Dare to mess with me?

ottom. She bought it 3000 yuans. The money was from her savings and reward money for having good grades all the time.

On the way home, he escorts Mia to their house. However, oblivious to what was happening around her, a bunch of thugs was already following them. Their target seems to be Mo Shen because they waited until Mia got home before showing up.

”Idiots are the same regardless of the era ”

Surprisingly, Mo Shen had led them to a vacant construction lot. The place was filled with unused construction materials like cement, metal bars, concrete, wood, and bricks. It appears that all the construction workers have already gone home, judging from the empty atmosphere of the place.

”Hey brat, come with us if you don want to get hurt ” One thug threatens Mo Shen.

Mo Shen looks at the group and instantly concluded that over 20 people were surrounding him. All of them have a weapon ranging from knives, baseball bats, and metal poles, and some even brought wooden swords with them.

”This will be hard, ” Mo Shen shook his head and put both hands in his pockets.

”This will be hard and painful. Hehehe. ” The goons laugh at Mo Shens remark. They started mocking him for being too stupid and leading them here; a secluded constructions lot where no one can save him

”No, what I mean is, it will be hard for me to control my strength… I might accidentally kill you. ” Mo Shen shook his head again while looking at the moon. He saw the beautiful moon hovering in the sky. It was truly beautiful and magnificent.

”What did you say, bastard? ” A thug with multiple piercings in his ears roars in annoyance. He immediately pulls out a knife and sprints toward Mo Shen.

From their perspective, Mo Shen is already dead meat. The person attacking now is a very infamous gangster who had killed many people using that same knife.

However, out of nowhere, the knife-wielding thug bounces back and hits the people behind him, knocking them down on their feet.

”Arrrr ” The knife welding thug screams in agony when he notices that his whole right arm was in a weird position. The punch broke his arm to the point where his bones had already cropped up from his skin.

”What the hell did you do? ” The other thugs snap from their daze after looking at their unconscious companion.

Mo Shen just look at them and shook his head, seemingly uninterested in what they had to say.

”Attack him at the same time ” Someone shouted and everyone pulls out their weapons to attack. They surrounded him in all four directions to prevent him from running away.

Five people swing their baseball bats at the same time. They thought it would hit him, but He easily dodges it by jumping upwards. While in the air, he leaps from one head to another, making sure that every leap knocked someone unconscious.

Mo Shen managed to knock down 15 people before he ends his stepping onslaught. He was like super ma*** jumping on creeps and killing them.

”What the **? Is this kid some kind of kung-fu master ” One of the thugs shouted after seeing Mo Shens incredible feat.

He might look like a Kung fu master now, but Jin-ho is applying a wind spell to lower his weight. If not, those peoples head will burst like watermelons if he just normally step on them.

”Forget about that, lets attack him again ” As if not learning their lesson, they continue to attack him. Unluckily for them, Mo Shen is done playing

Multiple muffled noises echoed throughout the entire construction site. It was a good thing that no other people are there, or else they would have already called the police and the hospital.

Dozens of unconscious and wounded bodies surrounded him. Mo Shen was peacefully standing there, looking at the night sky.

He only used martial-art-like skills, so he was not afraid of any Cultivators coming out for him. Even if they hear about this incident, they would just think hes a normal Kung fu artist who taught these hooligans a lesson.

”I better pay Nathans family a visit ” He looks at the single remaining conscious thug. Mo Shens eyes were filled with unexplainable vastness.

He found out the mastermind of this futile attempt. It was Nathans father

”They have given me such a wonderful gift. It would be bad if I don repay them. ”

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