Harrisons POV

”Yes you did ,thats why I called you earlier in the morning before you set off to office. But, you sounded cold , upset and distant ”, she said her hands itching to touch me. I stopped her again making her hands linger in the air.

”Look Kate, I like you. ”But, I know , Im not ready to be in a relationship with you ”, I told her fair and square.

”Uh-but why are you saying this? ”,she said sounding disappointed.

”Because I don want you to get hurt. ”Look, I want my partner back here so we can finish work ”.

”Harrison are you pushing me out of here already?. Are you saying I should leave?! ”, She exclaimed. I rubbed my temple and sighed.

”Ill call you ”, I told her wanting her to leave already.

”Really? Ok Ill wait then ”,she said turning to leave .

”Just ask Persus to come back in on your way out ”, I told her but she went out banging the glass door behind her.

Damnit woman Ill make sure to make you fix when I see a crack on my door.


Julias POV

On my way back to the office with my bosss lunch in hand, I saw Kate come out of the office holding a disappointed looked more worse than earlier on.

She didn take my advice

She took a seat under the mahogany tree with a look of hurt while I approached her.

Sensing my presence she looked at me after wiping of a tear.

”Yeah, I know what you are about to say. I sighed and shook my head.

”Kate,but I told you.

”I just needed to see him Julia. Isn thats what people in relationships do to each other,check themselves up? Is it wrong to love someone?. I wanted to come check up on him but I guess it was for nothing ”, she said looking sad with her phone in hand and I sighed softly.

”I have to give him his food ”, I said excusing myself and left her heading straight to the office.

During lunch time at the cafeteria, I didn miss. I made sure not to spare the food on my plate. I devoured every piece white and clean like I hadn eaten for decades. I got weird looks from my colleagues in other departments but I paid no attention to them.

At the moment, it was my food that mattered , nothing else.


Evening came at the right time when I found myself opening the door to my apartment.

Gosh Im so tired.

”Hey welcome mademoiselle ”,it was my sister Juan heading towards the couch with a plate of fried rice and chicken in hand.

This lady is much of a eater. No wonder shes bloated up in that way.

”Juan? ”, I chunked my bag on the sofa and crossed my arms on my chest staring at her.

”Hm? Whats the matter sis? ”,she asked chewing on the food and biting the chicken.

”I wonder, do you do anything else other than to eat?

”Whoa! You just got back and you
e attacking me? ”Whatever Im already depressed for the pressure ”,she said like shes tired of hearing complains.

I quickly sat next to her on the couch ready to listen to what shes talking about.

”Why are you depressed?

”Sister dear, its about lack of marriage ”,she said and we all laughed wholeheartedly to her ridiculous statement.

”Really? Thats funny you know ”. ”Anyways, when you
e done eating,make sure you replace my foodstuffs, I said as I stood up ready to head upstairs.

*Sighs. ”How far with your boss? ”,Juan asked.

”Oh please… ”, I said as I removed my heels.

”You see… Im really trying to understand the fact that you hate that man ”. Why? ”,Juan asked giving me a knowing look.

”Anyways, I don hate him,ok?. I just hate how he treats women and so many other things he does ”.

”Listen Julie, hes cute, hes rich. ”All those ladies will be jumping on his bones. ”Don you get me ”,Juan said sighing audibly.

I stared at her not believing my ears about what shes saying.

”So because hes attractive thats why he should take women for granted?. ”I just don understand how these ladies think. Its absurd!. ”How can you be chasing a man whos not chasing you ”, I said irritatedly.

”Hmm.. I agree though, but when did you say his PA will be coming back? You know..so you don get close to him ”,Juan asked sipping from her juice glass.

*Sighs. ” In six months ”, I told her .

”What? Six months?. So you have to cover up for her for six freaking months? ”,she asked alarmed as her eyes opened wide like saucers.

”Yes ”, I answered which came put like a whisper to her hearing.

”Wait, how do you even do it? ”,Juan asked.

”Doing his research and aiding in his assistance ”.

”Eh? How are you doing it? ”, Juan asked.

”I don know but Im managing ”.

”Ha, girl you
e trying ”,she said as I shrugged .

”Well, what do I do ”, I said matching upstairs when she stopped me.

”Where are you going sis? ”,Juan asked suddenly alarmed.

”Upstairs of course! Where else do you want me to go freshen up?

”My goodness, I left a big fat chicken in the sauce pan and I don want you touching it until I do ”,she said as my eyes opened wide like saucers. Looking very alarmed, Juan knew my next move as I smirked devilishly at her. I immediately passed by her to rush to the kitchen to find her treasure but held me on the way dragging me back as we both struggled and laughed trying to get hold of the chicken first.


The following day In his house…..6am

I entered heading to his room upstairs when a lady emerged from a room looking at me weirdly from head to toe in pure distaste.

”Who are you? ”,she asked coldly while I stared at her dumbfoundly.

”Hello, I said who the hell are you? ”, She asked again.

”Im Julia, I work for Mr Harrison ”, I told her calmly .

Is she his girlfriend too? This isn Kate.

”So? ”, I heard her say to me looking at me as if my presence disgusts her.

”Thats it ”, I said.

Just then, I saw my boss, Harrison came to my rescue.

”Why are you drilling her, Gwen?,he asked the lady.

Ohh so shes Gwen?

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