”Kat! ” I heard my best friends voice call from the front room.

”Hold on, Im finishing up! ” I called back to her. As I put on my eyeliner and looked in the mirror. My pink tank top fit me just right and my skinny jeans were just at the right tightness and worn in the right places. It was my 16th birthday and we were going to the biggest teen club that we knew of. The only problem was we had to go into the rival packs territory.

Our pack and the other pack have always fought for land. You see we have the two biggest packs in the United States. So, going into their territory was going to be hard on all of us because Belas mate and beta of our pack will not let us go alone, he is going. Which means Blake, my ex and alpha are going, too. Blake and I were together for 3 years before he found his true mate, Karen, 4 months ago. Sure, it broke my heart and made me hate Karen, but seeing how happy they are together makes me less rude to her.

”Kat! If you
e not down here in 2 seconds Im coming to get you! ” I heard my best guy friend, Jay, growling playfully. He had not found his mate yet and was trying to get with me. Like all the other guys that were mate-less in my pack, or so Im told. Everyone thinks Im so pretty and fuss over it. Me well I just go with it. Im hoping tonight I find my mate. Now that Im 16, as of 1 minute ago, I can finally find my mate. I heard Jay coming up the stairs at full speed laughing almost evilly, so I quickly finished my make-up. I opened the door just as he was grabbing the doorknob.

”Damn, Kat, you look um… ” he began, looking me up and down.

”Holy shit, Kat you look HOT! ” my best friend, Bela yelled. I giggled and blushed.

”Yeah, what she said, ” Jay said with a shy voice.

”Lets get going before Jay takes her into the room and does things to Kat. ” Karen joked and Jay turned and growled at her. I touched Jays arm just as Blake stepped in front of Karen. Jay looked at me and I shook my head, my long straight brown hair swirled around me. Jay just smiled at me and took my hand and led me down the stairs. We all left the house and stood out front trying to decide who will ride in what car. Since we had 6 people in our group, we had to split up into two groups. Blake, Karen, and Kyle would ride in Blakes truck and Jay, Bela, and I would ride in my new car. I was just about to get in the drivers seat when Jay put his arms around me.

”Nope, birthday girls don have to drive. ” He said, pulling me to the passenger side. I made a pouting face and slid into the car. Bela was slowly getting in the back seat. She was looking at Kyle as he got into the back of Blakes truck. My mom was walking toward the car as I shut my door. I rolled down my window to see what she wanted to tell me.

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