”I see that you want the reward, the reward is my own son ”

He continues and Nefer nods in agreement with his father.

”Im sorry I don understand why you want me and your Grace to be together, your highness ” I said confused. Why does the king wanted me to be with his son.

”Because you
e the most eligible suitor for my son, because your skilled warrior and because he is my only son. ” He answers with an annoyed tone.

But the way he said it made my head spin and I couldn speak.

Nefers face flushed red as he saw how I reacted.

”Please excuse me, Your Highness. My apologies for not accepting your offer. ” I bowed, my voice shaking, but I didn dare to turn back. I didn want to meet his gaze, not when I know what he wants me to answer.

”Do you agree with that Nefer? ” He asks his son. ”No, Father ” Nefer said with a calm voice that matches his personality and face.

”Psst! Accept it already! I know you want to be the general, so accept what father offers to you ” Rukha quietly said and just glared at me.

”I changed my mind Your Highness, I accept your reward for me ” I said hesitantly and thinking that I made a right decision for accepting this. Even though I knew what would happen.

The king look satisfied with my reply, meanwhile the prince looks like he wanted to throw up.

”Alright. Then, welcome my dear to the royal family of Ehiro. ” The king said with a smile on his face. I glanced at Rhuka who is smiling at me, ”Welcome to the family, Brother in law ” he said and smiled at me.

I smiled back weakly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

”You two are now Engaged, so I don mind you two having the same bed ” I got flustered when the king suddenly said that me and Nefer are having the same bed. Rhuka laughed at me and patted my shoulder comfortingly. ”Itll only be for two nights ” he said and winked at me. He was smirking at me the whole time. That little shit.

After a talk with The king, he exclaimed that I will be a good ruler of the lower or upper part of Ehiro. I was now at the room with Nefer, he was just wearing a white robe. His face was red as a tomato cause of glancing at him.

”Did I make you uncomfortable? ” I said with a worried tone. ”I-Its fine! Nothing to worry about, just have a shower and have a rest! ” he said still with his face that literally a color of a tomato.

”Okay? ” I said and left him alone after grabbing a towel to clean myself up before I get into a new outfit. After a quick wash and cleaning, I saw Nefer with just wearing his pants and his some neck accessories. I don know why I felt this feeling but… he kinda looks hot and cute at the same time.

I sighed, I shouldn be here thinking such thoughts. We
e engaged now so I don have worry if something happens to us this night.

This is bad… Im hard just by thinking this kind of things. I felt really embarrassed when I saw Nefer was shook when how hard I am. ”How amusing, when your man hood is already that hard ” Nefer said with a sarcastic tone of voice.

”Shut up! I was thinking of something! You idiot ” I shouted at him . ”Whatever ” he replied laughing as he lay down in the bed, his arms stretched out in front of him.

”Don act like you won do anything to make me harder tonight ” I said looking down at my clothes which had dirtied in many areas.

”Why not? ” he responded cockily.

”Are you saying you want me to do something to make you hard? Because I will do just that ” I said and climb up to him. ”S-Shut up! ” He said and I slowly got closer to him. ”Your body is so warm… ” I said and touching his chest. Nefer tried to push me away.

”Stop ” he whispered between gritted teeth.

”Is this all youve been able to think about? Me? ” I asked teasingly.

”Yes! ” He answered frustrated. I chuckled slightly and sat up to straddle his waist. ”You are going to have the hardest night ever ” I muttered and leaned down to kiss him.

His arms wrapped around my waist pulling me closer as his lips parted apart allowing me to enter. He moved his hips upwards and pressed his pelvis against mine. ”I can think straight cause of you ” he said breathless after the kiss and continued laying in Nefer.

”Rukha is going to kill us if we keep doing that ” he complained after he caught his breath.

”We have to do it at least once, since we
e engaged. I can ** you whenever I want ” I said with a smirk. ”Wanna hear how bad you can ** me? ” I teased him while moving again.

”Im gonna- ” he moaned, but stopped talking when I kissed him hard. I kept kissing him until his hand ran through my hair. Our tongues intertwined and began dancing together. We started kissing roughly and my hands traveled up from his crotch to his chest then down to his ass. He grabbed onto my waist pulling me closer. I bit his bottom lip harshly and sucked on it as my tongue danced inside his mouth. He moaned loudly as I moved my hips more, pushing him deeper to the center. ”I can see that your liking my touch~ ” I said while caressing both of my hands on his firm chest. He nodded his head and continued grinding himself onto me.

”Fuck me ” he groaned. ”Are you sure? ” I asked with a seductive voice. He rolled his eyes and nodded again. ”Im done playing games, give it to me ” he replied. I smirked at him knowing fully well how he can take a hint.

And I obliged immediately, I pushed into him. As soon as I heard him moan loud, I knew he liked it.

”Come faster ” he demanded impatiently. I increased my movements until I could feel him getting ready to climax.

He let go of my waist and reached for my nipples, making them erect. ”I can believe the Grand Kings Son is this so Pervert ” I said and still going on top of him.

”Im going crazy from just hearing you moaning so hard, so come already ” he pleaded, but there was no lust or sexiness in his voice.

”I can stop ” I replied with panting breath and began slamming in and out of him.

”Haah…. I can take it… anymore… ” he mumbled as I pounded into him. ”We
e just starting and yet you already look like giving up? ” I said and smirk at him. I can feel that his close to his climax.

He opened his mouth widely and I could see his jaw clenching. He looked up at me and stared deeply into my eyes as he pulled my hips to him. He groaned and held my wrist tightly as our chests collided.

I took in every single detail of his face and I couldn help but stare at him. His dark green eyes staring intensely at me while he moans loudly. The way hes gripping my hip with his strong grip, making it feel even bigger and hotter. I could feel that the pressure on my nipple became tighter but I ignored it. All I could focus is the handsome handsome boy underneath me. I grinded my hips faster and pound him until… he loss consciousness until he came.

I guess I was too hard on him.

End of Chapter 2.

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