Luna: The Cursed Eclipse

Captivated By His Red Eyes

a doctor, she might find a cure and save her mom herself. She still believes in miracles. No matter how hard her life will be, and how long the path she needs to take, she believes that she can make it.

”Louisanna… You
e not running out of time. You
e just passing through it, ” Gianna whispered to her ear in a low tone, but enough for her to hear. ”Think about it. ”

In a split second, Louisanna opened her eyes and in her amusement, the headache she felt earlier suddenly vanished. It feels like shes a new person. Her breathing went back to normal like she didn run earlier. It was a weird feeling, but at the same time, she was glad because she didn feel weak anymore.

”What you do mean— ”

She wasn able to finish her sentence as their professor, with her usual grumpy face and intimidating voice, entered the room and she slammed her hand onto the professors table. This wasn good. If she didn make it to the class in time, she knows whats gonna happen.

”Get a one-whole sheet of paper and stop chit-chatting with your seatmate. ”

Louisanna sighed as she pulled a one-whole sheet of paper out of her bag. Gianna, even though it doesn show much, was nervous because she didn review her notes last night… because she didn even have one.

With that, her tiring day begins.

”You literally passed out after our classes, ” Gianna said while watching Louisanna stretch her arms as soon as she woke up.

After their third class in the afternoon which took three hours of their time, Louisanna went onto the mini-park inside their school, lay down on one of the benches to rest for a minute, and told herself that shell have just a nap. But the minutes became hours… and little did she know, it was almost five oclock.

Her night job starts at seven oclock, and she still needs to do some errands before going to work.

”Are you sure you can make it to your job? Resting is also productive, don forget that, ” Gianna reminded her for the second time as her heart slightly aches for the girl. All she can do for now is to watch over her and support her in her dreams.

Thats her job as her best friend, after all.

”I can, and I should. Working is exhausting, but the stress is threefold when I don have money to pay my expenses, ” Louisanna explained as she stood up, cracking her neck for a bit. ”Don worry about me. Im a strong, independent woman. ”

She even laughed as she said that. Gianna just rolled her eyes at her jokingly as she shook her head. Louisanna is a hard-headed woman. No matter how much she reminds her to take some rest for a while, she won even listen.

After that, Louisanna ran to her locker as she needed to place some of her books in it. As she went on her afternoon errands before calling a taxi, she felt goosebumps on her body as she felt someone was watching her from afar.

Its because Im tired. This hallucination is unusual, she told herself as she shook her head before opening the car door of the taxi that stopped in front of her.

”On Clarks bar, please, ” she told the taxi driver. He nodded before starting the car.

It took her almost an hour before she reached the place. The traffic was so unusual, and it felt like there was something on her day. Something bad was happening to her from the moment she woke up to the day she went to work. Gladly, shes still surviving.

”Good evening, everyone! ” she greeted her co-workers.

”Hey, Louisanna! ” Ella, one of the waitresses in the bar, greeted her back. ”You
e liking this shift? ”

”No, honestly… ” she answered as she placed her bag in the locker. She quickly went into the comfort room near her and she quickly changed her clothes. She needs to be quick so she can help the others prepare the place. ”If I have a choice, Ill choose the morning shift again. ”

”Oh, its because of your classes. ” When she went outside of the comfort room, Ella gave her a thumbs up and even winked after that. ”Your hard work will pay off soon. ”

”May your sentence be true in Angels name. ” Louisanna smiled back at her. She looked at the edge of the bar, and saw Clark, their boss, drinking whiskey while staring at the people who entered his bar.

”By the way, was Sir Clark always alone? ” she asked Ella who was already standing beside her.

Ella nodded. ”Yes. Why do you ask? ”

”It just feels… weird, ” Louisanna muttered as she remembers someone who loved to go to this place before. ”Didn he have a best friend? ”

”No, he only has himself, ” Ella answered without hesitation.

That guy was always with Clark every time she has her shift. She couldn remember his face, but she can remember how arrogant that guy was, playing with every girls life.

As soon as she tried to remember hard the things playing with her mind, her eyes widened as she saw two pairs of eyes at the corner of the place, where no one was around, and where darkness was evident.

But instead of being scared at it, she found herself smiling… as she finds herself being captivated by his red eyes.

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