Mo Shen revealed a satisfying smile when he felt his newly transformed body. Looking closely, his body had become more robust. Before, we can classify his body as just average. Not so fat, but not so fit either. But now his plump muscles can be discerned just by looking at his clothing. Its a good thing he has a spell to shape-shift his body. If not, Mia will surely be surprised to see such abrupt changes.

After spending a night reinforcing his newly improve physique, Mo Shen went back home. Just as he expected, his body had become more vigorous despite not sleeping, he feels fresh and full of energy. The feeling is something no ordinary human can achieve.

The technique Mo Shen use is considered a legendary rank body strengthening skill. Its potency far outclasses the techniques of this era, making it godly in the eyes of others. If a cultivator can see his body right now, they would do their best to know his secret. This is also one of the reasons why he doesn want anyone to know about his existence yet. For now, the safest action is to stay lay low until he has enough power to protect himself against any foes. He doesn want to be hunted down and become a lab rat. Hes a human but he also knew how evil a human can be when wealth and power are on the line. Even relatives are no exception, it is just human nature. Mo Shen himself is planning to kill a lot of people just to achieve his goals, he would look like a hypocrite if he see himself as a hero or a good guy.

”The improvement in my body is good enough to fight Tier 3 combatants. With this strength, I can go forward with my plan to earn more money. ”

Mo Shens concern is the interruption of the Cultivators society. They have a secret organization that deals with people who broke their rules of secrecy or anyone who cultivate without approval.

”According to my memory, the individuals involved in this organization are very influential people. Even the president of this country is just their puppet. ” Mo Shen muttered to himself. He was thinking of ways to earn money without alerting them. He would show himself in the world but now is not the time.

With his current strength, he can now confront a Peak Martial Warrior combatant with no issue. If he somehow met a Martial Elite, hes confident that he can escape with his life intact. He has a myriad of movement techniques at his disposal. And even if he gets surrounded, he can use his spell ”Earth Barrow ” to temporarily hide below the ground. Only Master Level and above would be able to detect him if he mixes it with other concealment spells.

After having breakfast, Mo Shen went to the bathroom to take a bath. He can use his magic to clean himself, but he chooses not to. Something is thrilling in taking a shower after a night of hard work. And for him, simple things like this are very rare and need to be appreciated.

At school, the day passed by with no disturbance. There was a quick break in between classes, and after lunch, there were more classes to attend. For him, school life is a way to kill time and also be with Mia.

It was a typical day, as usual, Mo Shen fakes his action to appear like hes listening to the professor. He can easily pass the exam so theres no need for him to make an effort. With his vast intelligence, theres no doubt that his the smartest man in this era.

”Theres a sale now in the mall. I heard its a big sale and there are a lot of discounted items. Do you want to go and have a look? ” The class was just over when Mia stand up and approach him.

”Im free now so its fine ” Mo Shen glanced up and nodded.

”Alright. Maybe you can find something interesting there. I want to buy a new guitar, so help me pick a good one, ” Mia was so happy that she unknowingly hop from her spot.

”Its just the mall, why are you so excited? ”Mo Shen was not able to hold his laughter.

”We…well…I.. ” Mia realizes what she did and became flustered. She became self-conscious and was not able to control her emotion. Her face turns red and he can see her slightly shaking from being self-conscious.

Mo Shen saw it and just smiled. He was happy to see Mias cute side. She would be treated like a princess where ever she goes, let alone here in school.

He stands up and packed up his things. Mia was girly, and she gets along well with him. As a result, it gave the impression that they were dating. After all, who would believe that nothing is going on with the two of them?

Even Mo Shen can tell that Mias feelings for him are getting stronger. He believes that through time, he will be able to completely replace Shin in her heart, or maybe, he already did.

While he hurriedly arranged his things, a male student from the other class stood up and walk towards them. He blocked their path with his big muscular arms like a thug you normally see in the streets.

”Where are you two going? ” The male student squinted his eye while gripping his fist. Anyone can tell that he is very pissed right now.

”We don need to answer your question ” Mia stands up but her legs were shaking from being too anxious.

The person in front of them is notorious for being the school gang leader. She heard some news before, this guy fought and sent 10 men to the hospital. The only reason hes still in school is due to his family background.

He was the son of an influential family here in Yi City. Their family is said to own a lot of real estate businesses and hotels. Hence, he can move unhindered without being afraid of any consequences from the law.

Other people also say that he hangs out with the gangs in this district, so hes a man you can mess with.

Unfortunately, this guy had confessed his love to her. And Mia rejected him time and time again.

Mo Shen remained silent. This guy did not do anything too drastic as far as Mo Shen remembers. He was quite amused by how things are shifting away from what he remembered.

e coming with me. ” The brute student holds Mias hand and pulls her towards him. The force was too forceful that Mia almost trip.

She tried to fight back but she was too weak to break free. She tried to talk her way out but the brute student refuses to budge. He was insistent to keep holding Mia like an object.

”Let go of her ” Mo Shen calmly speak. His expression was too serene as if the person in front of him is nothing but dust in the air.

”What are you going to do? fight me? Hehehe ” He mocked him and continue to forcefully hold Mias hand.

”yaaaaawn ” Mo Shen yawn and smiled.

”Then you can die ”


A loud sound echoed inside the classroom. Everything happened too fast. The brute student was already knocked down before he can even process what was happening.

”Wow, since when did Mo Shen become this strong? ”

”Did you see that? That punch was too fast ”

”Omg, I thought I was watching a fast-forward movie when he moves ”

”Did Bruke-lee reincarnate in his body? What the hell is that punch? ”

Everyone was mumbling their remarks after Mo Shen took action. It was too amazing that they just have to say something to loosen up their excitement. They would not be able to peacefully sleep at night if they don release it. Thats how mind-blowing the scene was.

Mo Shen ignore their shocked faces and took his bag, then he pulled Mia out of the classroom. Unaware of his surroundings, Mia was blushing from head to toe because of the thrill she just felt.

”When did he become so strong? ” Mia muttered to herself while looking at his back. For some reason, his back looks wider than usual.

The news of Mo Shen knocking down the school gang leader with one punch immediately circulate in the whole district. Even the gang leaders of other schools were shocked to see his punch. It was so fast. It was to the point where even professional boxers will be hard-pressed to dodge it. No, theres no doubt that even professional boxers would be startled if they received a punch like that.

The gang leaders of the other school are no pushovers. They know how to fight and some of them are already capable of fighting professionally. They also know that the person Mo Shen beat up is no ordinary individual. He was someone trained in Karate and yet he fails to react in time in front of Mo Shens super-speed punch.

Ironically, Mo Shen holds back a lot with that punch. If he hit him for real, he would turn into a meat paste just by the pressure alone. Right now, Only Cultivators who tempered their bodies to the warrior rank can withstand his attack.

Even normal Martial Warriors would be heavily injured if they let Mo Shen punch them directly.

He did not want to escalate the issue. Thats why he had given the guy a chance by asking politely. Who would have expected that the guy would mock him instead?

”Humans will be the same regardless of any era ” Mo Shen shook his head.

He remembered the time he encountered a group of Grandmasters inside the gate. Without knowing who he was, they tried to rob him. Of course, their attempt did not last long and they were evaporated before they can even cast their skills.

”Most of the time, the weak are the ones who have too much ego ” Mo Shen sighed.

While they were on their way, Mia did not talk at all. She was still overwhelmed by what happened, plus, her emotion for Mo Shen had become more complicated. Shes feeling something strange within her heart.

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