He deserved so much better than my sloppy kisses and harsh touches that just made him lose consciousness. He had to wake up soon or else Ill never get back my self control. My breathing is a little heavy as I lay beside . My body was exhausted after the long time of passion I had last night and I can barely keep myself up.

”Hurry up and wake up, ” I whisper, ”Please, for me? ”

But when you
e tired of your lovers touch and all you want from them are just a quick ** then they won come. They would be nothing compared to mine.

I need more than what I can give him tonight. I can t wait till tomorrow because Im sure Ill still be a mess after our sex. So I have to make myself stop thinking about him and think about of the thing why did end up like this. ”You already wake up? You make me hard to get up you son of a bitch ” I suddenly heard him laying beside me, ”You ** me so hard and yet you had the audacity to look at me like that ” he said and I chuckled. ”Did I ** you that hard? Maybe I wasn doing it right then. ”

He chuckles and sat up slowly. I can see on him that he was having a bad back ache. ”Shut up! My father will be happy if he knew this ” he said and snuggle onto the pillow. ”Your brother might hate me cause of the way I push you to the max ” I said and laugh awkwardly. ”You mean Rhuka? Hes just gonna be quiet for a while and leave us both alone. You should know how to read between the lines, right? Its always easy with him. Don take his lack of attitude too serious ” he says and sighs, but smiles.

”What am I supposed to say? Im his Brother-in-law now ” I said. Nefer suddenly laugh knowing that we will suffer cause of this troublesome marriage.

”I don really care that much ” he shrugs. ”We
e gonna be married now. We need to show everyone how strong the family name is ” he said and roll down under the blanket and kiss my neck. ”I don really give a shit. As long as I can ** you Im happy ”. I kisses him again. ”Its already morning! Stop being so erotic! You jerk! ” Nefer said.

”You know you love the feeling though… you just refuse to admit it ” I grinned. He blush deeply remembering the scene of the night and I that his hard already. ”Hard already? All I did was teasing you ” I said with a smirk. ”Shit! Don tease me like that or I swear… ”

”No promises! But hurry up and get off me! The bed needs to be cleaned before anyone comes here! ” He yell. He gets up and walks away to the bathroom, trying his best to walk nicely and avoid his aching body. I can only laugh at him.

After a few hours, the bedroom finally clean and in good condition. ”You ready to have breakfast with Father? ” He said looking stunning on his suit with his chest revealing with full of my kisses on his body, I couldn believe that I was so rough on him. When I didn answer I saw him looking at me weirdly.

”Do you wanna be late today so I can enjoy my breakfast by myself? ” I smiled and kissed his cheek softly. ”Of course I wanna eat with you! Just wait a sec ” I said and look at myself in the mirror, ”Okay. Lets go ” I said and walk out the room together with Nefer holding my hand. I was so happy that I had an excuse to hold his hands while walking down the corridor.

The maids is looking at us with a happy face knowing that the next ruler had a first night with his fiance who is the next General of the Northern nation. I was suddenly grips his hands and felt that he was pure red cause of the time I grip his hands so tight until he make his orgasm. Nefers cheeks were red as a tomato.

The smell of freshly prepared food welcomed us as we enter the dining room, and Nefer sits beside me. The king Which is Nefers father suddenly smirk thinking that we enjoyed our first night in the same bed.

”How was the first night? ” The king said looking at us with a happy grin and wink at me which causes me to blushing. Nefer looks down to hide his smile while hes biting his lips.

”Oh I don know. It was amazing I guess. I hope to repeat the experience someday ” I said, making him laugh. I loved seeing Nefer smile, even more because I could see that hes happy.

”Well, Im glad that you enjoyed it. Now lets eat ” he said and start eating. I looked at Nefer and he was smiling at me. I smiled back and started eating.

After breakfast, i immediately leave the nation and promise to the king Ill be back in the next few weeks. As for Nefer… He looks kinda sad when I left but Ill going to see him in next week.

As we left with Rhuka and the Others for the war of the South, I couldn believe that Im going to a war that only a few higher ranks can go. The South was a close alliance of the North so It needed a backup to make sure that the war will win fair fight.

We reach our new quarters and we are now living with other generals, most of them not as high ranking as me, so we were lucky to get a single bedroom which was also the same as my room. Since I live in the same building as all those men Ive to share a bedroom with them.

That s fine for some people. Not me though. The whole atmosphere in my room always gives me chills and makes me uncomfortable. There was no peace inside that place. There would always be someone arguing or crying, sometimes both at the same time.

I tried to ignore it as much as possible since there isn any point. Besides the one in my room is a different person that always had a problem in their mind.

The only time in the day he doesn feel like fighting with others and talking to me is when the whole army goes home so that he has the chance to sleep in peace without interruption. I can stop thinking about Nefer and the nation, but this is for the best.

End of Chapter 3.

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