Most of his classmates were already in the class when he enters the classroom. Mo Shen walks toward his sit which is located in the fourth row, 3rd sit near the window.

He was gone for almost 1 week when he was hospitalized so most of his classmates look at him curiously. None of them came and ask him about his condition because they thought that he wanted to be left alone. There was like an aura surrounding him that made him more distant than he usually is.

”Am I that of a loner? ” Mo Shen realized how distant his classmates are so he started reflecting on his behavior. Maybe its not bad to be a little more sociable from time to time.

It was a good thing that Mia was there to take care of him. His parents are working abroad while his grandparents are living on the mountain. Sadly, none of them can take care of him during that time. But he doesn mind it, Mo Shen fully understands his circumstances.

Its his choice to stay in Xin country so he will not get angry over something so swallow. Now that he thinks about it, Mia seems to be the reason he wanted to stay. He remembered that Shin was also given the option to stay, but he still decided to move abroad.

It seems Shins feeling for Mia is not that great, to begin with. No wonder he was able to leave her alone just like that.

Mo Shen did not have any resentment towards Shin. Its way above him to feel anger toward a normal person who hasn done a mistake yet in this timeline. He is thankful to the Shin of his past life for running away. He had given Mo Shen a chance to be with Mia, his true love.

Mo Shen quickly walked to his seat while not forgetting to smile. His classmate was not used to him smiling so they remained silent.

He looked up at the blackboard and saw his other classmates ignoring him. This is not something new for him He had always been a loner. Even in his glory days, he rarely talks to his party members when hunting Demons. He prefers to be alone and focus more on his Spirit Arts cultivation.

The English teacher adjusted his silver-rimmed glasses and slowly flipped open the teaching materials while he occasionally scans over the students, who instinctively behaved and remained in their seats. Mo Shen was no exception. He misses this kind of simple life.

Today, however, his mind is filled with thoughts. Mo Shen had gathered some necessary knowledge he needs to adapt to his new life. He found out that he was sent back in time, to be specific, in the year 2017; less than a month before he graduates from Highschool and 3 years before the start of the Great Purge.

He was given a chance to start anew, he did not dwindle around when he was absent and had already started cultivating his soul so he can be more prepared for the future. Luckily, he increased his ability and reach the upper limit of the human ordinary body.

In the past, it took him a year to reach this standard, but because of his memories, He was able to use powerful spirit arts to aid him in gaining strength.

In his mind are collections of overpowered magic formulas that will be discovered in the far future.

Hes thrilled to experience such an immediate boost in his power. If he proceeds with this pace, he might reach Grand Master level before the apocalypse happens. Despite his fast progress, hes not too optimistic about surpassing Grand Master Level with his knowledge alone. Reaching peak Grand Master Level required something more complicated than ki and mana

Mana is ever-present in the world but only a few people know how to manipulate it. To put it simply. Mana is everything; Humans, animals, plants, elements, and even empty air have mana. This energy is responsible for bringing everything into existence.

Mana is used differently. Martial Artists, used mana to cultivate their bodies while spirit artists used mana to cultivate the soul.

Spirit Artists use the word magica because the mana is used to power up existing magic formula in the soul to cast a spell.

Martial artists on the other hand call it Ki, which is a traditional term for energy circulating on the body.

Even demons have it, albeit, one with different nature. Human energy is called the Mana Source. It has a blank nature that can adapt to any kind of energy in the world. Thats why there are a lot of types of Cultivators that existed in his past life. Demon energy is called the Dena source. It has an evil property that corrupts anything it touches. Humans who have tried to use Dena succumb to madness and turned into fallen humans (humans who become savage demons)To sum it up, Mana creates life while Dena corrupts it. These two types of energy heavily contradict each other.

”The resources needed for my advancement are too scarce in this era ” Mo Shen sighed. In his previous life, this resource can be bought anywhere. But these resources are still scarce and not readily available today. He misses the days when just need to order materials through the Cultivator E-Shop.

The opening of the gate was both a curse and a fortune. Resources that are hard to find before are abundant on the other side. In the past, before the Great Purge, there are already small rifts present on earth. These small rifts are unstable and only a few cultivators can enter them. These rifts are the source of the resources used by the cultivators to advance.

One of the reasons why only a handful number of cultivators reach the Master Level before the Apocalypse is because of the scarce resources. The resources available to them are just too scarce that they were forced to hide their existence from the public.

The scarce resources available would immediately be exhausted if everyone can cultivate. And it would affect the future progress of those who are truly talented. Imagine yourself being given a choice. You have two options, one is to depend on the quantity and the other is quality. The cultivators choose the latter.

”In my previous life, I was lacking in knowledge. In this life, I am lacking in resources. ” He sighed in his mind while figuring out a way to acquire all the things he needed for his advancement. Just thinking of the long list made him sigh deeply.

Theres nothing he can do but acquire them one by one. Good thing he

has a good memory, so he still has some idea where to find them based on his past life. And even if he can find one, he can just make an alternative for it, as long as the effect is the same.

”Speaking of Ranks… ”

Emperor is the maximum level that humanity has achieved in the past. Sad to say, they were not given enough time to grow or they could have also achieved god-level power.

Mo Shen believes that humanitys greatest strength is its hunger for power and self-improvement. Even in a peaceful time, humans continue to strive for more power. And through time, he believes that humans could surpass even gods themselves. Thats why he was so convinced that the reason Fer crosses over; is to prevent humans from surpassing him. Fer saw human potential, and that is why he was so adamant to eradicate the human race. Humans might not have the strongest Mana, but they have the most adaptive characteristic which makes humans potential limitless.

”Ill make sure to cut you pieces by pieces the next time we meet ” Mo Shens aura turns cold for a moment, but he instantly retracted it. Luckily, no one seems to be a cultivator in his school. He has a way to see through the cultivation level of anyone even if they deliberately conceal it. It would be an insult to his past self if he can do something so basic.

”I should learn how to control my malice ” His sudden outburst is not because of incompetency. It was more like a passive instinct that imprinted itself on his soul from killing millions of people. Sadly, he can completely control it all the time.

The school bell rang and he was snapped from his daze. Mo Shen put the thought to the back of his mind. He took out the textbook from his bag and memorized the entire page instantly.

”Its an excellent thing I still have my knowledge. And it seems my soul is also sufficiently powerful. ”Mo Shens instant memorization ability could not be achieved by only having a good brain. His soul needs to be powerful enough to perform such an extraordinary feat.

Each lesson came and went, and the last class in the morning was about to end. Of course, Mo Shen had already memorized all his subjects before the bell rings.

”Mo Shen, what were you doing? ” Mia taps his table.

”What do you mean? ” He glanced up calmly.

”You been flipping your books like a maniac throughout the entire class. The teachers were going to scold you but they didn because of what happened to you last week. Remember, our Last exam is next week already. ” Mia raises her voice a little. She wanted Mo Shen to take her advice more seriously.

”Don worry, I can handle the exam ” He smiled at her. Seemingly not interested.

”Are you sure? I can help you review the lessons you have missed last week. ”

”Don worry about me. I promise you, I can easily pass the exam. ” Mo Shen put his hand under his chin and look out the window. His face was calm and confident.

”Hmmph, acting cool again. ” Mia pouted her cheek and turned around.

However, a gentle smile formed on her face when no one was looking.

Soon, the sound of the bell rang in the air, and the class was over.

”Peace is beautiful, sadly, nothing last forever. ” Mo Shen shook his head and leave the classroom.

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