Beyond time and death, for I become the highest rank. Im not gonna die or anything. But I want to… perhaps… marry the son of the grand king?

My name is Khnum, I don have any last name or middle name. Born on the lower ground or the lower part of my the nation.

My goal is to be top of the highly ranked General of the Eastern Nation. My rank right now is really low, I can stand this position but I needed to in order to become in the top rank.

Ill make it into one of those higher ranking generals that makes a good living from war work.

After Ive gotten through school Im going to do my best not to waste all my time on stupid things like love and shit.

I am not stupid! I will fight until my dying breath to protect this beautiful land and its people.

Its my dream, so no matter how hard I fight there will always be those who want to use this place to hurt others.

They are the ones that deserve my wrath and nothing else. I will kill anyone who threatens them. I swear by the God of War, I promise you all I will not fail until my last breath.

With my heart in my chest, ready to go. My life for theirs.

”Well, weve been here almost an entire day already. ” The soldier next to me said. I looked up at him, his hair was a dark brown with two streaks of red at the ends of his hair.

His eyes were green with flecks of a leaf. His smile reminded me of the sun when he sees the rain. His name was Rhuka. He has a nice face but looks rough and has a masculine body, came from a royal blood line unlike me.

Like hes seen more than he should. But his body screams strength. His armor looked strong enough for us to be protected.

Its made from steel and reinforced with metal plates that would withstand the strongest blow from a bear. Its black with gold stripes and silver details. There is even a large shield that has a golden scarab painted in it.

We are standing in the middle of the dessert waiting for the Caravan if they will take the bait.

”Rhuka… Are you sure this plan will work? ” I ask the man beside me, he looks so confident of his own plan.

”Of course, nothing to worry about ” he said, I just gave a sigh and continued looking around if theyll come near.

I hope this plan will go as planned.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Caravan was a large caravan consisting of five wagons full of soldiers and supplies.

Two soldiers stood outside of the gates of the camp. They both had sharp swords and looked pretty bored.

As if they
e ready for something fun.

They didn even look like they
e scared at all.

I took my chance.

I ran towards Rhuka, the men saw my movement from the corner of their eye. Their faces were unreadable, I guess they didn expect me to actually make a move.

I pulled out my blade and charged forward. One of the men tried to grab

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