Luo Ling looked at Zong Yujin in an especially cute way.
His eyes were still peeking at the bag and asked expectantly, “Is there anything else?”


With such a big bag, there should be a lot (of food) inside, right?

Zong Yujin looked in amusement at the person in front of him, who was like a little greedy cat, feeling completely helpless.

Zong Yujin took out another small box from the bag.
Just when Luo Ling thought that he would continue to be fed, he only watched the box be dangled in front of him, and then returned to the bag.

Luo Ling was stunned.

His eyes were wide open and he stupidly stared at Zong Yujin.

A gently falling ginkgo leaf happened to fall on Luo Ling’s head.
Along with his dumbfounded and stunned look, it just added an endearingly silliness to him.

Want to pinch.

The corners of Zong Yujin’s lips moved.
He stretched out his hand to remove the fallen leaf from Luo Ling’s head.

Luo Ling’s gaze immediately moved and finally fell on Zong Yujin’s hand.
The next moment, his sight fell on the bag.

Luo Ling’s purpose was clear.

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Zong Yujin acted as if he didn’t see it.
He looked at the Academic Director next to him, “Director, you should understand what to do, right?”

With a flat and dangerous tone, the frightened Director’s back was covered in a cold sweat.

He tremblingly wiped his forehead, and quickly replied.

“Young Master Zong, don’t worry.
I will definitely make it clear for these two students.”

The faces of the leader in the group of bullies changed in the blink of an eye.

He was originally already worried, but he was even more panicked at the moment.

To offend Zong Yujin was to offend the Zong family.
Their parents were going to kill them.

Being unable to take that in consideration, they hurriedly justified themselves in order to plead for leniency.

“Young Master Zong, you have misunderstood.
We did not bully fellow student Luo Ling.”

“Yes, Young Master Zong, there must be a misunderstanding.
We just had a little disagreement with Classmate Wen Ran and we were discussing how to solve it when Fellow Student Luo Ling suddenly rushed over.
We really didn’t do anything.”

“Student Luo Ling, we were wrong just now.
You, a person of great moral stature should not remember the wrongdoings of those with low moral stature.
Forgive us this one time, okay?”

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Luo Ling, who was bent on eating wholeheartedly, had his eyes filled with small grievances.

Pursing his lips, he replied without thinking.

“Not okay, you don’t even give me food.
No forgiveness.
It’s too bad.”

The group of people who were begging for mercy: “???”

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Found the recipe here:  (You can google translate it and it’s understandable)


水晶丸子, Crystal Balls, glutinous rice shaped into a ball and has meat filling.

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