st in and stopped. ”These are supply rooms. One has supplies for the shelter and the other has supplies for our clients. Theres donated clothes and toiletries, mainly. Shoes are harder to come by, so we will be using a small part of your donation for that. ”

”Im glad that youll be able to benefit people in so many different ways with my donation, ” he said, smiling again.

He really seems like he has a split personality. Hes acting like a totally different person. Paige did not understand. She at least tried to be authentic, obviously in cases like these, she wasn completely authentic but she treated people with respect, at least.

She led them to the health center. There was a lobby area and three rooms within this room.

”This is our waiting area. We have a physicians office towards the back. Our local hospital has what they call a street medicine program where they donate their physicians and supplies to see our clients, as this also aids them in reducing catastrophic emergency admissions. The office on your right is shared by our psychiatrist and substance use counselor, who aid our clients with mild, manageable symptoms with treatment. The office on your left is our social workers office. She aids our clients with pretty much everything. Id like to try and hire at least another part time social worker to help her because shes always so busy, ” Paige said with a slight frown.

This was his opportunity, he thought. He closed the gap between them by stepping forward. ”Why don you and I discuss this further over dinner tonight? The check hasn cleared yet. We can see about that vacant lot next to the building being an add on to this shelter. ” He said it so sweetly that he surprised both Paige and himself.

Paige was more than a little shocked. Prior to this morning, she had never had any correspondence with or contact from Nathaniel Donovan. It was always through Alex. Alex had told her that this was because his boss was extremely busy and had to delegate the task of preparation to others while only being available for the end result. Now, he was taking a personal interest in the shelter? Was this because he saw the good they were doing? She couldn help but wonder if it was more to do with her face that what she had worked so hard for.

”Mr. Donovan- ” she started but was interrupted.

”Nathan or Nate, please, ” he said with a slight tinge of some emotion she couldn recognize.

”Sir, I- ” she started again but he interrupted her once more.

”Please, ” he said in a low whisper, ”call me Nathan or Nate. ” He desperately wanted her to say his name. He didn know why. He tried not to think of her in bed with him, hopefully screaming it, because he was already having a difficult time with how aroused he was around Paige, but the thought did go through his mind before dismissing it.

She looked into his eyes and then saw the desperation in them. But, she couldn find it within herself to call him anything other than sir or Mr. Donovan, as they were professional acquaintances and they just met.

”We just met, ” she whispered back. That shocked the hell out of her. Why was she whispering, too?

Nathaniel smiled softly at her. ”Can we compromise on Nathaniel? ”

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