Everybody heard about the news of a male student that had collapsed in front of the nurses office. According to the passerby, Mo Shen suddenly lost consciousness.

The sudden turn of events stunned the nurse, so she immediately asks the other students to help carry Mo Shen. Good thing some students are still present in the lobby when the incident happened.

While hearing the news, Mias face became more worried. She felt responsible for not accompanying Mo Shen. Some girls jealous of her took the opportunity to shame and stab her in the back.

”Look at her, she just let her boyfriend go to the nurses office alone ”

”What a fake, she looks kind, but deep inside shes insensitive. Bet he just use Mo Shen as an excuse to reject her admirers. ”

However, she just walked passed them. Such a pitiful act doesn bother her at all. She acts friendly to her classmate but all of those actions are just for the sake of protecting her image. She doesn care one bit about them

A heavy ringing sound woke Mo Shen. As he began waking up, he felt a strange pressure pushing down on him; constricting his movements. His mind flooded with confusion.




A surge of memories swept over him as he tried to figure out where he was and what was happening.

In the year 2022, the world was plunged into chaos. Dimensional Gates started appearing randomly in the entire world.

At first, it causes panic and confusion. Monsters from the gates started massacring the people. Creatures which only supposed to exist in fantasy have come to life to destroy everything in their path. Men, women, and children. None were spared in their slaughter and hunger for blood. Its like their sole purpose is to destroy humanity.

But in the midst of chaos and destruction, a group of people called ”Cultivators ” appeared. Their appearance was both the end and the start of a new era for humanity. They fought the monsters from the gate and return peace to the world. They were announced as heroes by the masses and they began leading the world to a different era where martial arts and magics become the norms.

Cultivators had been living in the dark before, and ordinary people didn know about their existence. Many people ask about their origin, but no one found the answer.

According to them, the powers they have are from many inheritances that were passed down by their ancestors. The only common thing about all Cultivators is their duty. All of them were tasked to take arms in the event of what they call the Great Purge.

In the new era, Mo Shen was one of the lucky people who had shown great aptitude for manipulating mana. He became an outstanding Spirit Cultivator after 200 years of hard work. At his peak, he even attained the title ”Magic Emperor, Conjurer of thousands of spells. ”

Unfortunately, that title did not last long. After over 200 years of peace, the God Level monsters in the other dimensions had crossed over. Among those monsters is Fer. The strongest adversary he ever fought. His power is beyond logic, even for Mo Shen who is considered one of the apexes of humanity.

In the end, all of his comrades perished. The only way he can win against this demon is through forbidden magic. He designed a one-time use magic called ”Black Seal ”. This magic will offer the life of over 10 million human souls to create a dome that can theoretically seal even gods.

However, the caster of this spell will also meet the same end. Both he and his foes will suffer eternally inside the dome.

The very last thing Mo Shen could recall was a wave of pain smashing into his head, and then a sudden, fading darkness that overwhelmed and swallow everything.

”Did I die? Am I dead? ” He mumbled and observe his surrounding.

Then, he saw something that he hadn seen for over 200 years.

Mo Shen saw his first love, Mia. She was sleeping soundly while sitting on a chair beside his bed.

”Whats happening here? Is this some kind of illusion? ” It stunned him for a moment, but his years of experience enabled him to remain calm and assist the situation more quickly.

”No, this is real. I can sense my surroundings and everything is normal. Well, aside from the fact that I seem to travel back in time ”.

In a matter of seconds, Mo Shen concluded the most probable explanation. For him, thinking this fast is normal because of his past memories and experience.

He was the undisputed Magic Emperor who can easily Deca-cast spells which has hundreds of thousands of formulas. It would be an insult to his knowledge if he took more than a minute to figure out his situation.

”The question is how ” He once again focuses his mind to answer the missing variables in his conclusion. But this time he failed to conclude anything concrete.

He tried the possibility of his spell going haywire. In the end, he failed to have enough evidence to support his logic.

Mo Shen is a very logical person. He won accept something that he is not at least 60% sure of. Unfortunately, time manipulation is a subject of which he has very little idea.

”I don know the full story, but I need to adjust depending on my circumstances. ” Mo Shen put all the thoughts in the back of his head and decided to focus on his present circumstances.

”Mo Shen, are you ok now? ” Mia opened her sleepy eye. It was easy to see that she has been staying beside him for a long time. Her messy hair is a giveaway that she did not even have time to take care of herself.

”What happened to me? ” Mo Shen changes his attitude and tried to simulate his old persona. This way, he would not sound crazy.

”You idiot… You made me worry ” Mia raises her voice. Teardrops seem to fall down from her eyes.

”Im sorry if I made you worry. I still don know what happened to me ”

Mo Shen scratches the back of his head cluelessly. This is the action he deemed appropriate upon searching his previous memory when he was still a normal high school boy.

This memory is not from the original Mo Shen of this timeline, but from the new Mo Shen. Regardless its still almost the same, except for this incident.

He had no memory of this scene happening in his past life.

Mo Shen guesses that this timeline is different from his old one.

His conclusion came from the grandfather paradox where a person can never truly travel back in time and change the future.

The grandfather paradox is a paradox of time travel in which inconsistencies emerge through changing the past. The name comes from the paradoxs common description: a person travels to the past and kills his or her own grandfather before the conception of his or her father or mother, which prevents the time travelers existence.

If thats the case, then it means that the Mo Shen of this world is a separate entity and his soul somehow merges with the original. His conclusion is only limited to what he knows about the logic of time.

Time is a very complicated topic. So complicated that not even magic can uncover its secret. He doubts that even god-level beings had uncovered it. His reasoning is sound. If someone can completely understand and wield the logic of time, then that individual will be invincible and Omni powerful.

Mo Shen snapped from his dazed when he noticed Mias teary eyes

”You… you suddenly collapse while on the way to the nurses office, ” Mia mumbled while still trying to hold her tears. She keeps covering her eyes to hide her tears in front of Mo Shen

”I see. How did I get here? ” Mo Shen saw this, so he asks another question to shift her attention.

She looks at him seriously. She knows that Mo Shen is a calm-minded person, but his reactions now were too relaxed.

”Have I done something wrong? ” Mo Shen scratches his forehead with his finger. He saw Mias probing eyes.

”Hmmph ” She pouted her cheek.

Mo Shen sighed, but deep inside it relieved him. Mia is still the same as he remembers.

He remembered her time with Mia. In 2018, they both attended the same University. Mia took Architecture, while he majored in Physics. They both spend their life happily as friends. There was even a time when he was tempted to cross the line.

However, everything changes when Shin came back. Mias longing for him has increased her love. Shin attended the same University and the 3 of them went back to normal.

It was hard, but he endured it for the sake of their friendship. But something unexpected happened that change their lives.

There was a sudden change in Mo Shens expression, but he immediately conceals it. It has been a long time, so hes no longer greatly affected by it. However, it does not mean that he no longer cares for her. Even if the Mia of this timeline is different, he still cares for her.

”Don worry, Im ok now ” He gently patted her head.

Mia stop pouting and bowed her head down. This is the first-time Mo Shen did something so daring. It was out of character but she did not dislike it.

”Are you really ok? ” Mia asks him again. She seems to doubt his words.

”Why would I lie to you? ” Mo Shen re-assure her.

”But you said the same words last time. And look what happened to you ” Miaa softly scolded him while still trying to conceal her red face. Shes not used to talking to men, so shes more awkward now that Mo Shen is patting her head. She wants to stop him but a part of her seems to like this kind of warmth.

”Don worry, Im a new person now. I could even beat up a bear !!! ” Mo Shen chuckled.

She doesn know why, but Mo Shen seems to look more dependable. Its like shes talking to a completely different person.

” Does having a fever make you arrogant ? ” Mia tried to tease him.

”Nope. Im just like this because its you ” Mo Shen laughs.

”You… ” She wants to reply but no words came out of her mouth.

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