Julian returned to Bravehearts Town and noticed that fewer players were roaming around. Looks like the other player has grown tired of the town and finally left to explore outside. He thought to himself as he passed the towns guard fending the towns gate.

He looked around town and felt transported back to the countryside; The roadway was of uneven stones, and even some wild grass grew through the cracks. There were some trees and lovely flowers on the side of the road, and in the town center was a stone statue depicting a heroic figure of a man holding his sword high. The town is like a mundane but peaceful town you can discover in the countryside, except there are blacksmith workshops and alchemy stores instead of ordinary general stores.

After exploring for a bit, Julian looked for Seamstress Dianna to hand over the wolfs fur. He found her at her Tailoring shop.

[Ding! You have obtained 100 Experience points and a Wolf fur coat. ]

[Silver Fang Coats]

Requirements: none

All attribute +1

P. Defense +5

M. Defense +5

Durability: 25/25

After his dealings with Seamstress Dianna, Afterwards, he looked for Gavin, whom he found nearby the towns statue. In New Dawn Online, Developers programmed NPCs to move around their surroundings rather than stay in one place. This game feature makes the game more realistic and unique than the other game on the market, and many players, both casual and veteran, agreed to this.

[Ding! You have obtained 3X Health potion and 100 Experience points.]

[Ding! You have leveled up!]

Julian learns the [Aquaball] after reaching level 5 and adds points to his stat. He felt satisfied after seeing his now improved status window.

[Name: Lucifer]

[Title: None]

[Class: Hunter]

[Life Jobs: None]

[Experience: 5/2000(Level 5)]

[Element: Water]

[Weapon: Primary- Crossbow, Secondary Dagger]

[Health: 550/550]

[Mana: 550/550]

[Recovery: 17 mana/health per second]

Physical Damage: 38 +2

Magic Damage: 38

P. Defense: 9

M. Defense: 5

[Strength: 16]+3

[Spirit: 52]+3


[Intelligence: 16]+3

[Status Points: 0]

”Mister Gavin, is this yours? ” Julian said as he showed the old silver ring to Gavin.

”Ohh! You actually find it! Sadly it is broken now. Hmmm. Why don you help find materials to fix this ring; Ill reward you handsomely. ” Gavin said as he took the Old Ring from Julian.

[Quest Detail: Obtain X20 iron ore and deliver it to Gavin the Butcher.

Reward: 45 silver coins and a [Hunter]skill book. Gain additional experience for every goblin you have killed.]

”Ill do it. ”

”Great! Go to the Boulder Caves and get some iron ore there. Here is the map that will help you to navigate the cave. Be careful! Some goblins are living there. ” Gavin replied and took an old map from his small pouch that gives to Julian.

Julian looked at the map and determined it would take him a while to reach the Boulder Caves. He quickly fixed his weapon and purchased a pickaxe from the blacksmith shop before leaving the town because he didn want to waste any time.


According to Julians knowledge of the game, goblins were a race of small humanoid creatures that lived in underground caverns near the surface used as their lairs throughout the game. They have dirty and rough green skin, long extended ears, sharp teeth, and the intelligence of a 5-year-old. They can see pretty well in the dark and use their number to their advantage. Some goblins even equipped their selves with weapons and armor they took from their unlucky prey.

Within the entrance of Boulder Caves, Julian could see two goblins equipped with an old iron spear and tattered leather armor.

[Goblin (Warrior)]

Level: 5

Health: 450

Physical Damage: 40

P. Defense: 5


[Thrust: Deals 185 physical damage and has a slight chance of causing the enemy to bleed for 25 health per second.]

” They are relatively slow compared to the Silver Fang Wolf. ” Julian said as he casually approached the goblins.

”Human! Human Meat! Hunt Food! ”

”Destroy Humans! Feast Food! ”

The sight of two goblins charging at them like madmen would frighten other players, but Julian was not like Other Player.

Julian can help but chuckle at the annoying voices of the goblin. He calmly watched as the goblin duo charged at him. He aimed at one of the goblins and cast [Power Shot].



The arrow swiftly lunges at the air and accurately hits the goblins head. The unfortunate goblin staggered after being struck; Julian continued to fire his crossbow at the other goblin.

” Arghhh! ”

”Despicable human! Die! Die! Die! ”


A sphere made of water suddenly manifested in Julians hand. He manipulates the ball of water and sends it to the nearest goblin.



” Hmmm. The additional damage from [Aquaball] is quite good. ” Julian spoke as he saw the goblin roar in pain. ”Lets see if I could fight them without skills or kiting them down with a crossbow. ”

Julian switched from his crossbow to his dagger and walked up to the goblins while fiddling with the weapon. He wants to test how much the game allows him to fight with martial arts alone.


Julian patiently waits for the goblins attack before swiftly dodging it by side-stepping to the side. He quickly slashes his dagger at the goblins vulnerable neck; Julian can feel his knife going deep into the goblins flesh.


What a surreal experience! I didn expect that game would make me feel this feeling again. Julian thought to himself as he continued to put holes in the goblins body.



”Arggh! How dare you! Hateful Human! ” The goblin uttered as he helplessly watched Julian puncture his body.

Just as Julian was about to continue to slash at the goblin, He saw the other goblin thrust its spear. He grabbed the bloody shoulder of the goblins he had been fighting and yeet it in the direction of other goblins [Thrust].


”Argh! ”

” Wow! I didn expect that to work. This game sure has a lot to offer! ” Julian grinned in surprise as he saw the damage he had caused by crashing the two goblins together.

Other players would be shocked and stunned to see how this player, wearing a wooden mask, handles the two spear-welding goblins. The two goblins wanted to cry out in annoyance, but blood instead of tears gushed at their ugly face as Julian treated them like a child holding an iron spear.

Julian dodges another [Thrust] of the goblin and yeet the other goblins causing another massive number to appear in the air. He continues to do this for another few minutes before the two goblins can take it anymore and become particles that disappear in the air.

[Ding! You have obtained 125 experience points.]

[Ding! You have obtained 125 experience points.]

Julian looked at the few silver coins on the grounds left behind by the goblins duo. ” Hahaha. How entertaining it is! Gosh, I can wait to explore more about this game. ” Julian laughed like a maniac as he put the silver coin into his inventory.

After dealing with the two goblins guarding the entrance of the Boulder Caves, Julian looked at the sky and saw that it would only be hours before the sun settled down.

Julian learned from the New Dawn Forum that without properly prepared items like a torch or lantern, Nighttime in the game would hinder the players vision. Unfortunately, Julian didn prepare such Items before going to the Boulder Caves.

” It would be better to make this quick! I don want to become as blind as a bat at night in the game. ”Julian uttered before entering the caves.





The first sound Julian heard in the Boulder Caves was water dripping from the cave ceilings. Leaning against the caves wall, Julian could see the small pieces of rock scattered at the broad pathway of the caves; Bits of stone poked his hand as he traced some irregular marks in the caves wall.

Other players may find it difficult to breathe in the humid air inside the caves, and the visibility is quite limited. Luckily, Julian received his training in such an environment when he was just a teenager.

As Julian delves deeper into the Boulder Caves, He suddenly hears weird wails and numerous footsteps in one of the caves passages. Julian prepared his crossbow as he followed the sound of the footsteps.

At the end of the caves passages, the figure of several goblins dancing and shrieking like a madman. Julian could see the bloody severed heads of animals like bears, wolves, and deer lying at the top of the stone altar as the goblins circled a stone altar.

In the center of the altar was a goblin wearing a black robe and a bone necklace made of the different fangs of animals. Unlike the other goblins that danced like a madman, This goblin was standing still and waving a cane that had the skull of an unknown animal embedded in it.

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