lled and continued his approach. Every step felt strange; it was as if his body was automatically moving and he wasn in control.

Finally, he was next to Alex. He stared at the woman before him with an unreadable expression and then noticed something else; he was getting hard! What the **?! Think of anything else! Quick, recite the alphabet or the national anthem. Or both! he thought, regaining his composure through recitation in his head.

”Hello, Im Paige. Its a pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for your generous donation to Second Chances, ” she said as she smiled brightly.

Paige was trying her best not to let her rage ruin the opportunity for the shelter. They had waitlists for some of their programs and this donation would allow them to expand their services exponentially. But, she was feeling weird at his approach. Her heart was racing, but she attributed this to nerves. She was only going to accept the check in front of the media and Haley would be giving the tour and answering any questions. That, plus now she was nervous that she would blurt out how much of a jerk she thought this guy was.

It didn help that he was attractive. She hated to admit it, but he was. He was very fit and tall. Well, most people were tall to her, if she was being fair. He had a nice, strong face, hazel eyes and brown hair. He had a blank expression on his face. She zeroed in on his lips, waiting for him to say something back. There was a marked pause before he finally spoke.

”Hello, Paige. My name is Nathaniel Donovan, but you can call me Nate or Nathan, if youd like, ” he said. Paige thought he said it seductively, as if he was teasing her. He seemed determined to make her hate him. That type of behavior was really unprofessional.

Nathaniel was trying to be his normal self, but he blurted out the last part of his introduction, which was not normal. His mother and close friends were the only people allowed to call him nicknames. He never asked business associates or even women he wanted to sleep with to call him anything other than Nathaniel at best. Normally, it was Mr. Donovan. For some reason, this woman was endearing herself to him without even trying, which caused his brain to malfunction or something. What was happening to him?

Paige looked at the shocked faces of the 3 people surrounding Mr. Donovan. She guessed that he normally behaved more professionally in his business dealings, or at least thats what she hoped. She decided to try and occupy him with some other task so hed stop staring at her and making her have goosebumps.

”Nice to meet you, sir. As I said, we
e very grateful for your generosity. Would you like a tour of our facility? ” Paiges voice was angelic. Nathaniel thought he was going insane. Everything about this woman was attractive.

”Yes, I would very much like a personal tour from you ”

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