nd used his dagger to fight the goblins.

Julian continued to take advantage of the narrow passage of the caves, skillfully dodging various attacks and using other goblins to make the Hobgoblins [Fireball] useless. While he occasionally gets hit by the [Magic Arrow], It is due to choosing to output more damage at the other goblin. He could easily take care of the damage because of his high HP recovery; besides, his mana recovery helped him to last longer in the fight without using a mana potion.

After quite some time fighting, Julian looked at the Hobgoblin and the two remaining goblins. He switches to a crossbow and fires at the Hobgoblin.

[Power Shot]



” Argh! Human, how dare you! Ill rip your flesh to pieces! ” The Hobgoblin muttered as he writhed in agony from Julians arrows wounds to his eyes again. The Hobgoblins words, however, didn stop Julian from firing his crossbow.






The Hobgoblin roared and manifested another [Fireball] at its hand before throwing it at the annoying intruders body. Julian looked at the [Fireball] and quickly moved his body to avoid it. He didn directly use the last two goblins as a shield because he needed them to keep his distance from the Hobgoblin. Although Julian could try to fight it in close combat, he doesn want to risk it.

After a few more minutes, The Hobgoblin only has 300 health. Now wanting to waste any more time, Julian swiftly dodged one of the goblins [thrust] and aimed at the Hobgoblins head.

[Power Shot]


[Basic Attack]




” Arrghh! How is this possible!? ” The Hobgoblin said as he turned into small particles.

[Ding! You have obtained 550 Experience points.]

After killing the Hobgoblin, Julian quickly finished the two goblins earning him more experience points.

[Ding! You have obtained 125 experience points.]

[Ding! You have obtained 125 experience points.]

Even though the Hobgoblin dropped a lot of loot, Julian was more interested in the necklace than the numerous silver and copper coins lying on the ground.

[Myriad Fang Necklace]

Requirements: level 5

Strength +4

Intelligence +4

Durability: 55/70

Julian immediately wears the necklace and returns on the way to the altar. He thoroughly searched the altar and discovered a black orb with runic writing all around it; Julian could sense evil just by looking at it.

[Orb of Sacrifice] (Quest Item)

Description: ”An object of evil and malice that claimed the lives of numerous creatures. ”

Putting the Orb into his inventory, Julian turned his attention to the iron ore he had located at the corner of the caves.

” Haahhh… finally! Lets mine this and get the heck out of here before night. ” Julian said as he took the pickaxe and began digging up the iron ore.

After minutes of digging, Julian took the last iron ore into his inventory. He gave the altar a second look before continuing toward the exit of Boulder Caves.


The suns flare was like a painting lit up the sky; its slanting rays gave the sky a warm orange hue. Under the setting sun, One could witness the gentle glow of the towns lights lit up the closing night sky.

What a beautiful sky! This game is so amazing! Julian thought to himself as he entered the Braves Town. Right now, many players are wandering around the small town. It seems like I should invite the group over to play this game! Playing by yourself can be lonesome.

Julian quickly finds Gavin and delivers the iron ore.

[Ding! You have obtained 45 silver coins and a [Hunter]skill book.]

[Ding! You have obtained 900 Experience points.]

[Ding! You have leveled up.]

Julian smiled at the system notification as he took out the Orb he had found in the Boulder Caves and displayed it to Gavin.

” Mr. Gavin, I discovered this Orb at a mysterious goblin altar. What are you doing about this? ”

”This!.. You! I can believe I found this. Are you sure you find this with the goblins? ”

” Yes, Im sure of it. ”

” If thats the case, we have a huge problem! We need to tell the Mayor. Do you mind sending this letter to the Mayor? ” Gavin said as he handed Julian a letter.

[Ding! A chain quest has materialized. Would you accept it?]

[Quest Detail: ” Deliver the letter to the Mayor. ”

Reward: Gavins trust.]

”Ill gladly do it, Mr. Gavin. ”

” Then I leave it to you, Lad, ” Gavin patted Julians shoulder.

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