Once I smelt Belas blood, I took off to try and find my best friend. As I ran her scent got stronger and I picked up my pace. I could hear three other sets of paws pounding the ground behind me. I did not know who they were, but I was ready for a fight if that meant protecting Bela. I neared the river and that is when I saw her. Her soft grey fur was caked with mud and blood, and her pale gray eyes were closed. She looked dead from a first glance. I skidded to a stop next to her in the creek. I bent my head down and touched her. I heard her whimper and I shifted, not even caring that I was naked and knelt next to her.

”Bela, what happened to you? ” I asked knowing I would not get a response due to her being injured and in her wolf form. She looked up at me with joy in her pale green eyes. I smiled and heard the paws race up to the creek and then slow. I looked up getting ready to shift when I saw Paul, Kim, and Alexs wolves standing there. Kim had a small pouch in her mouth and two blankets, and she walked away and shifted the guys followed shortly. I stayed near Bela. They returned clothed in similar clothing.

”Who is she? ” Kim asked walking closer to us. She handed me the blanket and I wrapped it around me.

”Her name is Bela. She is the female beta of my old pack. ” I replied to Kim. She nodded and took the bag and opened it. She took out a small pill and tried to get Bela to take it. ”What is that? ” I asked with concern.

”Its a pill that will make her shift so we can see the full extent of her injuries, ” Kim explained. I nodded and took the pill.

”Bela, lovely, please eat this so we can help you, ” I whispered to my best friend. She opened her muzzle, and I slipped the pill in. She swallowed painfully and her body quivered. Next thing I knew I was looking at my best friends human form. She looked very bad. Her face fell into the water and I picked it up gently. I sat in the water and placed her head in my lap and stroked her long blonde hair. She whimpered softly and I tried to comfort her. ”Hush, Bell. Kat is here. ” I cooed as I gently placed the blanket over her. Kim walked closer looking at Belas wounds. She sighed and looked at Paul and Alex.

”We need to get her back to the house and call the doctor. ” She said in a thick voice. Paul and Alex came over without a word and picked Bela up gently. I rose and followed closely behind them. Kim walked next to me in silence. I had never been so scared as I was when I heard the deafening silence. I knew something was very wrong. How had Bela gotten like that? Was she going to make it? When we got to the house Kim stopped me. ”Kat, you need to get cleaned up. The doctor will be here shortly and then he will fix up your friend. ” She said without looking at me. I knew then something was very wrong. I went inside and up to Alexs room and showered. Belas blood slowly washed down the drain from my skin. When I got out, I got dressed in a pair of Alexs sweats and a t-shirt of his and hurried down to the living room. Alex and Paul were sitting there in silence. As I entered the room Alex jumped to his feet and rushed to me. My first thought was Bela was dead. Alex pulled away and I looked up at him with tears in my eyes.

”Bela? ” I whispered very softly. He shook his head saying she was still alive, and I sighed.

”She is going to take a very long time to heal. ” He spoke softly. I nodded happily to my friend was going to make it. I hugged Alex. He stiffened quickly under my hug. I looked up.

”What is it? ” I asked confused.

”One of your old pack mates is here. ” he almost growled. I sniffed the air. Kyle! I ran to the door and flung it open. I saw Kyles truck pulling into the driveway. I ran out to meet him. As he looked at me, I stopped, he had been crying very hard. He opened his door and flung himself into my arms.

”Kyle, what is wrong? ” I ask with a concerned voice. I had never seen my beta cry, ever. He sobbed into my shirt and shook with grief.

”Bela is dead. ” he sobbed softly. I pulled him back with a confused face.

”Bela is being treated by my packs doctor. Who…? ” I began but I know he told him Bela was dead. Blake. At the sound of Belas name and Doctor Kyle jumped up and rushed to the house. I followed quickly. Kyle burst into the guest room closest to the door and rushed to Belas bedside and looked at her with broken eyes.

”Im so sorry, beautiful. I should have been with you. ” He cried softly to her. I looked at Kim and the doctor and motioned them out of the room. As we left the room, I closed the door.

”How long will she be out? ” I asked the doctor.

”Till morning, Luna. ” He replied. I nodded.

”How long till she will be able to shift and move? ” I questioned.

”I would say at least a week or two for full movement around maybe a month before shifting again. But she will need to walk around a bit after three weeks, not much but maybe just to the living room and then back to her bed. ” He informed me. I sighed with relief and thanked him. Kim and Paul took Clair home and Alex and I sat down in the living room. We took turns checking on Bela and Kyle, throughout the night. Alex called the school the next morning and said we would not be in. I lay on the couch and waited for Bela to wake up. Kyle had come out to sit in the chair next to the couch and had fallen asleep. Alex kept an eye on Bela while we slept. I closed my eyes and the next thing I know Alex is waking me up.

”She is awake. ” Was all I heard, and I was in the room with Kyle and Bela. She smiled up at me when she saw me. Her body and face were bruised, and her skin was a pale sickly color.

”Bell, what happened? ” I asked her as I sat on the edge of the bed next to her.

”Well…. ” she began in a shaky voice.

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