Bright light momentarily blinds Julian as he enters the game. When he finally opened his eyes, he discovered that he was alone in a stark white room.

A mysterious woman suddenly materialized in the rooms center as he was about to start walking around it. She has beautiful long blonde hair, bright pink lips, and the face of an angel that might equal Julians attractiveness. Julians attention, however, was focused on the beautiful wings behind this blonde beauty.

[ Welcome, Adventurer! I am Lopheil, your guide to New Dawn Online. Please assign a name for your character. ]

” Lucifer. ” Julian said as he stared with great curiosity at the beautiful angel.

[Name verification… Successful! Do you like to adjust your sensitivity? Please be aware that the higher your sensitivity, the higher pain you feel in the game]

” Maximum Sensitivity, ” Julian said without hesitation.

[Sensitivity Adjustment Complete! Please choose your primary weapon and secondary weapon. Please be aware that your [Class] will be defined by what type of primary weapon you use.]

[Hunters Primary Weapon: Crossbow and Bow]

[Wariors Primary Weapon: Sword, Axe, and Spear]

[Thiefs Primary Weapon: Dagger and short sword]

[Magician Primary Weapon: Wand and Orb]

Julian looked at the many weapon Lopheil manifested out of thin air. He hesitates for a bit before choosing a Crossbow as his primary weapon and Dagger as his secondary weapon.

[Weapon Selection Complete! Please choose one of the main elements.]

[Fire elements] have the most damaging spells.

[Water elements] have the most flexible and versatile spells.

[Earth elements] have the most defensive spells.

[Wind element] have the fastest spells.

Regardless of the [Class] you choose in ”New Dawn Online, ” you can still choose one of the four main elements: [Fire, Water, Earth, or Wind].

” Water Element. ” Julian said as he glanced at the elements for a bit. Formless and Versatile. Just like my style.

[Starter town selection complete! Good luck to your adventure player [Lucifer]!]

Jopheil said with her angelic voice as she gently waved her smooth hands. Shortly a blue portal appeared behind Julian.

Julian felt an immense force pulling him toward the portal. His vision blurred as Jopheil sent him flying like a shooting star inside the portals passageway.


The moment Julian regained his vision, He saw himself standing at the crowded center of the town. Other players also appeared continuously close to him, making the whole more rowdy and chaotic.

But Julian didn mind because he was concentrating on the sensation he was experiencing at the time.

” I can believe it! It felt so real! ” Julian said with excitement as he clenched his fist tightly.

Experiencing the senses and immersion in the game, Julian can help to admire the advanced technology of the Radiant Link Corporation.

” Oh, my goodness! That guy is so hot~. ”

” He must be a celebrity! Just look at his eyes~ Its so beautiful. ”

”Goddamn it, I wouldn have been a virgin for 30 years of my life if I had that face! ”

In the towns center, Julians appearance attracted many people.

” Status Window, ” Julian said in a low voice to draw attention to himself. Suddenly a transparent hologram appears before him.

[Name: Lucifer]

[Race: Human]

[Class: Hunter]

[Life Jobs: None]

[Experience: 0/100(Level 0)]

[Element: Water]

[Weapon: Primary- Crossbow, Secondary- Dagger]

[Health: 140/140]


Physical Damage: 20

Magic Damage: 20

P. Defense: 4

M. Defense: 0

[Strength: 10] (Strength: 1 point of Strength is equivalent to 2 physical damage.)

[Spirit: 10] (Spirit: 1 point of SPT is equivalent to 0.5 mana recovery/per second and some resistance to crowd controlled based on the stat. )

[Vitality:10] (Vitality: 1 point of Vitality is equivalent to 10 Health/Mana. )

[Intelligence: 10] (Intelligence: 1 point of intelligence is equivalent to 2 magic damage. )

[Status Points: 10]

Skills: [Power Shot- 0%] [Quick Stab- 0%]

Spells: [Water Whip- 0%]

Weapon Mastery: [Crossbow Mastery – 0%] [Dagger Mastery – 0%]


[Old Wooden Crossbow] +2 Damage Durability 15/15

[Old Dagger] +2 Damage Durability 15/15

[Old Leather Shirt] Defense +2 Durability 15/15

[Old Pants] Defense +2 Durability 15/15

[Wooden sandals] Defense +0 Durability 15/15

[Wooden Mask] Function: conceal player face Durability 15/15

Julian quickly equipped the [Wooden Mask] and escaped from the annoying crowd.

” Wait, mister! You haven given me your number!~ ”

” Join our guild, little brother, and Ill surely satisfy you~. ”

” Handsome! Wait for me~. ”

After running from the crowd and making sure no one followed, Julian looked around the area and saw a nearby store with a fat man holding a butchers knife. The top of the fat mans head has a yellow mark floating there.

Curiosity got ahead of Julian as he approached the fat man. ” Hello, mister. Is there anything I can help you with? ” Julian asked.

” You want to help me? Hmm, Fine. Go to the forest close to the town and bring me some wild boar meat. Is this alright with you? ” The fat said in a loud voice.

[ Ding! A quest has materialized. Would you accept it?]

” Ill do it, mister. ”

[Quest Details: Acquire 15X boars meats and Bring them to Butcher Gavin. Reward: 3X Health potion and 100 Experience points. ]

After dealing with the fat butcher, Julian approached another NPC and obtained another quest. [Quest Details: Acquire 15 wolf pelts and Bring them to Seamstress Dianna. Reward: Wolf fur coat and 100 Experience points. ]

”Its time to head outside the town, Hehehe, ” Julian said with excitement.

The heat of the sun spread across the spacious forest nearby Braves Town. Tall grass, wildflowers, and mushrooms decorate the forest. Players were enthused and eager for the potential grand adventure the forest may hold as they walked around it.

”Ahhh! Get away from me, You stupid pig! ” A fat player is desperately running away from a large boar. He tries to fight it with his sword, but this only agitates the raging boar.

The fat player tripped as he ran away, which determined his fate. ”Ack..! Help! Arggh! ” He could only blame his bad luck for agitating the large boars without proper preparation.

His body slowly breaks down into tiny pieces. When the hateful man disappeared, the boar turned to look around and noticed a player wearing a wooden mask.

[Wild Boar]

Level: 1

Health: 110

Physical Damage: 35


[Tusk Charge: Quickly charge at the enemy and deal 35 physical damage.]

[Bite: Crush the enemy with teeth and deal 25 physical damage.]

Julian looked at the two wild boars with great interest. ” Its been a long time since I hunted. Hah! Lets try to get some good time. ”

Julian read a lot of articles about New Dawn Online. Unlike other games that assist the player to aim. In New Dawn Online. you could only manually aim and cast at the enemy without help. This game feature makes a lot of casual players mad, while the experienced player laughs in excitement. Julian also smiled as he read this at that time, knowing it would only increase his advantages in the game.

Julian quickly raised his hand and pointed his crossbow at the wary boar. He pulled the trigger without hesitation.



The boar suffered critical damage from Julians arrow striking its eyes precisely, which caused his attack to double. Julian is also aware that hitting the monsters weak points, such as its heart, brain, and eyes, will result in critical damage.

The wild boar growled in pain as it rushed to Julians location. Julian casually glanced at the quickly approaching boars, then stretched his hand and cast a spell with his left hand.

[Water Whip] Manifest a whip made of water that deals 85% of magic power and slows down the enemy by 25% of their movement speed.

Mana cost: 15

Cooldown: 3 seconds

A whip made of water appeared at Julians hand that he used to smack the wild boar in the head.



The wild boars slow down significantly after being hit by the whip. Julian smiled at the anger that manifested in the boars eyes. He shot the wild boar once more, but this time a red bullet connected with it.

[Power Shot] Enhanced your next attack deals 115% of the physical damage and has a slight chance of staggering the enemy.

Mana cost: 20

Cooldown: 3 seconds



The wild boar staggered and lost its balance causing it to crash heavily into the ground.

” Its down. Its easier than I thought. ” Julian smiled as he finished the wild boar with another shot in the head.

[Ding! You have obtained 35 experience points!]

Julian gazes at his crossbow, which has the last remaining arrow in its quiver. ”It would be a pain in the ass if I could only fire four shots before refilling this quiver. I have to replace this trashy crossbow or at least improve its quiver. Right now, Ill add status points first. ” Julian thinks for a moment before adding 7 points to the spirit stats and one status point to the other stats. He believed that spirit stats that would help him in the future, especially the resistance to crowd control.

The wild boar dropped some items and some copper coins, which Julian picked up before continuing his journey through the dense forest.

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