eble, like a bamboo pole.

Luo Ling refused to accept this.

Seeing the expression on Luo Ling’s face constantly changing, Zong Yujin’s worried emotions turned into exasperation.

Zong Yujin couldn’t help, but pinch the other party’s cheek, “You’re in pain, yet you’re still so spirited.
I don’t think you have learned your lesson at all.”

Speaking of this, Zong Yujin immediately felt angry.

If other people wanted to fall down, they would fall.
Luo Ling just had to blindly save someone.

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There were so many people.
Wouldn’t the others help?

Luo Ling had used his little arms and legs to save someone, but now he was the injured party.

“You’re not allowed to do something like this again in the future, understood?” Zong Yujin firmly flicked Luo Ling’s forehead with his fingers to act as a warning.

“Ouch.” Luo Ling covered his beaten up forehead and defiantly stared at this rogue.
Luo Ling’s face was filled with complaints as he said, “You are bullying me.
I’m injured right now.

His elbows were still stinging.

Zong Yujin glanced at Luo Ling with a “You’re done for” expression.
Zong Yujin lightly pulled up Luo Ling’s sleeves.

A large abrasion with traces of blood appeared on Luo Ling’s elbow, and appeared before Zong Yujin’s eyes.
Zong Yujin’s pupils shrank and his hands involuntarily increased the strength in his grip.

“Ah.” Luo Ling let out a soft cry.
He quickly raised his hand to slap away Zong Yujin’s hand.

“Quickly, let go, let me go.
Are your hands made of steel? My bones were almost crushed by you.
Are you taking this opportunity to take revenge?”

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“But I’m telling you in advance, it’s immoral to take advantage of somebody who’s injured like this.
You shouldn’t do this, or you will be laughed at.”

Luo Ling really wanted to stay away from the Male Lead, the magnet of accidents.
The will was there, but he didn’t have the strength to do so.

The opposite party’s pincer-hold was too tight for him to break free from.

Luo Ling also didn’t dare to use exert force in order to break free because it would hurt.

With a cold face, Zong Yujin took out a handkerchief to bandage the wound.
Zong Yujin restrained himself from angrily speaking at Luo Ling, who was making threatening gestures.

Luo Ling didn’t know how to appreciate other people’s kindness.

If someone dared to do this in front of him before, Zong Yujin would have punished that person long ago.

But facing Luo Ling, Zong Yujin couldn’t do it.

Zong Yujin could only be secretly angry.

Tying the bowknot with evil intentions, Zong Yujin’s mood finally became clearer.

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