A Series of muffled sounds can be heard over the roofs of multiple buildings.

His body flickered while the darkness of the night covered him.

His movements were so swift, so elegant, yet so deadly. It was like death himself descend on earth.

Thats what he thought an overpowered main character in a novel would do, but Mo Shen is different, he would not do something so stupid. Doing something like that will just invite unnecessary trouble because he is still not that strong.

He took a cab and went to Nathans house like an ordinary boy with a normal working mind. Being low profile now is the best solution to avoid conflict with other cultivators. Power is everything in this world. And regardless of how much knowledge he has, it will be useless if he doesn reach his full potential. He can be complacent just because had an arsenal of spells at his disposal. He was like a nuclear reactor without enough uranium to work properly.

”I can believe those MCs are too stupid to commit such a rookie mistake. They would have died for a stupid reason without their plot armor that makes the villain do stupid things ”Mo Shen sighed while remembering the novels he used to read.

It was one of his hobbies when he went to college. One of his roommates is an otaku, so he used to borrow some books to kill time. Some of the novels he loves to read are about reincarnation and system users that become overpowered using their cheats. If he remembered correctly, many of his original spells were inspired by those novels. They might be fictional, but a lot of their spell can be cast given the right magic formula.

”Ohh so this is his house? ” Mo Shen smile the moment he saw the mansion. His eyes shine as if he discover a gold mine.

The entire house was huge. It consisted of an outer wall that spans from one street to another junction. Over the wall, you can see the huge house roof which has an elegant European style. The gate is also very well made. It was a huge gate that can fit two cars at the same time and has a guardhouse that oversees the security of the whole place.

After he scans the entire area, there was nothing to do aside than enter. He walks towards the gate and smiled at the guards who are stationed around the guardhouse. There were 5 of them. 3 are guarding the gate while the other 2 are sitting inside the guardhouse.

”Stop, young man, what business do you have in this house? ” One of the guards who was wearing a black suit blocked his way.

Mo Shen just smiled before he stated his business.

”My name is Mo Shen, Tell your master that Im the one who beat up his son…and also his paid…. lets just say paid associates. ”

Mo Shens statement astonished the guard. They all knew what happened to their young master.

But what shocked them is Mo Shens action. Instead of running away or going to the police station, he dares to come here on his own. Isn this person too brave or too stupid?

”Boy, if you
e joking around, I suggest you get out of here. ” This guard doesn have a favorable opinion of Nathan, so he doesn want this kid to get hurt for no reason.

”Don worry about me, just tell them Im here, ” Mo Shen remained calm. Seemingly waiting for the guard to call his master.

”You… ” Before the guard can finish talking, he received a call from his wireless radio.


Inside the mansion, Mo Shen is sitting on a European-style sofa while waiting for the master of the house.

One of the maids had brought him some tea and a cake. He was served Tieguanyin tea which cost around 21,447 Yuan per kilo, and a molten chocolate cake that also looks quite expensive.

”So you
e the one who beat up my son and my people, ”

A man in his 50s walks inside the room. Mo Shen did not bother to stand up and just continue to sip his tea. He was enjoying the expensive tea that was served to him. Just as expected of a wealthy family, even their tea is a level above the rest.

”That temperance of yours is amazing, you
e not even afraid that I could kill you right now, or, are you thinking that you can leave this place alive after what you have done? ” Nathans father sat directly in front of him. His eyes were fixed on Mo Shen, seemingly trying to guess his identity.

He already received the news about what happened to his people. At first, he was surprised to hear about their failure. Over 20 men with weapons were beaten by a single high-school boy. Everyone else would surely think its a joke, but not him.

Hes influential enough to know the existence of those hidden monsters. Unfortunately for him, he only knows that they exist. Other than that, he is no longer worthy to access anything else.

Thats why hes in a predicament right now. He can be impulsive in front of this young boy. If this boy is part of that hidden society, then theres a big chance that their family bloodline will end tonight.

He had heard rumors about wealthy families getting killed overnight because they have offended these powerful monsters who lurk in the shadow. He doesn want to commit the same mistake if he can prevent it.

He needed to be sure, but at the same time be careful not to sound too restless. He was afraid that Mo Shen will take advantage of the situation.

Of course, his facade is useless in front of Mo Shen. He can hear his uneasy breathing. Legs shaking mildly behind the table that separates them. And his heart has an irregular beating pattern


Everything is happening according to Mo Shens plan. The reason he came here is not to take revenge, but to ask for compensation for bothering him. He already guessed that Nathans father would be aware of their existence.

”100 million yuan for not killing all of you, thats my price ” Mo Shens sudden declaration startled him. 100 million yuan is a huge amount, but the fact that his asking such a price further reinforces his identity. Normal people would not say something so presumptuous. Its either that person is crazy or he had something to back up his words.

”I don know where you
e getting this courage from ” The old mans tone became more serious. He took a cup of tea for himself and sip it.

”Courage? ” Mo Shen smiled and put down the cup that he was holding.

”100 million Yuan is already cheap for your attempt to kill me. I even broke my bow of secrecy just to entertain your associates. ”


The sound of the shattering cup snaps the old man from his senses. He was not able to hold his emotion and drop his cup of tea.

His face was pale. He wanted to say a word but his throat became dry from the sudden revelation. Out of nowhere, the temperature in the room seems to drop.

Tension begins to form between the two of them. Mo Shen did not talk again and just continue to sip his tea leisurely. He was giving him time to think.

This talk can only end in two ways. One, he agrees and pays Mo Shen 100 million yuan, or he refused, then Mo Shen would just kill everyone and destroy all the evidence that connects him to this family.

He even cast a curse spell on those thugs just in case he needs to kill them. That spell would make their death look like a heart attack if he activates it within 3 days.

”You… The old man pointed his finger but decided to put it down after realizing something.

”Do you have a bank account? ” The old man finally crack down and let out a sigh of defeat.

Mo Shen remained silent and took out his phone. Nowadays, people can do online banking with their cell phones. He sent his bank account number via Bluetooth.

”I expect the payment within this week ” Mo Shen slowly gets up from the sofa and looks at the garden outside. His eye was as calm as ever. It was like this whole fiasco is nothing more but an inconvenience for him, not worthy of his attention.

”Yes, …Ill process it right away. ” The old man was still shaking to the bone, his hand getting colder by the minute. He wanted to end this conversation as soon as possible.

”And remember to tell your son to never mess with me ” Mo Shens tone became serious. His aura changed and the already frightened man became more suffocated. The air in the atmosphere seems to cower in fear from Mo Shens aura.

Mo Shen leaves the mansion unscathed. Everyone wondered what happened inside. The only thing they find confusing was their masters sudden change in mood. He summoned his son and beat the shit out of him. After that, he told everyone to never disclose anything that happened that night.

The day after , the old man also process some legal documents to make their transaction legitimate and pay for any taxes that Mo Shen would incur from the exchange. He became a lacky , but he dont mind it. Being under a cultivator would allow him to reach new heights.

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