An old woman in black was standing in front of him.

It was dark, and the sky is hindered by a gloomy mist which made the atmosphere feel desolate and dead.

His gaze was stuck on the woman. Shes not moving, and yet she seems to get closer little by little. He waited for something to happen, for someone to rescue him from this unexplainable scene in front of him. He wanted to tell himself that this was just a dream but everything felt so vivid and real.

There were no changes in the room even after looking at her for a long time. Everything seems to halt, except for the woman. Her eyes look like it was filled with darkness, death, and sorrow. She was peering from the void, and the darkness within her gaze seems to swallow everything.

Mo Shen was attending school when it happened. He was puzzled as he remembered that it was supposed to be morning now. But out of nowhere, he found himself inside his classroom in the middle of the night.

”Who is this old woman? ”

Mo Shen tried to figure out the womans identity, but the room was too dark. It was horrifyingly silent and was too dim; there was not much he could see except for the scary eyes which seems to be filled with darkness and yet he can see it. He tried to scan his surrounding for people and ask for help but he failed to find one.

What made it scarier was the fact that the old scary woman seems to keep getting closer. He wanted to run, but his body refused to budge.

”Devour Life. ” An old eerie voice came out from the woman. His heart sank upon hearing it.

The voice was filled with unexplainable malice. He had watched a lot of horror movies before, but none of them can compare to this eerie voice. The sound seems to pierce his very soul. Her voice is like a mixture of different voices but he could not point out which one is it. But one thing is for sure. The old woman in front of her is no human.

He gulps a mouthful of saliva and prepared himself.

”Devour Death. ” He heard another sound, but this time it came from another direction. The sound was very close, It feels like she was whispering in his right ear.

Then, there was an abrupt change on her face. She releases a horrifying laugh and runs toward him.

”Heeehehehehe ” She dashes madly and barely stops once she arrives directly in front of him.

Her face was so close that he can feel their skin touching. Goosebumps formed all over his body. He can smell the foul breath thats coming out of her mouth. Her teeth are festered with worms and an unknown green substance is leaking out from her mouth.

”Devour the Worlds ”

Suddenly, all the other sounds vanished. He snapped out of his dreams and found himself inside his classroom.

The classroom is no longer filled with darkness, and everyone was looking at him. Some students are even laughing while others look at him as some kind of idiot.

”I… ” Mo Shen wanted to say something, but he realized that he had just woken up from a nightmare and disturbed everyone.

Mo Shen remembered everything, he just finished eating his lunch and taken a nap in the classroom. Then, he had a super realistic nightmare that scared the shit out of him.

Despite realizing that it was just a dream, the feeling was still so vivid and real. He can still feel his heart beating rapidly from experiencing such a realistic and horrific scene.

”What happened Mo Shen? ”

One of his female classmates stands up and sits right beside him.

Mo Shen snaps out of his dazed and looks at her.

”Nothing… I just had a nightmare. ” Mo Shen didn bother to lie and just said it outright.

”No wonder you look so pale when you woke up ” She ask worriedly.

”Let me check your temperature; you might have a fever ” She put her palm on his forehead and check his temperature. Mo Shen did not move.

”Tsk, lucky bastard ” some of the male students gritted their teeth in annoyance. They were pissed to see such preferential treatment.

The girl had a perfect oval charming face and innocent eyes that fully emphasize her dazzling beauty. She was wearing a mini-skirt under her uniform which further shows her long soft looking legs. On her face, is a pair of eyeglasses that made her look more elegant. She looks like a real-life Iki Ningyo doll (Japanese dolls that are very realistic) from afar because of her overall natural beauty. Its even appropriate to say that her beauty is a perfect 10 out of 10 if we
e just to base her mother countrys native standard of beauty.

The girl in front of him is their Class President and his childhood friend. Her name is Mia, and shes the top flower in their school. Many male students tried to pursue her because of her beauty and over-the-top academic records. Unfortunately for them, she had never shown any interest in men, except for Mo Shen; his childhood friend.

Mo Shen felt the stabbing eyes of his classmates but decided to ignore them. He knows the truth about Mia and the reason why she rejected all her pursuers.

Mia is in fact in love with someone, but its not him. To be precise, Mia is in love with his best friend Shin.

However, personal circumstances force Shin to live abroad, thats why he tolerates Mias friendly actions; to deter other boys from pursuing her. Well, thats his opinion about her, he can think of any reason how to explain her closeness to him.

”You don have a fever but you
e so sweaty. ” Mia pulls out her hands.

Mo Shen notice that she was anxious about his condition. It was his first time encountering such a realistic dream, but he can let fear affect his image. He subconsciously looks at the place where the old woman was previously standing. His blood became cold once again after recalling the scene. It was like something inside him was broken due to that nightmare; like some part of his soul is missing.

”Im fine. I just had a bad dream, ” Jin-ho played down his concern because he did not want her to worry too much.

”But why do you look so ill? ” Mia got closer. Shes not concerned about other people looking at them. From her perspective, Mo Shen is his long-time childhood friend so things like this are only normal. It was only Mo Shen who thinks that she was just using him as a meat shield for her admirers.

”Really? ” Mo Shen was stunned.

”Go see for yourself ” Mia took her cell phone out and open the camera app. A small mechanical camera snaps out on top of her phone. This type of unit is the latest one in the market. It has a full display with a 99 percent screen-to-body ratio and 5 back cameras which has 48mp resolution.

Mo Shens phone is already 2 years old in comparison so he was surprised to see a new feature. Of course, he did not show it on his face. He would look like a hillbilly if he makes a big deal out of it.

After snapping from his daze, Mo Shen hurriedly looks at the screen. He saw his face as soon as he looked up. It was pale, and there were little cracks in his lips. He looks like someone who hasn drunk any water for days.

”Maybe you have a fever? Why don you go to the nurses office? ” Mia was concerned about him. They have been friends for so long, its only natural for her to be concerned about him. He touched his lips; they were dry and starting to peel.

”Got it. ” Mo Shen nodded his head.

He picks up his school bag, checks his phone for the time, and hurried out the door. Misa wanted to accompany him but he declined. It would be inappropriate if her coming along led to more misunderstanding.

He doesn want another incident to happen. There was a time when he was confronted by a varsity student because of her. Thankfully, he managed to sort it out with the varsity team or he would have been subject to a painful beating. Thats how obsessed the boys are with her.

Of course, He did not tell her, he was afraid that she would make matters worst if she knew what happened.

”I don want to experience that kind of trouble again ” Mo Shen sighed. He walked out of his classroom, passing by some students on the way. Their lunch break will soon be finished.

He finally reached the nurses office and the school bell rang as soon as he stepped into the room.

”Devour life ” He heard another sound coming from the nurses office.

The old woman shows herself again. But this time, Mo Shen can see her more clearly. She was wearing a creepy black dress that can usually be seen at funerals, which made her more frightening. Added to that, is her long messy hair that is hanging loose on her shoulder. She looks like the typical ghost you will see in a horror movie but a lot scarier.

The old woman was sitting in an office chair, her back facing him so he was not able to verify her identity.

His blood runs cold, and he looks around quickly to see if he can escape. Mo Shen realizes that he can move his body this time. He wanted to turn around and run, but he was afraid that the woman would bolt out toward him when he was not looking.

”Devour death. ” The old woman murmured the same phrase as the last time.

Now, Mo Shen became more apprehensive. He already experiences this scene. He knows that shes going to pounce on him after her last phrase.

Tick tack tick tack

Time seemed to slow down. He can hear his sweat dropping into the floor.

”Deeeeevour the Gods!!!! hehehehe ”

As expected, the old woman started moving. But unexpectedly, her head did a 360 turn while running towards him.

”What the **!!! ” Mo Shen was so scared that it was the only thing that came out of his mouth. His body froze from fear. Forget about running, he can even lift his legs.

He just closes his eyes and convinces himself that this is just a dream. However, hes senses told him otherwise.

Click, the sound of the door opening woke him up.

”Are you ok? ” He was snapped out of his trance. Right now he was standing still before the nurse.

The nurse saw his reflections on the other side of the door so she decided to check why he hasn entered yet. When she opened the door she was confused because Mo Shen was just standing there blankly.

”I…nu.. ” He mumbled some words but was not able to finish them before he collapsed on the floor. Good thing the nurse managed to grab him on time or he might have suffered a concussion.

”Hey, are you ok? Wake up ! ”

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