Ten hours ago, the NBI received an intelligence report that a cargo vessel containing smuggled human organs are leaving the country from the Manila Port. After hours of coordination and conferences, an operation was launched.

Sirens ripped the stillness of the night at the port. Tires screeched from a distance, followed by the opening and slamming of car doors. Agents from the National Bureau of Investigation, the Philippine National Police, and the Bureau of Customs emerged from the vehicles and took their respective positions in the operation.

Among the NBI Agents is Georgina Angeles or George to her colleagues. She is a 33-year-old Special Agent, 54 ”, with black shoulder-length hair. She has a strong physique that would make anyone hesitate to pull a prank on her. Georges face is square and small, which makes room for her medium arch brows, almond-shaped eyes, small and round nose, and wide lips.

Although many people would agree that Georgina is beauty queen material, she does not take a lot of pride in that. She values her mind more than her looks. Georgina graduated from San Beda with a degree in BS Accountancy and was included in the Top 5 when she took the CPA Board Exam. After working for two years, she decided to study law at UP Diliman and was again included in the list of top notchers when she took the BAR exam.

It has only been a year since Georgina joined the NBI. While George has been modest about it, nobody would contest that she has started to build a positive reputation among her colleagues. It did not come as a surprise when she was included in the team that investigates the booming human organ trafficking in Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines.

”In here! ” Somebody shouted, pointing at a pile of white refrigerated cargo containers in the back end of the port. The containers are being lifted and transferred by a huge crane into a cargo ship that was docked nearby. The people manning the shipment were obviously startled by the sudden intervention of the uniformed personnel.

While Agent Ricky Espinosa, another NBI agent, questioned the people who were found at the scene, George decided to go inside the cargo container along with the police officers. The cold air met her skin as soon as she stepped foot inside the container. Her brows furrowed. In front of her are stacks of storage boxes, but they were nothing she expected. She could not put a finger on it, but she sensed something off.

Georgina covered her nose with a hanky when someone retrieved a box from the pile and opened it. The officers seemed as confused as she was. They opened two more boxes and they all contained frozen animal meat.

Georgina ran her hands through her hair. Her team had studied the movements of the shipment for weeks. She was sure they were at the right time and date. But were they at the right place?

A decoy!

Georgina went out of the cargo container as fast as she could. Agent Espinosa shook his head. On his hand were copies of documents proving the legitimate shipment of frozen goods. A representative from the National Meat Inspection Services is already present on the site. He confirmed the authenticity of the documents, testified that the shipment followed the required process, and denied any fraudulent activities involving human organ trafficking.

Georgina walked away from the scene, took out her phone, and called their informant. She cursed under her breath when she couldn reach him after many attempts.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the middle of the West Philippine Sea, an unidentified cargo vessel sails freely toward India. Several armed men, including a short man in his forties who has a deep scar running from his temple toward his ear, are on deck. The man with the scar is talking on the phone. Kneeling in front of him is a young man in his late twenties, a white sackcloth covering his head. The man kneeling does not have his shirt on. Anyone can see the blood dripping from the visible cuts and the bruises covering his torso.

”Yes, boss. The items have been successfully loaded and are on their way to our India laboratory. ”

He signaled one of his men. A gunshot fired and echoed followed by a loud thud. The man who was kneeling fell forward on his face. The sackcloth covering his head turned scarlet red in an instant. Two men quickly moved to lift the body and did not hesitate when they threw the body at the sea. The man with the scar pointed to the blood stains left on the floor. Two of his men nodded and understood. He walked away still talking on his phone.

Somewhere in Makati, an old man in his sixties looked through the glass window from the thirtieth floor of his condominium residence. He cleared his throat and then smiled. Standing beside him is his detailed security who also acts as his personal secretary. The security took

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