Harrisons POV

In my office…..


”You should be asking your bosses ”. ”They never implement our recommendations ”, I told her.

”Well,you know weve had a lot of changes at the top management level ”, Ann said.

”Then what happened to our recommendations? ”.

”I sincerely can tell ”,she strangely said.

”My point exactly. ”Ann, you know weve gone into research to know whats good for your people ”.

”Thank goodness we can afford to pay ”,she said biting her lip making me chuckle briefly.

”Money has its place but the evidence of our great work is equally important ”, I told her hearing a sigh from her afterwards.

”Well, Im now in the position to implement all of your recommendations ”, she said to my surprise.

”Wait,…you got promoted?

”Yes ”,she said.

”Wow, congratulations ”.

”Thank you ”,she said making me chuckle briefly as my heart went out to her.

She must have worked and pushed harder. Oh.. I like that.

My phone beeps breaking the little silence.

”Please excuse me ”, I told Ann and checked the incoming message making my smile broaden.

We won the contract!!!

”Ah! Thank God ”, I said grinning in the mood to call for celebration.

”Wait, lemme guess youve won a billionaire contract ”, Ann asked trying to guess the reason behind my smile and chuckles.

I looked at her and shook my head no.

”I wish,but yeah we just got this contract. It pays a lot and it means a lot to us. Weve been working so hard ”.

”Hm! Congratulations. You guys are so good ”,she said

”Thank you. ”So umm.. what time do you get off work today? ”.

”5pm? ”, She said briefly and stood up from her seat,ready to leave.

e going to celebrate this contract with my partner and I. Hes the head of research. Do you mind to come? ”, I asked looking up at head.

”Great! ”, I said feeling happy

”Thank you and I must take my leave now ”, she said as she took her designer bag on the desk.

”Sure ”, I said as I watched her leave walking with elegance.

********* ” ” ” ” ”

In his house…..7pm

Julias POV

A little party at his place was fun. I got to have dinner with Harrison as my boss, ,Ann and his partner,Mr Persus. I couldn contain my laughter hearing some of Mr Persuss jokes. I haven been free and happy other than today. Harrison organized this little get together to call for celebration upon winning our companys contract. I was so excited myself when I head this . I got the chance to spot Ann and Harrison sitting together with smiles on both faces.

They look good together.

Ann is the definition of beauty on the outside. Everything of her speaks elegance, no doubt.

I don know her enough but shes friendly. We got along together over dinner.

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

At home….9:30pm

”No mum take it easy ”. ”Wait! What if I don wanna get married?. ”Because,you keep bringing up this your high blood pressure each time you talk marriage ”. ”Its unfair, its not nice. ”Im not the cause of your high blood pressure right? ”, I overheard my sister , Juan on phone as I entered shutting the door close behind. I spotted her sitting on the couch with a irritated look on her face. I took off my heels sighing audibly as I went close to her.

”Look mum, Im not in the mood to continue talking. ”Julies back please talk to her ”,she said handing the phone over to me.

Shit its mum. Im doomed.

”Uh.. hello mum good evening mum ”, I said after taking the phone.

Hows my daughter? ”,she asked.

”Well, Im good mum . How about you and hows Liverpool?

”Im fine and we are managing but Id be better if both of you are happy ”,she began ranting.

e more than happy mum ”, I said knowing very well where she was heading this conversation to.

”Thats not true, how old are you? You should get a life. The same goes for your sister. I raised both of you well, please don disgrace me. Id be happy if I see my grandchildren around me. I can wait any longer. I have no one here,by my side ever since you girls left off to London ”,she complained.

I remained quiet all these while listening to her complains feeling irritated as hell.

”Hello Julie? Julia are you there? ”,she said catching my attention.

”Uhh..yes yes Im still hanging in here ”, I told her face palming as Juan murmured to hang up.

”I know there are handsome men out there in London. You can grab them as your husbands and make beautiful families. You shouldn enjoy your youthful days for long. You girls should consider marriage and family. Anyways I want you girls to work on that so I can feel better. Julia, you know I have high blood pressure. I can live forever, I can die anytime from now ”,she said sniffing .

”Yes Mum, Im in a relationship ”, I lied feeling sorry afterwards but I wanted her to stop crying on the other side.

”Really?! Thats great. Youve made my day. Please makes sure it turns out good. I need to see this man. When do I get to meet him. Have you made plans to get married? ”,she asked happily.

”Baby steps mum, well decide that in no time ”, I lied again.

”Please tell your sister not to be angry ok. Im doing this for the betterment of you ”,she said.

”Yes Mum, goodnight mum ”, I said and pressed the end call button.

I handed over the phone back to Juan who kept on staring at me strangely as if I had grown two heads.

”And which relationship are you in? ”, Juan asked giving me a pointed look.

”Oh cmon sis, I had to chip in something ”, I said exhausted .

”See?. This is the part I don like. ”Shes making me lie unnecessarily. Im tired ”, she said taking the TV remote and changing to her favorite movie channel, ”Hallmark ”.

”Just cmon. Shes just being a typical mother ”.

”But its unfair. Anytime she does that I won pick up her call again ”,Just fussed.

”Whatever,fine!. ”Shes your mom too so anything you want to do its up to you. You I have to freshen down and go to bed ”, I said on my way to the stairs.

”Oh wait!! . ”Why are you now coming back? ”,she asked.

”Oh yes! We won the contract and we went to celebrate ”.

”Lemme guess you guys celebrated at a fancy restaurant, hotel ”,she said with her eyelids opening as wide as saucers.

”You guessed wrong ”.


”My bosss house ”, I told her yawning in the process.

”Wait, Harrison was there? My gosh! ”, She started fantasizing as I gave her a pointed look.

”And you didn bother calling me to join, that could be my chance to meet Harrison in person ”,she continued.

”No need and for your information it was limited to four of us dear. ” Since when did you start calling my boss ”Harrison?

”Well.., since I started thinking about him ”,she said lovestruck.

”Wow,thinker. But theres a new one. ”Her name is Ann and I think I like this lady. We bonded mmhm.

”What??. Hes in a relationship? ”,Juan exclaimed with all the blood drain from her face.

” ”****

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