”Yes, Katylin? ” he said looking into my eyes for the first time that night. His arms and jaw tightened quickly. I heard Blake say something, but he sounded so far away. I stood there staring into Alexs tree bark brown eyes. I could not look away for the life of me. Nothing would make me want to look away. I felt someones arms around my waist. That did not sit well with Alex. I heard him growl deep in his throat. And the arms slowly released my waist. Alex walked closer to me and put his arms around me and pulled me close to his chest. I could feel the warmth of his blood. His heart was beating so quickly. It sent chills and sparks all up and down where our bodies met.

”Lets get out of here. ” He whispered in my ear. All I could do was nod. He let one arm drop and he turned and escorted me out of the teen club and into the night. Bela followed us out, slowly. She was scared something would happen to me. Alex turned around noticing her tagging along.

”Kat, what about your new car? ” Bela asked softly. She would not look Alex or me in the eyes. She was almost shaking with fear.

”Take it back to her place. I will be taking Katylin home tonight. ” Alex commanded in a deep voice that made me shiver. I knew he was an alpha. Bela all but glanced at me and her eyes flashed sadness. All I could do was nod at my lifelong friend. I could not find my voice to tell her I would be okay with Alex. She just turned and hurried inside. Alex turned us back around and we began to walk towards the woods. Behind us, I heard Blakes growl. It was very harsh, and I could tell he was beyond mad. I rolled my eyes and looked up at Alex. He had his eyes closed and a weird look on his face. I knew Bela had told on me; I was very upset.

”Hey, Alex, the girl stays with me. ” Blake all but growled the words. Alex turned with a crooked smile and laughed. This sent chills down my spine.

”If Im correct you are the one who left her, ” Alex growled back at him. The words made me flinch. I did not like the way he said it. Alex turned to me as if he felt me flinch away. His eyes were filled with worry. He mouthed sorry and turned back to Blake. Blakes eyes were on me. His eyes were burning my skin. I looked away and Alex looked down at me.

”Look, Blake, we need to talk. Is that okay with you? ” Alex said with a bit of sarcasm in his voice. Blakes eyes never left me, and I heard him growl. I looked at him and his eyes were full of hurt.

”Fine. ” He finally mumbled. He had given into me. I could tell he knew what had happened.

Please don tell the others. I pleaded in my head to him. He gave me one last look and turned and went back into the club. I knew he would not tell, for now. Alex turned to me and jerked his head. I smiled slightly and turned towards the forest. He grabbed my hand, and it sent my heart racing. My body was on fire. My head was spinning. I did not want him to let go ever. We walked down the street, towards the forest. I was watching all around me scared. This was not my land. There were people watching us. The older couples looked at us like we were going to be like them. That made me smile and blush. I knew we would. Then there were groups of girls that gave me nasty looks and it made me worry. I drew closer to Alexs side. Then I noticed the guys around us looking at me as if I were a model. This made Alex let go of my hand and put his arm around my shoulder as if saying she is mine back off. The blood in my veins was going crazy. Fire shot through my body. When we reached the edge of the street we walked into the woods. He let go of me and walked a few paces away from me. I still felt the fire, but it was fading.

”Okay, lets talk, ” I said quietly after a few seconds passed. He turned and looked at me. His eyes were so beautiful. Even in the dark, I could see the color of his eyes. They were a soft brown.

”Not here. Lets go to my place. ” He said softly. All I did was nod. He smiled and turned away from me. I stood there waiting for him to start walking. He shifted into the gray wolf. He was the wolf I saw. ` I thought to myself. I just stood there staring at him. He looked at me and grinned a cute wolfy grin. It made me smile. I walked over to him slowly fighting the feeling of wanting to hug him. I reached out and stopped, I was frozen. I was not sure if it was okay to pet an alpha wolf.

”Can I? ” I asked shakily. He did not answer me, all he did was take a step and push his head to my hand. I smiled and ran my fingers through the thick fur by his cheek. I moved my hand slowly up to his ear and I squished it gently in my palm. I looked at him and smiled. I let my hand fall next to me and I just kept looking into his large soft brown eyes. I found myself smiling and then I blushed.

Turn into a wolf. “ I heard his voice inside my head. I closed my eyes and thought of my wolf form. I felt my body changing into the wolf; I had always been since I was born. I had learned to control my shifting through my mother and father. It got easier each time I shifted. As my mother said it would. I stood there in my wolf form waiting for Alex to lead the way. He just sat there staring at me.

What? I thought to him. I was worried he did not like me as a wolf.

Nothing. It is just you are beautiful. So beautiful. Human and wolf form. He thought to me and he was smiling again. I just shook my head and looked over at him and sat down. He looked at me and sighed. He showed me what I looked like through his eyes. I saw a white wolf sitting in front of him. The white wolf had black and brown speckles on her snow-white pelt. Her eyes were icy blue, like mine. She was a stunning wolf. I was a stunning wolf.

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