The food in the canteen was delicious, Mo Shen misses this type of food. In the future, food like this will no longer be available and people would lean more on eating beast meat and spirit plants for better nutrients.

The advancement of humanity also leads to a change in culture. The food industry shifted its focus on how healthy the food is, rather than its taste; it was the era of spirit food.

Cultivators would often eat High-grade spirit food to support their powerful bodies. Normal food is far from enough due to their body composition. Their body required food made from high-energy materials like beast meat and spirits plants. Then these ingredients are further processed to remove impurities, which leads to the chief prioritizing the effect of the food instead of the taste.

Mo Shen ate quietly in a sea of empty rows with metal tables and chairs.

Three pieces of bacon with eggs and one serving of rice were all he had for lunch. It was simple yet satisfyingly plain.

He decided to keep his old routine. He would attend a class every day and live normally until he finishes his high school days.

He has 3 years to spare, so he wants to at least experience a more fulfilling life than the last time. Of course, he would continue to advance his Rank while doing it secretly behind the established power of the cultivators of this era. He needs more power before he can reveal himself to the world.

He plans to become strong enough and create his organization in the shadow. He will search for talented humans and impart them with skills to help them survive in the upcoming Great Purge and turn them into Hero-level Cultivators.

Hero level is a term used for cultivators who are significantly stronger compared to others at the same level. An example of a Hero-level Cultivator is Benedict Cocobatch, an American Magic Emperor that can fight against 5 ordinary cultivators at the same level.

Mo Shen on the other hand is a level above that. He is at the legendary level and can fight up to 10 ordinary emperors. Mo Shens case, he was only considered at a legendary level in terms of his efficiency in casting a spell but subpar in terms of energy reserve and was way weaker than other apex combatants. He was only ranked 13 on the world list of Spirit Artists during his era.

If not for the fact that reaching the legendary level requires massive resources and talent; he would want to create a group composed of legendarys. But that is something impossible even for him. The legendary level requires resources, lots of talents, and luck. Its so hard to achieve, that only 50 humans had managed to reach it in the entire world.

The other legendary-level masters are the real deal. Their efficiency and energy level are all top-notch by human standards. Theres no doubt that Mo Shen was one of the weakest among them in terms of raw power.

The difference between Ranks becomes more significant as it gets higher. A demi-god is already capable of beating a group of legendaries without any problem. So you can imagine, how helpless the human race is when Fer cross-over, a real-life god-level being. He mopped the floor with the blood of the humans upon his descent on earth.

”I need to find a way to make more money first so I can advance my cultivation. But I can use my power impulsively. There are a lot of hidden powers in the world, it will be troublesome if I got discovered pre-maturely ” Mo Shen shook his head

Right now, He can already cast a myriad number of spells. These spells are also more potent than their counterparts because its already been optimized by him, and Spirit art is not yet discovered. Spirit art was only discovered, when another being from the other side teach it to the cultivators of this planet. No one knows her real identity or her purpose. But she was considered a goddess by the humans for providing a new path of power.

”My power is enough to fight against Martial Warrior Cultivator in the early stage but its not enough to fight against Elite rank and above ” Mo Shen pondered for a moment.

To put it in comparison. Mo Shen can jump levels and fight against an ordinary Martial Warrior if hes given enough time to prepare.

Ordinary cultivators in the novice rank should at least have 2000 units of Mana and a maximum of 5000 mana to break through. However, there is another way for someone to break through with over 5000 mana. This technique is called ”Soul Burst ” and was discovered 20 years after the apocalypse.

It was discovered by a spirit artist while he was researching the soul composition of a demon beast. It puzzled them why the demon beast is innately more powerful than humans, so a lot of researchers decided to decipher their secrets.

They found out that a demon beast has a different type of soul composition than humans. It was more efficient in storing Dena.

So, they tried to figure out a way to reverse engineer their soul and made it more powerful.

By destroying one soul. A person can recreate his soul with a 5-15% chance of success. If a person managed to do it, they will reach 10000 units of Mana before breaking through. That is why the majority of the powerhouse in the future came from the new generation because the chance of reconstructing the soul is much higher for people who haven laid out their foundation


Sad to say, Mo Shen was already Master Level when this technique was discovered. His soul had already been tempered so his chance of succeeding had dropped to zero.

One of the reasons why he was forced to climb the powerhouse ladder using only his skills and knowledge is because of his lack of Mana compared to the new generation.

But this time is different. He already has the necessary knowledge to further optimize his body. Not just Soul Burst, he had countless techniques to further strengthen his body before he reaches Mage Rank(Warrior Rank).

In addition, Mo Shen knows about an unstable version of soul-burst. This version is too dangerous, that it was never introduced to the public. The only reason he got it is due to his connection.

The unstable version of the Soul burst is called Soul Requiem. Its a technique derived from the soul burst but has an extra procedure into it.

While destroying the soul, the caster will imprint enchantment formulas inside the soul. This formula will act as a storage device to store excess soul powers. So theoretically, a person could have 10000+ unit Mana depending on how good the caster is.

The downside of this technique is its difficulty. Novice ranks aren capable of producing such complex magic formulas. The bare minimum to create this formula is at least Master level standard magic circles. So it means that a person would have to practice tier Master level magic while only being a novice. That kind of difficulty is close to impossible. No, its impossible in both theory and reality.

But its difficulty is nothing for him now. He is the best magician in terms of magic formula in his past life. Trying out this unstable version is not impossible for him. This technique is like a cheat code for a regressor like him. Master level formula? He already masters countless Emperor-level magic formulas so its a piece of cake for him. Even the Black Seal he used on Fer was something above the emperor level and he managed to cast it.

”The food is getting cold. Might as well finish my meal first ” Mo Shen chuckled when he realized that he still have some food on the table.

”This is delicious. ” Mo Shen scooped up a spoonful of rice and stuffed it in his mouth. His gaze moved as the students in the cafeteria came and went, but things were mostly boring stuff.

”Mo Shen, why didn you wait for me? ” Mia forcefully drops her tray on the table. The sound of the tray hitting the table cause the other students to look in their direction.

”I was already hungry ” Mo Shen scratched the back of his head. He felt bliss that Mia is still bossy, nothing changed at all.

”Hmmmp ” Misa pouted her cheek and proceed to eat her lunch.

”Mo Shen you idiot ” Misa mumbled something, but it was too low for normal humans to hear. But Mo Shen is no ordinary human, so he heard it.

A smile formed on his face.

”Why are you smiling? ” Mia glances up and asks curiously.

”Nothing, I just find you adorable ”

”….What!..? ” His comment caught Misa off guard. Since when did he become such a sweet talker?

Mia realized that her face is getting hot, so she immediately lowers her head.

”Idiot, if Shin finds out about this … He will surely get mad ” Mia tried to voice out her concern. But her head is still bowed down. She can bear to look at him directly.

”Is there something wrong with what I said? I mean, most people would find you adorable. If I said otherwise, then I would look like a liar. ”

”I….. ” Mia was once again stunned. Mo Shens consecutive pickup lines made her feel awkward, but happy at the same time.

”I have to go now. I have to check something. Eat your lunch so you can grow some muscles. You look so thin. ” Mo Shen notices Mias Delima so he left and lets her emotions calm down.

”Idiot Mo Shen acting so cool again ” With Mias brain, she immediately figures out Mo Shens action. She smiled once again after looking at Mo Shens back.

”I have to control my feelings or else, ” Mia thought to herself while gripping her chest.


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