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Julias POV

At home….8:45pm

My eyes was glued to my 32-inched flat screen TV as I watched my favorite series ”Girlfriends ” when I received an incoming call .

”Oh my god ”, I said checking the caller ID and not recognizing the number.

”Hi,hi,hi Julie. Its Ann ”, the voice booms.

”Hey! How are you doing? ”, I said upon recognition.

”Im fine and thank you so much for helping me out ”she said

”My pleasure ”, I told her then I felt the presence of my sister behind me but I ignored not turning her direction.

”Um Harrison invited me out for dinner tonight ”.

”Wow he did?!. Way to go girl! ”, I exclaimed happy for her.

”Yeah. So, I just want to know if theres anything I should know, act or say,you know I.. I really like him and I don want to ruin things ”, she said stuttering.

”You know… just be yourself ok?. ”You
e beautiful and drop dead gorgeous Ann ”, I said making her laugh at the other end of the call.

”Thank you ”.

”What are you wearing?

”A gown?

”Ok ….skin? ”, I asked

”Oh cmon its only my shoulders and its linen gown actually ”.

”Good. He doesn appreciate skin ”, I told her giving her the gist about Harrisons taste in women.

”Oh really? Well noted.

”Ok makeup?

”Simple ”.

”Perfect, you
e good to go ”, I said chuckling with her.

”Thank you ”.

”Welcome. know what? Just chill and have fun ok and also make sure to talk about family ok? He loves family.

”Oh right ”.

”Ok have fun!!! ”, I exclaimed excitedly chuckling alongside as I hit the end call button.

Juan came facing me with a grudge on her face and chuckled as if she couldn believe me.

”Julie? ”,she said with her hands on her waist.

”What? ”, I responded confused about her behavior.

”Are you serious?. No wait, did I hear you speak to someone on how to meet Harrison? ”,she said taking a seat on the couch next to me.

”Juan, I just told her one or two things, thats it ”.

”Ok wait, I have to let this get in your skull. If this guy falls for this girl then itll be the character you created ,do you hear me ”,Juan said to my astonishment.

What the hell is this girl talking about?

”Cmon Juan, its not that deep.

”It is ”,she stressed.

”Juan..-ok..fine. What do you want me to do?. ”Im just offering a helping hand. Ann likes him and wants to know few things about him what do you expect me to do? ”.

”Huh?! A helping hand? Unbelievable! . Leave her let her figure him out by herself,the same way hes trying to figure her out. ” Thats how it works. I mean thats how relationships works ”,she said as I laugh my butt of not believing her.

”Whatever, relationship expert oh please ”.

”Look,Im still trying to understand how you
e trying to set your boss up. I don understand and its not nice ”she continued.

”Mmhm.. I just forgot that you are the imaginary girlfriend. Hes your boyfriend right? ”, I said not able to control my laughter.

”Thats not what Im thinking. I can believe you are not taking this serious. Really? Are you teasing me? ”,she said looking at me.

”Don worry hell wait for you eh?

”Really? . Thats not what Im talking about?

”Then what? ”, I asked her raising my brows.

”What ”,she asked

”You like him Juan ”, I said in a say sing voice.

”Of course! But Im..- ”,she trailed but I interrupted cutting her of her next comment.

”Whatever, I need a drink ”, I said rising up on my feet.

”You know what? . ”I don need a rival with him because hes my man ”,she said

”Oh really? ”, I said laughing

”Of course! You know right ”,Juan said while I kept on laughing as if she has lost her mind.

”I hate what you
e doing Julie ”,she glared my way while I still couldn contain my laughter as I head towards the kitchen to find myself a drink.


Dinner at Five star restaurant… Marigold Ave..St….6: 39pm

Harrisons POV

*Wine glasses clicks*

”Cheers ”, I said after clicking my wine glass to Anns,then took a sip on it.

”Do you still think your dads crazy about your mom? ”, I asked Ann after she took a sip on her wine glass.

”Yes. I mean, I love them. ” You know a love like that is very hard to find these days ”,she continued

”I don think its impossible ”, I told her .

”Mm..ok but maybe its just a few here and there ”,she said batting her eyelashes.

”Hmm .. what about your brothers? ”.

”Crazy bunch but I love them ”,she said chuckling

”I like the way you talk about your family ”.

”Really?! Thanks ”,she said excitedly. ”What about you? ”,she asked as she took a sip on her wine glass.

” familys fall apart ”.

”Oh.. divorced ”,she asked raising her eyebrows.

”Not really ”.

”Ok so they are not just together? ”, she continued to ask.

I looked at her and smiled then sipping on the wine .

”Something like that which I hate so much but you know you can force people to come together ”, I said shrugging.

”Yeah true.. ”,she said biting her lips which caught me staring and she noticed.

”What? ”,she said when she felt my gaze on her.

e beautiful ”, I told her.

”Thank you ”,she said flipping out her hair to the side and blushing.

”And elegant ”, I continued with my eyes on her.

”Ok ..ok don flatter me ”,she said chuckling.

”I never do ”, I told her.

” don look bad yourself ”,she said shrugging.

”You know you didn have to say if you didn mean it ”.

”Well I do. You know Im not good at flattering ”,she said batting her eyelashes.

”Uh! Id love us to do this again ”.

”Me too ”,she said grinning.



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