Chapter 014: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.14

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This feng shui1 ah, it really comes and goes.


Luo Ling chuckled and recovered, acting as he was before.

 ‘Tong’er, are there any other melodramatic plot points that will happen in advance afterwards?’

If there wasn’t, Luo Ling would like to go home and lie down like a corpse for two days.
Then, he would continue to struggle in this melodramatic plot after he had rested enough.

It was still difficult for the System to accept its own Host’s transformation.

It took a while for it to reply, ‘There’s none for the time being.
Host, you can proceed to be lazy.’

Luo Ling immediately pouted.
He unconvincingly said, ‘I’m obviously seriously working.
You are actually alluding to my previous laziness and turning against me.╭(╯^╰)╮’

The System paused.
It wanted to maintain its “trembling in fear” status, but it couldn’t hold on.

It endured and endured, then it angrily bursted out, ‘Host, are you f*cking schizophrenic?’

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For a moment, Luo Ling was evil, charming, mad and impetuous.
Then one moment later, he was silly, sweet and naive.
It really made the System feel that life was too difficult.

 ‘Not at all.’ Luo Ling innocently blinked his eyes and justifiably retorted, ‘It’s obviously you, Tong’er.
You’re too useless, now you blame me.’

The System knelt down.

It just discovered that it couldn’t afford to provoke and offend Luo Ling.

Thinking of all that it had gone through, there actually came a day where it made the wrong judgement.

It couldn’t help, but light a cigarette while mulling over the vicissitudes of life2.
It looked up in sadness.

It was utterly defeated, utterly defeated.

The corners of Luo Ling’s lips curled up in content.
He had finally won against the System for once.

He felt satisfied.

The sun was shining well outside the window, just suitable enough for sleeping.

As for what Zong Yujin said when he left, Luo Ling could only say ‘Let’s respectfully sleep first!’ 

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“You, you people, don’t go too far.
I was admitted here with my own ability.
I honorably entered and didn’t provoke you.
Why are you treating me this way?”

Wen Ran had a setback in the morning, so he was feeling very gloomy.

Unexpectedly, it was just noontime when an opportunity came to him again.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a group of people walking over in the distance, so Wen Ran made his voice sound more resolute.

“It’s just a bunch of young masters and young ladies, who rely on the protection of their parents and while bullying others everywhere.
What’s so great about you people?”

“If you didn’t have your parents, you might not be as good as me, you group of parasites.”

Luo Ling: “!”

Oh damn, this plot really combined the melodramatic-ness of a Mary Sue and Tom Sue together.

Luo Ling got goosebumps all over.

The foot that just took a step forward was taken back.

Luo Ling didn’t want to snatch away this plot point anymore.
It was really too… stimulating _(:з」∠)_

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 ‘Host, don’t be distracted.
Hurry up, if you don’t go now, the Male Lead will soon arrive.’

The System kept urging Lup Ling inside his mind.
Seeing that its Host was motionless, it couldn’t help wanting to come out and kick him.

It could be seen that Wen Ran was being dragged over to be beaten up.

Luo Ling uncontrollably shuddered before he rushed over, being a hero with a broken arm.

He shouted, “Stop.”

Luo Ling himself one-handedly pushed all of the people over and grabbed the Shou Protagonist.
It was a struggle to stop all of the people who wanted to beat up the Shou Protagonist.

Luo Ling was injured right now.
His right hand, which happened to be the injured arm, couldn’t be moved, which was very inconvenient.
Moving was very awkward.

Wen Ran felt a sense of foreboding the moment Luo Ling appeared.

Although Luo Ling was saving him, Wen Ran didn’t want to be saved at all.

Wen Ran especially hated Luo Ling.

What was Luo Ling doing, jumping into something that was clearly none of his business, and always sabotaging his plans?

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Wen Ran seamlessly stretched out his foot and abruptly kicked towards Luo Ling, stabilizing himself by using the people holding onto him.

Since Luo Ling liked to be a good person that much and he liked being so nosy, then he should taste the pain from being too meddlesome.

Anxiety was written all over Luo Ling’s face, as his eyes trembled.
He lifted his foot and took a step forward, then Luo Ling pulled away from the group of entangled people.

Without someone supporting him, Wen Ran couldn’t maintain his balance at all while standing on one leg, and fell back due to the inertia.

Luo Ling nervously stretched out his hand to help Wen Ran, but Luo Ling was a second too late.

Watching Wen Ran fall to the ground, with his face distorted in pain, Luo Ling felt guilty for a second.

Then Luo Ling angrily turned to the group of people across from him, berating them in a bitter and hateful way.


Huntress: I bet Luo Ling did it on purpose.


I’m just gonna copy-paste what dreamwithoutadream explained about fengshui: “just as the wind and the waters, fengshui apparently changes with the season/day.
So why do some peeps view it as important? B/c it’s a method to utilize the flow of energy in a house/place to bring harmony, health and fortune to the inhabitants of the place.” “The English alternatives are “every dog has its day” or “fortune turns like a wheel.”  System’s midlife crisis lol

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