After a busy day in school, Mo Shen declined Misas invitation to go to the library.

Not that he was not interested—he loved to spend time with her. But he could not waste his time; he needs to go somewhere secluded to practice and strengthen his body. He needs sufficient power before he can find a way to earn more money. Its the same for ordinary people. If they want to be rich, they need to have sufficient skills first to achieve their dreams.

The first thing that came to his mind is Mount Ming. Mount Ming is a dormant volcano between Yi City and Er City. Its a tall mountain which faces the sea and has a lot of natural resources. Places like this are abundant in natural energy because it has all four major elements, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth.

He walks towards the station and boarded the train. His priority is to strengthen his body. The body is very important because it is the vessel of the soul. Contrary to the belief of others, Spirit Artists still had to train their bodies to better control their spells. A magician would a weak constitution would surely die if they cast a spell far above the limit their body can handle.

Mo Shen sat near the window seat, looking at the old highways that connect Yi and Er City. Viewing the vast highway that quickly flew past him. The bundle of flowers and herd of birds on the railings reminded him of his past life.

It was the year 2022, and Mo Shen was on his way to the Magic Academy to enroll. He rode on the same line, but that place was different. It was filled with death and chaos. Destroyed roads and buildings are the only things you can see from afar. In the distance, he can see cultivators fighting off demons who escape from the gates.

During that time, humans and demons were at a standstill. Thats why they
e still a lot of monsters lurking around this area, human forces were still small so they were not yet able to push back the monsters into the gates.

”This platform used to be guarded by hundreds of cultivators ” Mo Shen sighed and shift his focus toward the beautiful ocean in front of him. He can see the beautiful sunset hiding on the horizon while waiting for the moon to expose its mysterious beauty.


”Next stop, Er City. ” The announcement jolted Mo Shen. He grabbed his black-colored bag, got to his feet, and left his seat. Then he held on to the overhead handrail and moved slowly through the crowded train cabin.

The automatic door swung open with a hiss. He slowly walks out of the train.

”Be careful! ”

”Young man, be careful! ”

”Ouch, my foot! Youve stepped on my foot! Watch where your walking ”

People were annoyed and scolded him. Mo Shen could not care less. Its their fault for standing in front of the automatic doors. They should have cleared the way for the people who are exiting the train, if not, at least try to provide a small passage for him to walk.

The mountain was just in the Ming forest area, which was 2000 meters away from the train station.

The mountain stands tall at 2500 meters. From afar, you would see different kinds of trees that cover 95 percent of the mountain.

Mo Shen could even see a waterfall and some small patch of land where people can set up a tent and camp while enjoying the fresh air of the mountainside.

The road to the mountain area was made of asphalt cement, which seems to have already aged quite a bit. The number of cars passing by is also quite small compared to the city. This scene is only normal due to the small population in this area. A lot of residents of Mount Ming are now migrating to the city, and the only people remaining here are locals who own a farm or are too old to move.

On the road is a huge wooden sign that states ”Mount Ming ”

The temperature in this place has dropped below 25 degrees celsius due to the altitude of the mountain. he can even see some mist forming around him. this kind of phenomenon is normal in any area where cold and heat meet up. The mist gives the mountain a mysterious-like aura that seems to attract people who love mountain climbing. It was a sight to behold.

Mo Shen walks on the dirt road and enters a small pathway made of soil. This is one of the many entrances into the mountain. He chooses this one because it has fewer people on it. The main road to the mountain will be full of mountain hikers during this time of the day. He had known this information by reading some articles on his phone. His habit of researching is something he can never get rid of.

Mo Shen uses his spell to silently move around the forest. After some time, he finally found an empty spot to sit.

It was an area near a cliff and was surrounded by large trees. The place was perfect because it faces the ocean and was high enough to gather wind energy.

”Hex word, Sense ” He cast a sensory-type spell that releases a 2-kilometer invisible wave, it acts like radar. He wanted to make sure that no one is present during his cultivation.

Mo Shen smiled in satisfaction when he found out that there are no people in the vicinity.

”Lets start now ”

Mo Shen sat down in a lotus position. His Mana had already reached the minimum requirements for a breakthrough, but his body is still weak. Its too weak, especially because hes planning to advance using Soul Requiem.


”I need to strengthen my body first. Soul Requiem needs a strong body to be successful. Not just a strong body, but close to the maximum human limit ” Mo Shen mumbled to himself while absorbing the natural element of the mountain. He absorbed the mana on his body and circulate it to his meridian.

There are 4 major elements and 6 rare elements in the world. The first four are the element of Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. The other six is the element of Lightning, Light, Darkness, Life, Death, and Void.

As of now, Mo Shens body is still too weak. So he can only cast and absorb mana related to the four major elements. Even his ” Sense Spell ” is only a manifestation of the 4 elements combined.

Cultivators of this era would have a hard time absorbing the natural flow of mana in the environment. Only the Grandmaster level could do it naturally.

Mo Shen on the other hand is no ordinary cultivator. He was a Spirit Artist who once reached the peak of humanitys standard. He created multiple formations on the ground to guide the energy toward him. He then filters this energy using a formation he engraved on his stomach to make his cultivation faster. The cultivators of this era would surely die in envy if they saw how fast he absorbed and filter this energy.

Time flew by.

Mo Shen has been cultivating for almost 5 hours now. He doesn need to worry about eating because the natural energy in his body keeps him full.

Surges of natural elements continue to enter his body, even though there seem to be no changes taking place on the surface, a shocking transformation was happening inside. The transformation was not as simple as reaching his body limit. His full body, from top to bottom, had a change in physique.

He remembers the Battle Magic Emperor in his past life. He was a very talented individual who mastered magic casting and physical combat at the same time.

In his past life, he can only focus on long-range magics because practicing it took most of his time. Now that he has the time to spare, he wanted to be an all-rounder type. That way, he can easily counter any type of enemy in the future. He felt excited imagining himself punching his enemies with his fist covered with Emperor Level Enhancements.

”Need to focus .. ” Mo Shen reprimanded himself when his thought started wandering around. It seems the soul of the old Mo Shen affected his personality a little.

”This is it. Im finally breaking my human limit ” Mo Shen gritted his teeth and felt something exploding within him. It was a pleasure equal to or even better than sex.

”Argghhhhh ” Mo Shen shouted from his lung. He can feel his bones cracking from too much energy. He bares with and shifts his focus on fully reconstructing his body. This is an important part of his future cultivation. He wanted to build a body which is has a better foundation than before.

Time flew by once again.

Mo Shens control over his body advanced a level. It was as if a key is opening a shackle that has been limiting his body all this time, freeing his human body limits. Of course, this improvement is still a far cry from what he used to have. To put it in contrast, this state is only comparable to less than 1% of his full power during his peak.

His body sturdiness had improved by over 5 times, while his bones are undergoing a major transformation. His senses have also greatly increased. Now he no longer needs to cast a spell to sense his surroundings. His hearing alone can act as radar for a small area.

In terms of strength, he can now lift around 2 tons of metal without using any spell. Being able to lift 2 tons of metal means his capable of breaking an adult body with a simple punch.

As Mo Shen cools down, the temperature in his surrounding seems to drop to a freezing point, and the animals in the area shiver uncontrollably.

Now that his concentrating on strengthening his body, he can no longer control the malice originating from his soul. He can already guess the breaking news tomorrow. Multiple animals were found dead on Mount Ming; the reason is still unknown.

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