The first person to approach me was Clair. She bounced up to me, she was with a man and a woman. I looked up and noticed that the man looked a lot like Alex. The woman looked a lot like Clair. I moved closer to Alex feeling the power of the pair. I could tell they were born into the alpha position and that they had a long, strong alpha bloodline. They had to be Alexs parents. The man stepped forwards and held his hand out to me.

”Hello, I am Paul. This is my wife Kim. ” His deep voice shook me to the bone. I dipped my head.

”Greetings, Alpha and Luna, ” I whispered in a hushed tone. I heard a small giggle and looked at the woman I now knew as Kim. My head tilted a little.

”Please just Kim and Paul. When Alex turned 18, Paul and I stepped down as Alpha and Luna. ” Kims voice was soft and sweet to the ear. I nodded understanding. Clair caught my attention when she spoke the next words. They shocked me into silence.

”Mommy, does that mean Katylin is our Luna? ” Clair asked with a smile. I winced at the words. Kim saw this.

”Yes, it does. ” Alexs voice made me jump a little. He had not said a word since his parents walked up to us.

”Well, what does our Luna wish to be called? Kim asked me.

”I would like to be called Kat since my full name is Katylin, ” I spoke the words carefully, hoping they would approve of such an unprofessional name. Kim smiled at me and I glanced at Paul to see him smiling and nodding to his son. I was guessing it was a form of approval. Clair giggled.

”Luna Kat! ” she squealed in excitement. I smiled and looked up at Alex. He put his arm around me and smiled down at his little sister.

”Yes, Luna Kat. ” He smiled brightly as the words left his lips. My heart skipped a beat as I realized I was taking the place in a new pack my mother and father were always hoping I would step up and take back when I came of age. Blake had stepped up and became alpha after my father died. Alex saw me lost in thought and nodded to his parents who took his sister and left. Alex then pulled me into the smaller bathroom closest to us.

”Kat is everything ok? ” his voice was thick with concern. I looked up at him and smiled with tears in my eyes.

”Everything is absolutely perfect. ” I sighed the words with happiness. He pulled me into his arms and chuckled. He took my hand and pulled me out of the bathroom gently.

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