Mafia’s Merging

Running From The Law


Do you think I should do it? I send the text off to Ryder. Im currently in my English class and Ryders across the room from me. I watch as he slyly pulls his phone out of his pocket and places it on his lap.

We haven talked about what happened last night. Well, we talked about me pushing his off my balcony… but not the kiss. Never the kiss.

Three dots dance on my screen as Ryder types his response. I keep looking up to make sure I don get caught by Miss Beatrice and get my phone taken off of me.

Its not up to me. oh go ** yourself Ryder Lovelock and your dry responses. He must feel me burning a blackhole into the side of his head because he looks up and starts grinning at me.

”Is something about Ms Simmons amusing, Mr Lovelock? ” Both of our heads swivel to face Miss Beatrice. I can hear a couple of snickers from behind me and one boy who is making kissing noises.

”uhm… no Miss Beatrice. ” Ryder replies.

”I feel like you have a thing or two to learn off of Charlie, Ryder. You
e not going to pass your exams by telekinesis. ” My hand goes up to my mouth to stifle a laugh.

Miss Beatrice turns back around and carries on with her lesson. I look to face Ryder but hes already looking at me, and hes not looking impressed. He looks back down and starts typing on his phone, my phone goes off a second later.

Im going to get my dad to off you >:(

I burst out laughing and I can help it. Ryder is the only person in school who knows Im apart of a mafia family so he knows he can threaten me himself.

”Please escort yourself out and compose yourself, Charlie. ”

I start laughing harder and I look over to Ryder who is smiling at me, everyone else doesn look happy Im disturbing their revision time.

I get up and make my way to the door when Ryder begins to laugh at me.

”You too, Mr Lovelock. ” Miss Beatrice says to Ryder. My head falls back and a cackle escapes my mouth.

I round the corner and press my back against the walls, allowing my hands to fall into my hands as I continue laughing my head off. Ryder comes out a few seconds later and joins me next to the wall.

e going to fail aren we? ” Ryder questions.

”Your not, you can threaten whoever you want to pass. ” and he can, he doesn keep it a secret that hes actively apart of a mafia.

”Its okay, Sweet pea. My daddy can threaten them for you too. ” He smirks knowing full well he won . Like I said, our families are rivals.

e a funny man, Ryder Lovelock. ” I say with a smile. All he does is look down at me.

no… Not at me.

My lips.

I stare at him wondering what hes going to do. I tug on my lower lip with my teeth and i watch as his eyes grow darker.

What can I say? I like to ruffle his feathers.

In a split second he has me up against the wall and his hand on my throat. He dips his head and closes his eyes as his lips fuse with my. My hand shoots out and grabs onto his forearm as he tilts my head back gaining more access, my breathing coming in short intervals. Ryder bites at my bottom lip as his hand comes off of my throat and down side kneading at my hip, my hand now cupping his jaw. I sigh into his mouth as we kiss frantically, not even acknowledging that hes kissing me again after last night.

When we break apart I suck my lower lip into my mouth and refuse to make eye contact with him because frankly, how are you meant to look at someone youve kissed twice within the last 12 hours and you
e meant to hate with every fibre of your being because your parents are rivalled mafia leaders? I don think you are!

He grabs a hold of my hand and drags me in the opposite direction of our class, ”I have an idea. ”

And Ryders ideas are never good, they always result in either detention, expulsion or something catching on fire…

It was a sad day for the science building.

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