While lying in bed under the night sky, Mo Shen was holding his phone and searching the net for an antique auction. He wanted to see if there will be an auction near him.

The technology had improved. Now, anyone can access pieces of information that are only available before to the wealthy. He just needs to put on the search engine the word ”Auction ” and all the related posts about it will be available.

While scrolling down, he saw a post in Smilebook about an auction that will be held tomorrow, Saturday at the Er Artifact museum. There was a lot of item for sale and he even saw a picture of an ancient sword that date back to 1000 AC. Of course, he could not verify its authenticity from the blur picture alone. It was intentionally blurred to avoid spoiling the auction.

”If my calculations are right, the money should be ready tomorrow, ” He looks at the time and put down his cellphones.

”Hex: Sleep ” He cast a spell to himself. He can no longer sleep without the use of a spell because of his vigorous body. Its one of the disadvantages of practicing a Legendary Rank strengthening art. Hes only at warrior level, and yet the improvement in his body is already too much compared to others.

The emerging light of the sun enters the windows and lands on the desk, producing a light yellow reflection. Mo Shen was lying on his bed. He opens his eyes gently and stands up. He then took his time in the bathroom.

”Hex: Minor Heat ” Mo Shen uses his spell to further increase the temperature of the water. His body is too strong, that ordinary heated water will no longer be enough for him. If normal people are on his shoe, they would have already burned their skin. But for him, this is nothing but a warm bath.

After breakfast, he changed into his Daily clothing. He wore a white jacket that has a print that resembles a Sakura tree on its left side. He then exits his house and walks toward the nearest mall.

He was planning to visit the Golden Atlas mall and shop for new clothing. He knew that he needs to dress well for the auction so normal clothes will not do.

Ching Ching.

Mo Shen smiled when he received a notification on his cellphone.

”It seems that old man is a man of his word ” He saw his account balance which has a whopping amount of 100 Yuan credits.

”I need a car but I don have a drivers license yet. ” He sighed while thinking of the inconvenience of not being able to use his power. However, after thinking of the pros and cons, he decided that it was better to remain low profile.

At the mall, there were more than a dozen stores on just the first level.

Its not yet rush hour but there are already a lot of people hanging around. The majority of them are high school students who are spending their day off.

Mo Shen saw their happy faces and can help but think about the future. He remembers the coming great purge and promises himself that he will protect this world no matter what. This mindset, come from his long-time experience on that battlefield. Regardless of any sacrifice, he promises to grow stronger no matter what.

”Sir, what do you want to buy ” A sales lady walks toward him. The lady has a heart-shaped face and soft-looking eyes. Her look can be described as attractive in a way that can make any young boy flatter. Too bad, Mo Shen is already used to seeing Mia who is a level above this lady. Added to that, is the fact that hes already over 200 years old and no longer attracted to superficial things like appearance. If not for her history with Mia, he would not bother getting any girl at all and just focus on strengthening his body.

”I want to buy a suit ”

”You come to the right store ” The Saleslady enthusiastically lead Mo Shen to their mens section.

”So what type of suit do you prefer? ”

”Don bother selling anything to that guy. He looks poor. hahaha ” Out of nowhere, a fat man in a dark blue suit mocks Mo Shen. He has a tall young lady accompanying him. The girl looks uncomfortable from the constant touching of the fat man.

Mo Shen ignored the man like he did not exist at all. Background characters like this can bother him. Hes not like other Reincarnator who will jump on every opportunity to beat up background characters. He once again remembered a novel he used to read. The protagonist of that novel is also a reincarnator, and instead of thinking maturely, he dared to resent his older brother who is also a kid because of a pitiful misunderstanding he did when they were a child. He did not even consider that he was a reincarnated person who stole the body of that kids baby brother. The brother has every right to bully him.

”How can someone who undergoes reincarnations be that resentful? If we
e talking about trauma, I underwent more trauma than him? I sacrifice tens of millions of people and Don even have an idea if the spell work. ” Mo Shen sighed. It is a good thing that hes smart enough not to be pitiful.

”Hey young man. Do you think you
e so cool for ignoring me? ” The fat man sneered when he saw Mo Shen minding his own business. He wants to escalate the situation but decided not to, after seeing Mo shens actions. He just ignored Mo Shen back and started browsing the store.

”See, just ignore them and they would go on their own way, ” Mo Shen muttered to himself.

”So sir, what do you want to buy? ” The Saleslady saw what happened and continue to entertain him. She doesn know why, but her woman instinct is kicking in when he saw Mo Shen. She felt attracted to his natural aura. What shes feeling right now is something that every girl who saw him felt.

Unknowingly, His overall demeanor is changing due to his constant absorption of the elemental energy. It was not a change in appearance but rather, a change in how women looked at him. In school, he tried to hide this presence, but now, he decided to just let it flow little by little.

”I want a black double-breasted suit ” Mo Shen pointed to an item in the VIP section. The cost of the item is visible on the shelf. It was out there, to show how classy a person would be if he buys it.

The VIP section is separated by a glass divider with golden edges. Before anyone can enter, they will have to pass through two guards that have very well-built bodies.

This gesture was not missed by the Fat man. He sneered and thought of a way to further humiliate Mo Shen. The reason hes so pissed with him is because of jealousy, he saw her young GF checking him out.

Who told you to become so **ing handsome? Don you feel ashamed flaunting your handsomeness around? The fat man sneered.

”Hey, young m… ” Before he can even talk.

Mo Shen pulls out his cell phone and shows it to the saleslady. The sales lady was surprised, but immediately snap out of it. She then bowed her head and signaled Mo Shen to enter the VIP section.

”What ? ” Both the man and his girlfriend were shocked to see what happened. He runs towards to VIP section but was stopped by a guard.

”Why did you let that poor guy go in the VIP section ”

The two guards look at him and sneered.

”The person you calling a poor guy is a Millionaire. If I were you, I would not be on his bad side. ” One of the guards spoke.

”I… ” The sudden realization made his blood run cold. He is a manager in a bank firm and the girl with him is a college student who he gives a lot of money to be her girlfriend. Now, he realized that he insulted a goddam millionaire. If the boy is the son of someone powerful, he can begin to imagine what will happen to him.

”Le…let me enter, I need to apologize to him ” The fat man beg for mercy, he wanted to bury his face for being a loudmouth. Who told you to become so arrogant? Do you think you
e a big shot already? You just insulted a goddam millionaire you idiot piece of shit. Those were the words running through his mind.

Inside the VIP room, Mo Shen was further led to a small personal dressing room. The room is filled with multiple designer clothing that is not available outside.

This kind of scene will surely shock any ordinary high schooler. But for Mo Shen, this kind of elegancy is only so-so.

In the future, the clothing industry will shift its aesthetic design. Most of the clothes will be made from monster material. Higher-level monster leather cost way higher than the traditional expensive clothing of this Era.

He remembered that his full set of mage armor will cost over 20 billion Yuan by todays standard. The reason for that absorbed price is its material.

It was made from golden silk which can only be obtained from processing the heart of a real-life Golden dragon. This type of dragon is really rare, so rare that humanity was only able to beat 3 kinds of this dragon by sacrificing countless cultivators.

”Sir, this is our most expensive suit. Its made from the finest wool in the world and sewn using golden threads. The jacket buttons are made of white gold and some gem dust to polish them. It will suit a handsome man like you ” The lady eagerly pitch the suit while not forgetting to make eye contact with Mo Shen.

Her eyes were beaming with admiration and a hint of attraction. Too bad for her, he is not someone who would be easily swayed by such a tempting act.

”How much is it? ” Mo Shen notices her so he made his tone more business-like. This way the girl will take the hint and stop her attempt.

”It cost 1 million Yuan, ” The lady said with a smile, but her tone was a little off due to being rejected.

”Charge it to my account ” Mo Shen pulls out his phone and opens the bank app.

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