Mafia’s Merging

Throwing Down


All I can hear is Charlie whining, ”We
e going to get into trouble! ”

I laugh as I chuck the toilet paper up and watch as it sails back down and hangs on the tree branch, ”Not much I can do about it now. ”

e an ass! ” Charlie calls behind me and I laugh at that, too, ”You weren saying that when I was kissing you, Sweet-pea. ” I turn around to see her reaction and shes red as a tomato with her bottom lip in her mouth.

And if that doesn do something to a man.

When she sees me staring at her her eyes widen. She grabs a roll and chucks it at me.

My jaw slacks as I process the insult but then a smile spreads on my face. I pick up the roll of toilet paper and throw it back at Charlie, hitting her face with a thud.

”Fuck you, Ryder Lovelock! ” She growls as he clenches her nose.

”You wish, Charlie Simmons. ” I wish and Id be damned if she doesn wish either.

I think Ive been in love with Charlie Simmons for as long as I remember, but when your families are rivals AND leaders of a competing Mafia it kind of feels like Romeo and Juliet; Someones going to die and the others going to kill themselves to be with them.


Both of our heads whip around and we
e welcome by one of the security guards marching our way. We both look back at each other, having a mental conversation.

Weve always been able to talk without really talking. We grew up together. Our parents lived across from each other and were the best of friends but they all kept one big secret; their mafia business.

When they found out an instant rivalry was declared. Both families knew their mafia had competition, they just didn know it was each other.

They moved away and forced Charlie and me apart but we still went to the same private school so we spent as much time together as possible.

I grab Charlies hand and we sprint towards the school gates. When we round the corner I see that Charlies having trouble keeping up with me. I look back and see the guard coming up fast begin us, I bend down and grab the back of Charlies legs hoisting her up and throwing her over my shoulder.

”My days, Ryder. ” Charlie groans as I take off running towards the exit gates.


”Im just saying give a girl a warning before you fling her over your shoulder. ” Charlie says as we sit in my car in the McDonalds car park.

”Don act like you didn like it. ” I turn to her and rest my head on the headrest, ”what do you want then? ”

She looks back at me, her brows pinched, ”oh- I wasn expecting to- ”

”I never asked you what you expected, I asked what you wanted. ”

”Nothing- Im not hungry. ”

She always does this. Shell say shes not hungry but then complain when I get something. I think its because she doesn want to intrude and have me take longer to order what she wants, so shed rather suffer than have me take two more seconds out of my day to ensure that she eats.

All I do is get out of the car. Ill buy her something then force it down her throat even if itll be the end of me. She won complain if I buy her something without her knowing because then I would of done it voluntarily.

When I get back theres panic etched on Charlies face. I open the door and pend down to look at her, ”whats wrong? ” I get in the car and shut the door.

”My mum called. The headteacher called our parents to say we were caught vandalising school property. Her and dad aren very happy at all. ” A nervous smile creeps on her face, ”murderous is more like it. ”

”Ill take care of it, Sweet-pea. ” I say leaning over the shift stick and caressing her cheek, kissing the top of her head.

”I can get kicked out. My parents aren open about who they are like yours are. ” Charlie mutters as she leans into my touch.

”No you won . ” I press my lips to her head and inhale the sweet smell of her shampoo.

I don know what happened between us last night but no ones said anything to anyone and she didn push away when I kissed her earlier.

She kissed me back.

Kissed. Me. Back.

Kissed me back!

I pull away and scavenge in the back pulling out the vegetarian wrap Charlie always orders but forgets its an option so it takes her an age to think of what she wants and throw it on her lap.

”Oh- thank you- ” Charlie starts.

”Don . ” I cut her off. I hate it when she thanks me for literally doing the bare minimum. Thank me for literally doing anything else, just don thank me for spending £5 on you.

Trust me, when shes mine, Im going to spend a lot more then £5 on her.

She takes her bottom lip into her mouth and I stop breathing. She doesn know but Im in love with this girl.

We sit there for an extra hour or two before I drop her off wellll away from her house. I don head straight home though. I wait until 8/9 oclock before beelining back to school. Charlies right, shell get expelled for vandalism and she doesn have her parents power hanging over the schools head.

I have my power but Charlie will also get in a lot more trouble for being around me, so Ill do what I promised. Ill take care of it and delete the camera footage for that lesson.

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