Chapter 013: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.13

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This kind of feeling was really strange.

Luo Ling pursed his lips and looked at the person who was still applying ointment on him.

With his eyes lowered, a shadow fell on Zong Yujin’s face and he looked a little too cold.

However, his body was covered with the sunlight falling in from the window.
It was golden and covered him in a radiant color for no reason.

Luo Ling’s eyes flashed.

“Thank you.” A voice that was too soft to be heard, came out of Luo Ling’s lightly pursed lips.

The movements of Zong Yujin’s hand paused, then he naturally continued to apply the medicine.

“Just give me some peace these days, don’t make any more trouble.”

The words of disgust made Luo Ling’s face immediately bulge again.

Angrily staring at Zong Yujin, Luo Ling humphed, “I didn’t make trouble.
You are speaking nonsense.”

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He was obviously so well-behaved.

Apart from the melodramatic drama of Zong Yujin insisting on Luo Ling being his servant, Luo Ling hated that he couldn’t go into hiding.

But this melodramatic drama plot, just thinking about it made his heart feel stifled.

Zong Yujin didn’t bother to respond.
He grabbed the gauze that was next to him, wrapped it around the wound, and then he evilly tied it into a bow again.

Luo Ling: “Do we have some sort of grudge against each other!?”

“No.” Zong Yujin shook his head, “We have a debt.”

Raising his head and looking at Luo Ling, Zong Yujin’s eyes were serious as he emphasized word by word, “You still owe me.”

Luo Ling was stunned. Didn’t this episode already pass?

Why was he still talking about that now? This was not scientific.

Too stingy.

Luo Ling wanted to complain.

It was just that… Luo Ling glanced at this cold person, “T-then you give me back the money.
I will buy you one that is exactly the same.”

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In this way, Luo Ling would like to see how he could still owe Zong Yujin.

Luo Ling didn’t believe that Zong Yujin couldn’t be cured.

Zong Yujin stood up and looked down at the person, who was saying “You’re being unreasonable”, “You’re rude”, “You rascal”, without retreating at all.

“It’s mine if you give it to me.
If you want to take it back, what are you exchanging for it?”

Luo Ling’s chin was about to fall off.
He pointed at Zong Yujin, “You bandit, you robber.”

Couldn’t it be any better? What about friendships between people?

Angered to death.

Zong Yujin turned a deaf ear to Luo Ling’s words.
He calmly put away the medicine next to him, then took a step.

“You have a good rest.
I’ll go buy you something to eat.”

The lofty back was solid and ramrod straight.
All of the expressions on Luo Ling’s face had disappeared and he indifferently stared at him, once Zong Yujin turned his back on him

This world, even if it wasn’t the real world, the people inside it were real.

Luo Ling placed his hand on the bandaged arm, then the corners of his lips raised into a meaningful arc.

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This journey was really, really interesting.

 ‘Tong’er, don’t you say so?”

The evil voice caused the System to flare up, like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow.

 “Y-y-you are… Who are you?”

Where did its Host go?

Luo Ling raised his eyes, ‘Tong’er, you’re really hurting my heart.
How long has it been since I last saw you? You don’t even know me anymore, you traitor.”

The System’s program stopped working.

The space was almost garbled.

 ‘H-host, you…how could… how could it be…#%@&’

Why was it so terrifying?

Wasn’t Luo Ling a cutie?

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Where did this evil and cool person come from all of a sudden?

Luo Ling leaned on the bed and looked into the distance.

 ‘Tong’er, I’m afraid you have forgotten my current identity.
I am not him.’

After a pause, he said again, ‘But I’m also him.’


After all, this is what he does best.


It was just that what happened just now, touched his heart a little bit.

The System suddenly felt extremely frightened of its Host.
To go as far as to escape its perception, it thought that Luo Ling was just a terrified little newbie.

If it weren’t for Luo Ling’s willingness to let it see this now, perhaps… It wouldn’t be able to find it at all.

The more it thought about it, the more terrified it felt.
It immediately began to think about whether it had provoked him.

Now, it was its turn to be terrified.

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