to her other choices.

Nathaniel had decided that he was infatuated with Paige. He didn dare call it love, as he only met her today and hed never felt that for anyone. But, he could see himself dating her, after careful consideration on his part, which was more than he could say if any woman in his adult life. He hadn had a girlfriend since high school. All of these thoughts and symptoms could only be logically explained by infatuation. So, he had decided that he was going to pursue Paige. Anybody that made him feel anything was welcome. He was cold to all he other women he was with (he didn really know the term for going to events and sleeping with a girl once and never speaking to her again) because they sparked nothing in him except an erection. Paige made him feel warm. So, he would woo her. He could be romantic if he wanted to. He might have to search suggestions for romantic gestures on the internet but he could do it. Hed figure the rest out afterwards.

After Nathaniels butler informed him that Paige was in his home, he hurried to the reception area. He opened the door and found her hair vas adding over her face as she studied the papers she brought. The way her little nose wiggled as she mumbled to herself was adorable to him. Everything she does is adorable or sexy. There is no in between, he thought to himself before clearing his throat. She looked up and he melted under her gaze. Im in trouble, he thought, This gets worse the more Im around her.

”Paige, Im so glad you made it. Lets eat and then we can move to my office to discuss the proposal, ” he said with a grin. He gestured that she should follow him and Paige got up.

”I wanted to say again that I appreciate you making time in your schedule to see me tonight, ” Paige stated, walking behind him.

”Im very interested to see your vision for Second Chances and how I can help, so Im happy to make time, ” he said.

Paige studied Nathaniel as she walked behind him. She thought that choosing a more casual outfit would be better, but he looked even more handsome in this outfit. Paige was also having flashes of what was underneath that shirt going through her mind. She felt hot. They reached the dining area and the chandelier was illuminated, lighting the room well. The last thing I needed was a candlelit dinner with him, she thought to herself.

Nathaniel held a chair out for her to the left of the head of the table. As she sat down, she took off her blazer and a butler that she didn notice hurried over to her.

”Miss Everett, I can take that and hand it up for you, ” he said, arms outstretched and ready to receive it.

”Oh, thank you, ” she said with a small smile, handing over her jacket.

She sat down and unraveled the cloth napkin from its holder and placed it on her lap. Nathaniel had seated himself at the head of the table and did the same.

Nathaniel was watching her intently. Without the blazer, her turtleneck sweater showed off all of her curves. He wished that he could be that sweater and was the one clinging to her skin. How on Earth did no one realize that theres a goddess in this town? he thought.

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