After everyone left Paul came up to me and looked at me with a small smile.

”Lets go out and see what this little pure breed alpha has learned over in her high and mighty pack. ” Paul chuckled to his wife and Alex. As his father said this Alex stepped in front of me and growled.

”How about not, father, ” he growled deeply. I put my hand on his arm gently and shook my head.

”Paul wants to see what I am made of. I may be a female and a very small wolf but that helps me against my enemies. ” I stated. Paul smiles and gives his wife a small peck. She looked at me and nodded a small gesture to me telling me to be careful. Alex wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. He pulled away and looked into my eyes.

”Please be careful my Luna. ” He whispered in my ear and kissed it gently. I nodded and looked at Paul. He was standing at the door waiting. I walked over to him and shifted the moment I stepped out of the door. When I heard him shift, I looked at him and nodded. He took off towards the creek that divided the two-pack lands. I followed close on his heels. When he stopped and faced me, I knew it was time to show the once feared alpha by the pups of my old pack, what I was made of. This was a fight I was not looking forward to. His wolf was at least two heads taller than I was and midnight black with a few gray hairs. His muscular frame rippled as we circled each other. I knew he was waiting for me to make the first move. I was looking for his weakest spot. As I studied him, I could tell that he was favoring his front left paw. It must have been an old injury. I crouched low as I stalked him and circled him a few times before I leaped at his front left shoulder. As I hit him, he stumbled, and I kept trying to keep him down. Since he was much bigger it was very hard for me to keep him down. He got me off him and he lunged at me. At the last second, I rolled out of the way and jumped onto his back, and pushed down hard. He growled and rolled over knocking me off and I tumbled to the ground and landed on my back and I saw Paul moving towards me. I acted like I had given up. When he was standing over me, I kicked him in his soft underbelly, and he flipped backward into his back and I jumped up and pinned him. I bent my head down and snapped my jaws by his muzzle. He went limp and smiled at me.

Very good, Luna. I heard him say. I smiled to myself and let him up. My son has a fine mate. I sat down and looked at him.

Now what? I asked him. As I did the wind changed and something made Paul stiffen and the scent made me jump. It was blood. And I knew who it belonged to. Bela.

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