and Education Center. All of the computers were donated to us. We usually get them from businesses that are updating their computers and rather than throw things away, they donate them to us. Here, our clients take classes to finish school if they haven , do homework for college or technical school, build their resumes and do certification courses. As you can see, space is limited, which is due to lack of resources. Your donation will actually help expand this, allowing more of our clients to take part in these programs and graduate from our center. ”

Nathaniel looked at the old computers. Some of them were dinosaurs that were probably older than he was. How did they even turn on?

”Rhonda, look into our companys computers and see how outdated they are, ” he said.

Paige looked at him and blinked. What? Is he concerned because he looked at our computers and thinks his are old, too? Or maybe he would donate them? Im so confused. When hes not flirting, he just says things with no context and expects everyone to understand him, she thought to herself. This man was getting under her skin and she wanted to get through the tour, take the picture accepting the check and hide in her office the rest of the day.

”If youll follow me again, I can show you our cafeteria and Craft Room. We have a few supply rooms and a health center. Then well conclude our tour. ” Paige turned around and led them out the door into the recreation room and through a set of double doors. They walked into the cafeteria, which had long tables with benches on them and a line of covered counters with heated surfaces that workers put food into and served.

”We mainly have volunteers that come and help in the cafeteria, but our clients do a lot of the cooking. Its an important skill that they learn. Behind the counter is the door to our kitchen and supply room where we keep food donations. ”

”Did the china and flowers not arrive yet? ” Alex asked, looking worried. The tablecloths were draped over the tables, but that was it. Paige sighed.

”The china arrived right before you and Haley is dealing with it, somewhere. She might have told them to come to the back of the building where our deliveries typically go for easier access to the cafeteria. ”

China? Flowers? What? He guessed that Alex was trying to change the aesthetic of the shelter, but he felt like this had caused more work for them. He hadn seen a lot of actual staff and guessed that they were all scrambling to deal with everything Alex planned. He wasn pleased.

”Alex, go see what they need to accomplish your vision and call in our employees if necessary to finish as quickly as possible. Rhonda, assist with this, ” Nathanial said. His voice was like the arctic.

Paige was bewildered again. This man was flirtatious and inviting or cold and unapproachable. There was no in between these two moods that she had seen. She wondered why he was like that. He almost seemed like he was two people in the same body.

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