At the center of Bravehearts Town, many players enjoy the game and do their own thing. Suddenly, a bright flash appeared near the statue, and five figures representing new players materialized. The five figures were dressed in ordinary leather clothing and had surprised expressions on their faces as if they had come from another world. It was Alisa, Francis, and the group.

” Wow! This amazing. I can believe this is just a game. ” Tammys fat chin was shaking with excitement.

”Look, Big Sister Alisa. There are so many people wearing armor and swords! ” Francis spoke with excitement in his voice.

” We should try to hunt some monsters first! ” Balmond said as he swung his axe with excitement.

” Calm down, guys. We should wait for Sir Julian. ” Alisa said it with a serious expression on her face.

As the group was about to continue discussing, they saw an approaching figure of a player wearing a wooden mask. Peeking through the holes in the wooden mask, they can easily identify the owner of the blue gem-like eyes.

” Boss! ”

” Sir! ”

” Boss! ”

The group shouted in unison, their voices echoing at the center of the town. Julian looked at his subordinate. He smiled and raised his hand as several pieces of equipment appeared in front of the group.

”It looks like all of you are here. Here, take this basic equipment and familiarize yourself with the game. Just to let you know, this game has a lot to offer. ” Julian looked at the group equipping the items he had just bought.

” What are we going to do, boss? ” Balmond asked as he put on the leather armor.

” For now, Im going to help you level up, and after that, We will try the dungeon together. ”

” Hahaha! The boss is going to carry us in the game. ” Tammy jokingly said.

”Okay, enough for that. Lets explore outside the town, ” Julian said as he turned around and led the gang forward.


Within the sunny plains near Bravehearts Town, a group of five great horned bulls is casually eating the luscious grass on the plains ground and snorting their nostrils in contentment. Suddenly, a swift arrow hit the eye of one of the bulls.

The arrow was followed by the voice of a man with a gleaming smile on his face, who exclaimed, ” Alisa, Balmond, Franklin, and Tammy. You guys engage one bull each while Francis helps out from behind with your magic. Ill deal damage and support from behind, understood? ” His words were met with excited cheers from the group.

” Yes, sir! ”

”Affirmative. ”

Alisa and Tammy raised their swords and spears and prepared to engage the quickly approaching bulls. Just as one of the Great Horned Bulls was about to pierce them, Alisa quickly dodged and slashed her sword at the bull, while Tammy used his spear to hit the bulls neck before moving to the side to avoid its horn.

While Alisa and Tammy were busy with their fight. Balmond saw one of the Great Horned Bulls about to approach Tammy. He quickly reacted and raised his axe as he charged forward toward that Great Horned Bull and struck the bulls thick head with [Power Strike].

[Power Strike] Enhanced your next attack, which dealt 130% of the physical damage and stunned the enemy.

Cooldown: 3 seconds


The bull roared in pain, and Balmond successfully attracted the bulls aggro. At the back, Francis raised his hand and manifested a sphere of fire and calmly threw it at one of the Great Horned Bulls, which promptly hit its head.

[Fireball] Manifest a sphere of fire that deals 130% of magic damage and deals an additional 15 elemental damage. Mana Cost: 30

Cooldown: 4

The sphere of fire explodes at the Great Horned Bulls face, which enrages it, and it quickly charges at the Francis. Seeing the quickly approaching bull, Franklin raised his dagger to intercept it. He quickly slashes his dagger at the bull and follows it with a [Quick Stab] that deals a lot of damage.

[Quick Stab] Enhanced your next attack that deals 85% of the physical damage and causes the enemy to bleed that 15 physical damage for over 4 seconds.

Mana Cost: 15

Cooldown: 3





Julian grins as he sees the gang fight the Great Horned Bulls. He looked at the remaining bull that had charged at Alisa with great speed.

[Great Horned Bull]

Level: 3

Health: 300

Physical Damage: 45


[Horn Charge: Quickly charge at the enemy and deal 45 physical damage.]

[Bite: Crush the enemy with teeth and deal 30 physical damage.]

Julian aimed his crossbow at the Great Horned Bull and fired a [Power Shot]. The arrow swiftly flew into the air and accurately peered into the unfortunate bulls eyes.


The Great Horned Bull staggered after being hit by the [Power Shot] and lost its balance, causing it to fall to the ground. Julian didn stop firing arrows at it and cast [Water Whip] to make it slow. The Great Horned Bull tried to charge at Julian, but before it could pass through Balmond and Tammy, Julian had already reloaded his crossbow and finished it with another [Power Shot].

” Wow, Boss! You are so powerful even in the game! ” Tammy said as he was awed by his boss performance.

” What do you mean by that!? Boss will always be powerful anywhere and everywhere! Hahhaha. ” Balmond said as he slashed the Great Horned Bull with greater intensity.

Julian smiled slightly at his subordinates words before uttering, ” You guys better finish your fight fast or Ill kill and steal them from you. ”

”No need, boss. Just stand there, and we will do the rest. ” Tammy said as he delivered a [Power Strike] toward the bull he was fighting.

” We can handle it, Sir, ” Alisa spoke with a firm voice. She then dodged the Great Horned Bulls [Horn Charge] and struck its eyes with her sword, making the Great Horned Bull cry in pain.

Julian watched the gang fight; their well-practiced moves have become second nature to them and they easily handled the Great Horned Bull, even though it was two levels higher than them. He occasionally fired the [Power Shot] to stop the Great Horned Bull from using its [Horn Charge] making it easier for others to fight.

It only takes a few minutes before the gang eliminates the rest of Great Horned Bull. Everyone in the gang leveled up to level 2 and Julian could see their faces filled with excitement at growing stronger in the game. Even Franklin, who usually doesn give many expressions, has a slight blush on his face.

They continued to hunt the Great Horned Bulls on the plains for the next few hours, and the excitement and enthusiasm of the gang for the game only grew as they kept on taking down monsters with ease. Sadly, they didn encounter any bosses or elite monsters on the plain, taking only the materials and coins from the monsters they slaughtered. By the time the group leveled up to level 5, Julian had also leveled up to level 7.

In New Dawn Online, players with parties can gain experience based on the contribution they made during the fight. This game mechanic helps the players party level up together and equally divide the experience they get from the fights.

” Alright, we
e done leveling here at the plain. We should go back to the Bravehearts Town to repair our equipment and buy some items before going to the dungeon. ” Julian said as he saw Balmond about to engage another group of Great Horned Bulls.

” Yes, boss. ”

” Okay, boss. ”

” Hahaha, we can finally explore the town! ”

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