before leaving the room.

” Welcome, Adventurer. Im Gerald, the mayor of this town. I heard you have an important letter for me. ” The man welcomed Julian with a smile as he raised his hand.

” I have it, Mayor Gerald, ” Julian said in return as he reached into his inventory, retrieving Gavins letter.

” I have it, Mayor Gerald, ” Julian said in return as he reached into his inventory, retrieving Gavins letter. Julian handed the letter to Mayor Gerald, who thanked him for his merit.

[Ding! You have completed the quest. You have obtained +50 affinity with Butcher Gavin.]

After reading the letter, Mayor Geralds expression changes. ” looks like we have a big problem; I had expected something like this to happen sooner or later, but not this fast. ” His face contorts in worry, and he turns to Julian. ”We must figure out how to solve this problem before it escalates. ”

” Adventurer, are you willing to do some work for me? ” Mayor Gerald asked with a sense of urgency.

[Ding! The following sequence of the chain quest has materialized. Would you accept it?]

” What do I need to do, Mayor Gerald? ” Julian quickly replied after reading the system notification.

”The goblin is attempting to summon a terrifying demon; you must collect the [Orb of Sacrifice] from the tribes goblins in the surrounding area of Bravehearts Town to stop them and give them to me. It is not free, of course; as a reward for your service, Ill let you pick three Items from my armory. Do we have a deal? ” Mayor Gerald asked Julian.

” Ill gladly do it, Mayor Gerald. ” Julian replied with a satisfied grin.

After the deal with Mayor Gerald, Julian leaves the town hall and quickly runs to the street to escape from the eyes of other players waiting for him outside.

It only takes a few moments for Julian to look at the beautiful night sky of Braveheart Town after escaping from other players. He could see the stars sparkling in the night, providing a wonderful backdrop to this charming place. Julian felt an immense sense of peace and tranquility as he gazed up at the night sky, grateful for being able to take a break from the game.

Julian then looks at the time in the game and notices its already morning. Realizing he had been playing the game for hours, Julian decided to leave the game. With a deep breath, Julian slowly got up from his king-sized bed and walked outside his room.

” New Dawn Online is unbelievable; you can both play games and sleep within the game, though Im mentally exhausted for a while. ” Julian said as he stretched his body while looking at the futuristic helmet.

Julian had read that it was possible to play New Dawn Online while sleeping and not lose consciousness. He initially doesn believe it because it seems too good to be true! But his experience in the game proves him wrong.

After exercising, Julian took his phone and browsed the New Dawn Online Forum. He saw a lot of news about players in the game and the players current situation on the first day of the game. Most of them are complaining about the difficulty of the game especially aiming and movements within the game; Some players even said that they need to go at the monsters mouth before landing a blow.

Julian casually scrolls down through these pointless posts and browses the forum until something catches his eye. It is a post about the unseen stat of the game, hinting that there are hidden attributes players haven discovered yet. The post intrigues Julian, and he spends hours on the game, scouring every detail and experimenting that could benefit him. As Julian read further, he learned about the article from a player who claimed to have found the hidden traits by obtaining a unique item that gives his character more luck.

” So there are other attributes, huh, ” Julian thought to himself as he read the other comments of players offering money for the unique item.

After further browsing the forum, Julian saw two posts that caught his eye. The first one is about the unofficial exchange rates of gold in the game, while the second post was about the big guilds recruiting talented and skilled players to join them, promising rewards and massive benefits.

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